Friday, October 14, 2016

Yarn, Volcanic Plug, Gushing Falls and Baby Hats

I guess I'll start with the yarn.. :-)  Someone posted on Facebook the other day about a new line of yarn from Red Heart and it looked intriguing.  SO.. after swimming on Wednesday I found it and instantly loved it.. it's so soft, brilliant colors, looks like hand-spun single ply.. what's not to love?  I thought it would be fun to work with for making things for donating and gifts.  I got 2 skeins each of 4 color-ways.  


Stained Glass.


Sunrise.  And to be honest, these photos do not do the real colors justice.  They are brilliant and shiny and soft.  I would call them jewel toned.  More yarn-y photos after a few scenics.. :-)

After lunch and swimming at the hot springs on Wednesday we drove west along the river to try to catch a glimpse of Dayle, our son Travis and his friend Ernie who were out on the river in our C-Dory fishing.  We didn't see them so I pulled in to show Gracie Beacon Rock State Park... she'd never been there!  When I looked at this photo I thought how nice it would be to pack a lovely picnic to dine at that table.. with a tablecloth and all.  :-)

Beacon Rock is 848 feet tall and was first named by Lewis & Clark who called it Beaten Rock.  It's volcanic basalt.

I also showed Gracie the pretty little creek burbling along to empty into the mighty Columbia River.

I wish you could have heard the lovely music of this water.

Yesterday Dayle volunteered with me in the Visitors Center of Multnomah Falls.  After all the rain the falls was GUSHING and ROARING!  7,500 gallons per second when the falls are very full like yesterday.

It was very dramatic with a cloud so low right by the falls.

The roar of the falls was amazing.

We had lunch before volunteering in this wonderful old lodge.. there is a wood fire going all fall and winter and spring..  the leaves are turning.. so pretty.

The green glass ball that we had hanging up has a stamp on the pontil or plug end of the ball.. Betsy, can you ask your son what this one means?  :-)

I made a baby hat for my brother's son's new baby girl with the new yarn.. and I am going to make 2 more for her older sisters.  We'll be at the beach next week and they live nearby.. I hope to be able to give the 3 hats to them at that time.

This one is for the oldest of the girls.. I just love how it self-stripes and the luscious colors.

My little oak splint basket from the Appalachian mountains.. just the size for my hat-making.  This will be going to the beach with me.

The yarn.  100% acrylic.

Kristi has some smoked ham bone and navy beans in the Instant Pot.. we're experimenting with the slow cooker option on it.. she has celery, onions and carrots in it too.. it's starting to smell wonderful in here.. we'll have corn bread with it for dinner.  We're in the middle of big storm warnings here.. a tornado hit down on the coast and there is massive damage there.. it's all over the news.  The wind is blowing here and there is some sun and then black clouds .. I hope it's safe and dry where you are!!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. WOW! The Falls are amazing! I missed the news about the tornado...will have to turn on the TV. The hats are truly beautiful, Teresa. Wishing you and yours a happy and safe weekend. xx

  2. The yarn is a delight such a wonderful array of colour. I loved all of the colourways. I loved seeing the falls, how beautiful they look with the water thundering down the mountain. I can only imagine the sound. Enjoy your meal sounds delicious.

  3. What a difference two weeks makes at multnomah falls. When my friends were here, it was a mere trickle! How nice for Dayle to volunteer as well.

  4. The yarn colours are so pretty ♥

  5. Oh goodness that is beautiful yarn! You always find the coolest things. I really enjoyed seeing your pictures, too. Did you happen to see this shawl that can be made with that awesome yarn, even though this one is made with a Lion Brand Yarn, you could easily use the Red Heart yarn. Here's the link:
    Maybe, we need to do a KAL? :) If you do, please count me in. :)
    Wishing you a lovely day. :)

  6. Oh my goodness Teresa ... I hope that tornado doesn't come anywhere near you. I love that RH Unforgettable yarn and have made some beautiful scarves with it. The colours you have are gorgeous and the hats have come out lovely. Dramatic pictures of the falls - with your new iPhone ??

  7. What pretty yarn Teresa. Stay safe from the storms and enjoy your weekend xx

  8. I think we're having the same storm here. Black clouds, then sunshine, then more black clouds zipping by. The wind is crazy! I'll send the photo to Alex and see what he says. I wonder if it's more interesting than "north" on the other one. Ha! Pretty new yarn, I'll have to check it out. See you soon!

  9. Wonderful photos of the falls and the creek. I could only imagine how wonderful they would have sounded. Love your new yarn. They will make lovely hats for your family and friends, such gorgeous colours. Gosh I hope you don't get any of that terrifying storm crossing near you.

  10. Stay safe and your supper sounds just right for the weather.

  11. Those photos you shared look so realistic! Did you use your new iphone camera? Looks like you had a fun week. The yarn is so lovely in its jewel tone colors. And, the little hat is so adorable. I wish you could send me some rain. It's suppose to heat up again next week with Santa Ana winds. How I miss the Pacific Northwest. Take care and have a wonderful weekend, Pat xx

  12. Oh goodness...Multnomah Falls is so much different than it was 2 weeks ago! I can imagine the roar!I'll have to show Phil these photos! So pretty! We're doing good here so far. Waiting to see what happens tomorrow! Nice yarn colors. I've seen new ones as well. Maybe even the red heart yarn you were talking about. Hope your weekend goes well and you still have power! Hugs and blessings!! ;-}

  13. Oregon is just so beautiful. I heard storms with strong winds were coming your way. Hope there's not too much damage. The yarn looks really pretty and you've made a great start on the hats.

  14. Such beautiful yarn, the colours are gorgeous! Love the little hats you are making. Love your little basket with the yarn in too. I hope you all stay safe from the storms, Teresa, and have a happy weekend.
    Helen xox

  15. Looks like the acrylic world is catching up with NORO colorways a bit. GOOD! Noro is too expensive. I love your hats. and stay safe !

  16. Enjoyed your great photos, especially the ones of Multnomah Falls. Hope you fare well with the coming winds. We just brought a lot of stuff inside for the winter. Thanks for the tip on the new yarn! I'll look for it next time I go to Joann's.

  17. The yarn is so pretty Teresa! I love the hat for baby!
    The Fall are so pretty! One day I shall get there!!
    Enjoy your lunch with Betsy and all!
    Now I want ham and bean soup!!
    xo Kris

  18. I hope you and your family stay safe from the ugly weather! That yarn is beautiful! It is finally getting colorful here. The leaves are changing fast. It is suppose to be nice out tomorrow so planning to go on a road trip to see what we can find. The kids are going to love those hats. Stay safe.

  19. I hope you all come out okay in the storm. I'll be interested to hear how the ham and beans did in the Instant Pot; will you tell us more about the pot as you use it more? I'm intrigued by the idea of one but already have a crockpot and a rice cooker, so I'm hesitant to buy something else, but maybe it could replace both eventually.

  20. Your week has been busy, the Falls are gorgeous and so is your new yarn. Enjoy.

  21. Been watching the storms. Hope you and yours are okay. I have some of that yarn. It's gorgeous, I agree. The photos of the falls are spectacular. I adore waterfalls.


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