Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The Hood, Farm Shop & More Treasures

Hello!  On Monday Gracie and I went swimming and cooked up some plans for afterwards as we paddled along.  We stopped at Michaels and I got some yarn for making a blanket for babies in need and some hats to send to Betsy for the underprivileged children she makes mittens for.  More on that later.  Then we went to Jonsrud Point to test out how my new iPhone 7 Plus would do on Mt. Hood photos.. there is a dusting of new snow up there!  Now.. it's a bit grainy.. but I still like the zoom on the Plus.

Here you can see the Sandy River which is fed from Mt. Hood run-off and of course rain.  :-)

At the viewpoint I enjoyed this Vine Maple which had turned red and orange.

They have Snow Berries at the point.

I snapped this photo of these red trees in a yard across from the point.

On my way home I went through the countryside and stopped at Burns Farm store to get some fresh produce.  

The front porch of the store had pumpkins and fall flowers.

The other side of the porch.. LOVE the old wagon full of pumpkins.

Inside the store it was fun to see the fresh apples and pears and pumpkins.

Fresh grapes and cherry tomatoes and even one hallock of strawberries!

Plums, apples.. 

And a whole section of fresh farm grown vegetables.. and a cooler with more.

And it was fun to see that there were Halloween decorations placed all around.

When I arrived home the sun was illuminating a Vine Maple tree in our own little forest!!  *snap*

The creek, waterfall and pond.

I brought home some fresh local corn, Kristi made a big salad bar for us.. and ham rollups filled with cream cheese.. and hot buttered corn!  

Kristi brought home a lot of things from her parents and grandparents since her mom sold her house.  Her grandfather had lived in Guam and brought home a lot of sea shells and glass fishing floats.  Here they are before I got busy giving everything a nice soapy bath.  :-)

She brought home a small collection of vaseline depression glass.. I'll show you more of that in my next post.  She gave them to me.  How sweet!  The pattern on these 3 plates is Florentine No. 1 made by Hazel Atlas glass from 1932 to 35.

This glass float came as is straight from the ocean.. I decided to go ahead and give it a good scrubbing.  :-)

Here is a light green one which Dayle hung up from a hook in the ceiling for me.. right in front of a dining room window.. I love it!

I will do a better job photographing these for an upcoming post.. but here are most of them in a basket.. see the clear one on top left?  That was the ocean covered one after it's bath.  :-)

This is the biggest and nicest one of all.. it's got a stamp on it which identifies the maker and place of origin.  Now I will try to find out where and who made it.

Here is the stamp.. Betsy.. can I ask a favor of you.. can you send this to your son in Japan and ask him what it says?  :-)

Here is a pretty fan coral.. I was very careful when washing it.. it's pretty delicate.

Well.. I have to hurry and pack my swim bag for a trip to the hot springs.  It's a pretty day so far but the clouds are expected and heavy rainy days to come.  How is it going where you are?  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Wow!!! So many cool things. Yes, I will send the picture to Alex. And yes, I would love to donate your hats. I took 89 pairs of mittens in last week and they were so happy. Right in the nick of time with the cold snap we're having. Love all of your pictures. I think Jonsrud is where Gracie took me when I visited all of you. It's gorgeous. Will we see you next week??????
    Blessings always my friend.

  2. It went from 70 to 50s and windy rain. Still the leaves are not budging and hanging on to their trees so far. We are just about 25% color change around here.
    LOVE your glass plates. Oh my!

  3. Hi Teresa! What a nice visit I have had here!!! So many lovely things that Kristi brought home. Those glass floats are gorgeous! And the one that Dayle hung by the window will be like stained glass!!! So pretty. I love the coral too. We have some pretty coral too, I wonder where it is?
    I love the pics your new phone is taking! The Fall colors are so pretty! And those placemats! How sweet was that. Very cute boats!
    I hope this finds you well!!!
    xo Kris

  4. Your phone is doing a fantastic job! Love the floats, etc..., that Kristi brought back.

  5. I saw the snow on Mt. Hood too. So much prettier with it's coat back on.

  6. Ooh, all that lovely glass! And Mt. Hood too. Oregon is looking beautiful in the fall.

    Mr. M and I passed through for just a day last month - I so wished I could have seen you and Gracie. When I saw Mt. Hood I thought of you both.

    P.S. We saw TONS of snowberries up in Washington at Bike MS! :)

  7. The glass and coral are beautiful...such special gifts. I did not stop at Burns on the way home, but I did remember to take a basket out to pick most of our leftover apples, and had one for dinner that was crisp and sweet. I checked out my phone photos on my laptop and was pleased with many of them but want to figure out how to get the most out of the zoom feature. Hope you have a good day at the Falls tomorrow and that the guys caught some fish! xxxxxx

  8. Oh wow! Great pics! And fun treasures. My post yesterday was all about seashells so fits right in. :)

  9. Lovely to see Mt Hood with a little snow on top once again. The glass floats are a delight, what a wonderful collection. I loved taking a stroll around the farm shop with you, so nice to see all the Halloween and Autumn décor. Christmas has taken over here in the UK.

  10. Your life is always so full and wonderful . . . I love seeing what you are up too. Mt Hood is glorious as always and the collection of things that Kristi brought home from her Mom's is outstanding. Love, love, love your dishes, how sweet of her to give them to you. I remember the first glass float that I ever saw. My sister had one hanging in a macrame plant hanger and it was beautiful. I didn't know what it was and had to ask. I have a few small ones and I love them.
    Well, as always my time spent here visiting has be a joyful experience my friend.
    Keep Smiling!
    Connie :)

  11. Gorgeous photos ♥ Happy Thursday ♥

  12. Your glass float says "Kita" which means 'north'. The green one looks beautiful hanging in front of the window.
    Your photos of the autumn leaves makes me long for home. Oregon's autumn is my favorite season.

  13. The glass floats are so nice. Interesting as well! It's raining here tonight. I got some batteries at work today to restock what we need this winter. Not sure what this storm will bring inland. I enjoyed the candles over the weekend when we were out of power. I would like the to go to Jonsrud point one of these days. Will figure it out soon as a friend of mine is staying with someone in Gresham, which is close. Happy weekend, and stay warm and dry! x-x

  14. what a lovely post, you certainly do have great shop displays for Halloween. The glass fisherman floats are so very pretty and how inspirational to use them to decorate your home.

  15. I've always wondered what the glass floats were, I had no idea. How nice to have such pretty ones. They look very nice as decorations in your house. I enjoyed seeing the fall displays in the farm shop. I haven't been to a good farm shop in a couple of years but I especially love them in fall and at Christmastime.


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