Monday, October 17, 2016

Big Red Flowers, Boys on Boat & 3 Girl Hats

I have a red Hibiscus tree in a pot in the dining room.  It's not the most attractive plant to be honest.. but boy does it put out some spectacular blooms!  Yesterday I was happy to see three big red blooms as I walked to the kitchen to make my morning coffee.  *LOVE*

I think 3 flowers are the most at one time I've ever had.  

If you ever want a plant that will bring you joy all year, this is the one.

Dayle, Travis and his work friend Ernie took out boat out fishing the other day - they didn't catch any fish but they were in a very scenic area, in fact, that is Multnomah Falls way over there!

Someday I want to be on the boat and explore this area from the river.  :-)

Funny thing is when I was driving home from the hot springs we spied the boat and just past where we saw it I saw a big barge and hoped the guys would not be in the middle of the shipping lane when it went by.  WELL.. I guess they were right on the edge of the shipping lane.  

Dayle was in the back of the boat fishing.. (see his fishing pole?) and was rather surprised by it coming by so closely.  :-)

Then a nice big boat owned by National Geographic went by.  Always something exciting on the river.

Look at the neat surprise Kristi got for me!  She said.. "You didn't have a Halloween tablecloth."  Isn't it great?  It's 100% cotton, too.. my favorite.  It's on the table now after a washing.. and I'm going to decorate the table for Halloween before we leave for the beach tomorrow.. the boys love those decorations.  

I'm almost done with the third hat for my nephew's girls.  I am happy to be able to make 3 hats out of one skein!  Pretty good, huh?  It's neat how the colors in this yarn self-stripe.. each hat is coming out with it's own personality.  I will make flowers for the sides of them, each a different color.  Fun!

Today we're packing up to leave tomorrow for a week in our trailer right on the beach.  I was worried about how stormy it might be there, even though I even love the ocean in all it's moods.. but the forecast is for quite a bit of fair weather, can you believe it?  My next post will be all beachy.. :-)  I hope you have a wonderful week, too!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Have a wonderful trip away. Love those hats, I am sure they will be well received. Great tablecloth too, we don't bother so much with Halloween.

  2. Yay this is a great post. Love the photos from the boat and glad they were safe from the barge. Also glad the weather will be good this week. I'm VERY happy last weekend wasn't our beach weekend. See you very soon. I'm hoping to check out the yarn shop in Newport that is closing soon...unless she sells. Apparently the owner wants to retire. Have you been there? I haven't so I want to try this trip.

  3. I cant wait for trailer on the beach posts! Your hats are super wonderful Teresa!!!
    AND i love that halloween table cloth! I love Halloween. :)

  4. Hello Teresa - have a wonderful time at the beach. DH and I are just back from Cornwall. we really needed a holiday. The weather was beautiful. Went to see mum for a couple of days as well on our way there. She has had another couple of stays in hospital. At home and ok at the moment.
    Love the hats you made and that tablecloth.
    Hugs Anne x

  5. Those hibiscus blooms are gorgeous - do they really bloom all year? I didn't know that. Hope you have a great week at the beach and I'll be looking forward to your lovely pictures. Xox

  6. The barge really did come close to the fellows! I remember not really realizing how big barges can be until we were riding in our little motor boat on the Hudson and we had to ride the waves of a nearby barge that passed us by. It is interesting to see how the yarn colorway makes each sized hat uniquely pretty. And your vibrant Hibiscus flowers continue to be a delight to view. Thanks for the photo bouquet. Have a safe and wonderful time at the beach. I look forward to your report xx

  7. Have a wonderful time at the beach.

  8. Awesome Teresa and enjoy your trip back and doing the slow catchup all round lol Sorting the stolen car too with insurance....eek

  9. The hibiscus blooms are so radiant and so big! We have it here growing outside:)
    I love your Halloween tablecloth, I wish I had one too.
    The hats will make such a useful and beautiful gift, well done!
    Have a happy travel and beach time!

  10. Just popping in again to tell you that every time I have woken my computer up today from its 'sleep', your Multnomah Falls have been the picture on my desktop!! So pretty. It must be a windows 10 thing as I haven't set anything up and the pictures randomly change from time to time. Thought you might like to know. xox

  11. Hi Theresa,

    What a beautiful part of the US you live in: the mountains, the river, the waterfall.... For a city girl like me this looks like heaven.

    Your hibiscus looks beautiful. Such a pretty flower!

    Enjoy your week!

    Madelief x

  12. Enjoy your trip Teresa and I love that gorgeous table cloth xx

  13. The river is beautiful from every angle. I love the hats and the new tablecloth. Have a wonderful time at the beach Teresa.

  14. Amazing Hibiscus! I can't seem to grow them very well, but my mum has several in her garden in oranges and purples. That was a close call Dayle had! What a lovely part of the world you live in :)

  15. Great photos! What do you do to your hibiscus to get flowers like that? I've just brought ours back in from a summer outside, and it looks great but not a bud in sight. Have a fabulous time at the beach. I LOVE the OR beaches! Enjoy!

  16. Lovely flowers and colourful hats...this post is very cheery. Have a great trip Teresa!
    Helen xox


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