Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Cue the Orange, Pumpkins Stage Left

I'm not much of a fan of the color orange.. until Autumn.. then all of the sudden I crave seeing the color orange, and rust.. browns and olive greens.. yellow.  Our old Fall wreath had gotten a little.. well.. sparse.  So, yesterday was one of those great free days, so I asked Dayle if he'd take me out to lunch and to Pier 1 Imports to buy a couple of birthday gifts for a party next week.  I didn't tell him right away that I was also looking for a new wreath.. :-)  I told him I needed him to help me pick out the very best one.  Look what we found?  What do you think?  It even has little battery operated lights in it!

Here it is all hung on the back door and the lights are shining.

And of course.. my collection of pumpkins took center stage.  Blown glass ones, handmade velvet ones.. and the three crocheted ones I've made.  

I got the velvet pumpkins off of Etsy and adore them.  

I have a couple Indian corn cobs that last forEVER and use them each year.

How about we step out on the deck for some fresh Autumn air?  Our Dahlia that has orange and white flowers gave us an all white bloom.. isn't it pretty?

My succulent basket has been a total joy all summer.. now to see how to winter it over.. I am guessing it will come inside.  See the sand dollars?  Kristi found all of them on the beach when they were on their anniversary trip.  She has cleaned them all and has them outside to dry in the sun.  She's been thinking of ways to use them.  Sand dollar wreath?  Why not!  :-)

Quite the beachcombers haul.. eh?

Our pond and waterfall garden is still looking lush.. I've been thrilled with the King Tut Papyrus that I got last Spring.. 

Look how tall it is!!  It obviously loves sitting in the stream.

The huge Pin Oak by our house is just starting to turn color on selected branches.. soon the whole thing will be flaming red-orange.  There is something bittersweet about how the light changes in the Autumn when the sun begins slanting from a different angle.

Sometimes our driveway looks like a used car lot.. :-)  Travis and Kristi are unloading some things out of the truck as Dayle, Travis and his work buddy and his boss are going fishing in our boat this afternoon.  

One of our yellow little cherry tomatoes is ready to eat.  It's name is "Sun Sugar".

Kristi brought home some carved turtles that her parents had gotten in Hawaii, this is the mother and baby.  The dad one is in the living room on the coffee table.  The boys and I oiled this one with mineral oil, isn't it neat?

Kristi snapped a shot of Simba as he enjoyed sitting with her on the deck in my old rattan chair.  :-)  

Just FYI - all the photos in this post were taken with my iPhone 6S, except Kristi's which was done on her phone.  I'm curious to see how well the photos are from the new iPhone 7!  :-)  I'm off to the hot springs to swim soon with Gracie.  Maybe some acorn hunting too.  :-)  What are you up to today?  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Love the new wreath it gives such a warm welcome as you arrive. I bet it looks lovely as the light fades.

  2. Love your pumpkin collection and the wreath is very pretty. Simba looks like he is getting a bit tamer? And the carved turtles are beautiful!

  3. I'm waving back to Dayle! Love your new wreath and all of your fall goodies. Those turtles are so detailed. It's quite nippy here today but Instill have all of the windows open to enjoy the fresh air.

  4. Everything is beautiful and you can sure tell Autumn is in the air. I love the wreath on your door and that thermometer,too :) Your succulent basket is coming along wonderfully. They spent a lot of time gathering sand dollars and aren't they special. I was going to suggest a wreath, but you beat me to it. I think they would make a gorgeous one. I hope she does that and that you post photos :) It is always fun to peek in on you and see what your up to . . . another great post. Thank you for sharing.
    Connie :)

  5. One of my favorite seasons. I have guests coming this next week and so far the forecast is planning on throwing our Oregon Indian Summer at them in all of it's beauty.
    It would be beyond awesome to find that many sand dollars when we go to the beach.

  6. Autumn is falling beautifully at your farm! Kristi will be able to make some amazing things with all those sand dollars, and the turtle is gorgeous. On my way out of the house this morning I put a Fall tablecloth on the dining table, and put out my basket of knit and crocheted pumpkins. Then I hung a fall wreath by the front door. Thanks for posting and for sharing a pretty afternoon with me. xx

  7. more hot springs swimming - I'm a little envious - I imagine it's very holistic and luxurious! Lovely pumpkins and wreath - it's the loveliest time of year for foraging and decorating.

  8. The most striking photo is of a Sunny tomato! I love how it literally shines :)
    Teresa, you have such a cozy and warm house, God bless your family!~
    The new wreath looks awesome, I love the lights in it too :)

  9. What a beautiful wreath - it must look so pretty at night with those little lights turned on. Your succulent basket looks really lovely - do you put it inside for winter? I'm impressed with the iPhone photos - you can even see the furry bits on the tomato stems. I find I use my phone more than my camera these days - so much more convenient and because I use the cloud, my photos are always close by and easy to show people (and to share). Simba looks as if he's getting just that little bit more friendly ?? He's a very handsome fellow anyway. Xox

  10. I totally agree with you Teresa re orange....I love the autumn colours but only at this time of the year. Your wreath is wonderful and wow those sand dollars...what fun! Enjoy your swim, Hugs xx

  11. A friend visited yesterday and he had just returned from Multnomah Falls. I told him I have a friend who volunteers at the visitor center. I'm afraid the word is out in the Midwest about your beautiful falls. People seem so surprised that I know of the falls, here. I love your wreath. Your fall colors switch up is just like mind. I normally stay away from orange and in fall I adore it.

  12. Hi Teresa! I am a huge fan of orange! Go Boise State!!! And I adore Fall, and the colors. It is when I love my home the most!
    That's a lot of sand dollars. I have a lot too. I keep a large shallow dish, with black sand from Hawaii in it...and lots of interesting shells and sand dollars are in there. It's so pretty! I love the sand dollar wreath idea too.
    The oiled turtles are so pretty!!! Hope the fella's caught fish!!
    xo Kris

  13. I agree with you about the orange! Only love it in Fall, with the bright reds and yellows.. then I crave it! I'll even drive an hour up west of Sisters, OR just to get some Fall colors as not many here in Madras or when I lived in La Pine. Your phone camera is awesome! And that white dahlia? wow! Do you have a pattern for the little crocheted pumpkins? I love them.. they are so sweet. And am amazed at how Simba has taken to your family... we think cats are so independent, and yet they do love some human companionship for the most part. I'm so glad he has a loving "home" now.. pretty soon he'll be sitting on Kristi's lap! Happy First Day of Fall!

  14. Your wreath looks pretty. I'm enjoying my crunchy leaves beneath my feet on the sidewalk. Worked today even tho I wasn't feeling most wonderful, but made it and went to hear Phil give a speech tonight. Even though he didn't win I still enjoyed the speeches and looking forward to our trip to the Gorge soon. Maybe I'll find some acorns too! The wooden turtles are nice! Take care, xxx

  15. A friend of mine once made sand dollar snowmen ornament with a little glitter and buttons, they are adorable. Love your photos, Happy Fall.


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