Friday, October 7, 2016

Low Clouds and Glass Float

Oregon.. how I love thee.. even cloudy and grey.  I'm an optimist.. are you?  When others see darkness I see moody beauty.  How do you view the world around you?  When Gracie and I drove to the hot springs pool on Wednesday the weather was certainly different than how it's been during the summer and fall.  We had our lunch at Big Ts and then did our lap swimming hour.  I must admit.. there were 6 young mothers in the pool with 6 very small babies and it wasn't the best and most serene of experiences.  I noted that the loudness wasn't all baby shrieking and crying.. it was the mothers and grandmothers doing that baby talk thing.. OH.. isn't this FUN?  WHEEEE!!! What a darling BABY YOU ARE!!!!!  :-)  My thought turned to.. just how can a "swim diaper" protect me from what's inside it?  Yes, I'm bad.

On our way back over the Bridge of the Gods there was no one behind me so Gracie took a few photos for me with my iPhone.  This is a different personality of the river, isn't it?  Moody.  This next photo shows the train down on the Washington side.. gives you some perspective, doesn't it?

Do you know about the Gingko tree?  There are several planted at the hot springs entrance.  This one is turning a pretty yellow.

Two more items that Kristi brought home from her mother's house as they go through things to save or give to charity.  The jug is an American classic, the old pottery whiskey jug.  Her grandparents had lived in Guam for a while and they brought home several Japanese fishing floats.. this one is brown and very pretty.  They used old glass items to melt down to make the floats, this one is made from old brown beer bottles.  Many of the blue/green/aqua floats are made from used Sake bottles in Japan.

I just love this one!

Just imagine the life of this float.. first a beer bottle.. then melted and re-used into a fishing float.. and where was it made?  How long was it used?  Where did it start and how far did it travel before it was found?  They began making these in Norway in 1820 and then the use of them spread to Asia and were eventually made all over the world.

Yesterday at our Portland Women's Forum meeting, Betty popped in just long enough to give me four quilted placemats that she made for me!  I asked how much I owed her and she said "Nothing!"  Wasn't that the nicest thing ever?  I think these will come in very handy for the boys to use.  

Kristi brought home some pear trees from her mom's house - these are Asian pears.. yum!  This tree will go to Travis' friend Ernie.

I forgot to tell you about the blog friends I was having dinner with on Monday - it was Becky and her husband and Gracie.  We met at Tad's Chicken 'n Dumplins.  We had a nice visit.  I didn't get a photo this time!  Well, I hope you have a fun weekend planned!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. I like the moody shots. Those are my favorite kind of scenes. I like things that aren't so ordinary. I would have been worried about the swim diapers too! Yuk!!!

  2. Glass floats fuel ones imagination, don't they. Not only are they beautiful to view, but thinking of how they are made and what they were made of and where they have traveled...adventure! The placemats are such a lovely and practical gift. Asian pears can be a wonderful treat to eat, and I hope the transplanted trees thrive. Happy Weekend to you and yours :) [I hope to crochet...a lot on my shawl!] xx

  3. I live for cool rainy, gray days. They energize me. I can get more things done. The heat is a killer. It drains my strength. When it's cold you can layer clothing to get warm. But when it's hot you can only take off just so much.

  4. I am not one for cloudy days. I must take your advice. Maybe out here in the country I'll love them. At my old home, it was just dirty looking outside.

  5. I like those two photos of the river - yes, very moody but beautiful. The round float looks interesting. I tend not to think of origins and history of things but now that you mentioned it, wouldn't it be fascinating to know about these objects and their past? We call those pears Nashi pears over here and they are my very favourite. I love their crispness. Haven't seen any in our shops so far this year though. Hope it won't be too long. I think I might to a bit of crocheting this weekend - you enjoy yours- whatever you decide to do. xox

  6. I liked the photos Gracie took while you were driving across Bridge of the Gods. So pretty and quite the view! I will send you a copy of our get together. I've just now posted some photos of our trip on my blog and more to come. Interesting how the floats were made. There was recycling way back when, even before it was called that, probably. A bit wet and cloudy today on my drive home but it was so pretty in the valley! Happy weekend!

  7. Gorgeous atmospheric river photos Teresa. The glass floats have such a wonderful history don't they. Enjoy your weekend we're off to Southampton. Hugs xx

  8. Dear Teresa..since first visiting your blog and then seeing all your stunning photographs over recent years I love Oregon too!...You're so very lucky to live in such a beautiful place ♥ Love your scenic photographs today...
    Happy weekend to you and yours,
    Susan x

  9. That is a good way to describe the Columbia River Gorge when it's gray and cloudy... moody... very good description.... I do LOVE the many faces that the gorge has... I drove it 5 days a week for 5 years when I lived in The Dalles and worked in Hood River, and I never ever got tired of its ever changing panoramas! When it's gray out, I always look to the sky.. there is almost always something different to see. I never tire, either, of crossing the Bridge of the Gods... each time the river looks different... I love the photos with the low hanging clouds. I sure miss the Sandy River drive and Tad's! Thank you for sharing! Marilyn

  10. I love moody weather, I love rain, rain clouds and gray clouds. what does that say about me? I am around baby talk and babies all day long, I need a breather on the weekends. Love all of Kristi's finds at here Moms house.

  11. Oregon is so pretty at all times of the year! I love all your pictures. No matter the season. That float is so pretty! It is so hard to go through things. We just did that in January. But then again you never know what you will find! lol

  12. I love the Columbia no matter the weather...except when I have to drive it in the snow! :-). I admit to having the same thoughts about swim diapers. That is a beautiful float. I don't think I've ever seen one that color. Sure wish we could have been there last week...but we'll be in Lincoln City in two weeks so we'll have to get together then. We spent the day closing up our trailer for the winter. Sad. :-(

  13. Wonderful atmospheric photos...Oregan looks beautiful in all weathers and I enjoyed your pictures very much. The glass floats are lovely objects and such an interesting history. Hope you are having a fun weekend!
    Helen xox

  14. I love your description of the moody weather, the photos were stunning. You certainly captured the essence of the changing season. Loved the float, how wonderful to be able to speculate about where it has been. Take care.


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