Monday, October 10, 2016

Rainy Cozy Weekend and New Phone

Story time.. when I learned that the iPhone 7 Plus had a better camera and zoom.. well.. you know I would want one.  So.. on Friday my dear husband and I visited the Verizon store.. the salesman said we'd have to order one as they were not in stock yet and I would not receive it until November 17th.  Now.. do you know me well enough to know that I am not the most patient person in the world?  Well.. it's true.  We put in the order and then he had to go to the back room for something.. and walked out and said.. "You must the the luckiest person in the world!"  And was holding a box and told me that a shipment just arrived and ONE phone like I had ordered was there.  :-)  And for only a few dollars more, Dayle got a 7 - he was still using an old 4!  

So, I did some photographing this weekend with it to test it out.  This is from the back door.  Yes, it was a rainy weekend.

This is the zoom.. see all the rain?  But the zoom is way better than the last iPhones.  Now the clarity is not stellar.. to be honest.

More zoom testing.

The geraniums are still blooming nicely.

The new placemats brighten the table.

Kristi ordered some autumnal scented candles so we lit one in my hummingbird candle lantern.

The bay window behind our easy chairs.

My friend Gracie has loaned me a series of books she enjoyed.. a series called "Nantucket Dreams".. this first one is titled Seaside Harmony.. I'm enjoying it so far.. the rainy weekend was very restful with reading and relaxing.

Kristi brought me a pair of pants and a shirt of hers that needed mending.. so I got that done.  And before you tsk tsk at me for using black thread on a red top, she said it would be fine.  :-)  I did blind stitching so you can't see it anyway.

I just stepped out on the back porch and did a photo test.. from the deck.

Full zoom.

The misty foggy forest on the next property from our pasture.

Foggy trees and a bit of barn.. I kind of like this one.

So, I'm happy with the camera in the new phone and I like the bigger screen as my old eyes are happy with the bigger images.  OK.. gotta pack my swim bag and head to my DAR meeting.. then to swim.. busy busy!!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Your new phone is taking some great pictures. We had rain, rain, rain, this weekend too, but today is beautifully sunny. I'm heading up to the lake with the bedding that I washed yesterday and then I think we'll be done completely up there for the season. Looking forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks. Blessings, Betsy

  2. Love a rainy day!
    Congrats on the new phone, it's so pretty. I'm holding off until the iPhone12 is released...LOL
    How perfect, sailboat place mats, reading "Nantucket Dreams" plus a rainy day. Ah, now add a nice cuppa tea and you're all set.

  3. Impressive photos, the zoom is really effective. We have rain over here too and the temperatures are starting to drop a little. Your garden is still looking beautiful, mine is looking a little sad and bare. I really do need to plant something for Autumn colour. Take care.

  4. It surely was a nice weekend to be cozy inside. The placemats look just right on your dining pretty! I love seeing your glowing candle holder, too. The fog is trying to break up over here. I should try to get some photos...yours are so lovely! Hope the stories keep you guessing :) xx

  5. Enjoy your new phone, Teresa. I should probably think about getting a new one soon; mine is nearly three years old and starting to slow down a bit. We had a similarly rainy and cozy weekend here and it was very refreshing. I'm glad you enjoyed yours and I hope you have a good week ahead.

  6. Congrats on the new phone! It does take some nice photos. I am the only one in my house without an iphone.

  7. Great pictures! I always enjoy my visits here:)

  8. Mine's a dinosaur from my working days..a Samsung flip phone..LOL If I have a Michael's coupon..they laugh.One of my grandson's asked me if it was a real phone.
    I would only want one for the pics:) Good for you.

  9. Those placemats are really bright and beautiful ♥

  10. I remember thinking that I certainly didn't need one of those bigger phones! (This was in the early days of the iPhone.) But sure enough, both Don and I have iPhone 6s now and, though I cannot afford an update right now, I'm sure eyeing the 7!

  11. Enjoy your new phone Teresa. Great misty photos...very atmospheric. Have a good swim xx

  12. I haven't even got used to my iPhone 6 yet, and since the last update it works horrible. I think my next phone will need a bigger screen as these eyes of mine are going down fast. Love your photos.

  13. I really love the foggy trees and bit of barn. Beautiful angle for the photo. !!! I still prefer my hand held camera, my iphone 6 is just okay. I think Allison's Samsung takes much better photos

  14. ok ok .. so now I'm super jealous LOL .. your iPhone 7 photos are lovely and I'm sure you're going to have a ball with it. I especially love the one of your dining room table and the pretty one below it with the hummingbird candle holder. I've been really good and have resisted the urge to upgrade from my 6s which I quite like actually - my photos seem to turn out ok. Have fun. xox


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