Wednesday, October 19, 2016

On the Waterfront

Hello friends.  How are you doing?  We are happy as clams.  :-)  We got on the road yesterday around noon and although I was playing Scrabble on my phone and missed Dayle going the wrong way.. (I'm the navigator).. we got to the beach in good time.  We usually go through McMinnville and come home via Salem.. this time we took the Salem route first.  We were amazed and quite pleased to arrive and set up with sunny skies and warm sun on us!  It was so nice that we had the door open and enjoying this view out the trailer window!

We relaxed and enjoyed our new view for a while and then headed out for an early dinner.. as we didn't have lunch due to our change in route.  :-)  I snapped this image of our view looking north as we left.

Looking southwest.. 

We had a wonderful dinner at Georgie's Grill in Newport, halibut fish and chips.. and we shared a bowl of clam chowder.. nummers.  Then we drove to the Yaquina Bay park to catch the sunset.. it's just a few minutes drive from the restaurant.    

Day is done.. gone the sun.. 

It's interesting how some sunsets are reds and orange and some are gold.

We were right above the jetty and heard the US Coast Guard helicopter coming by.. zoom.. snap.. 

See him out above the ocean?

A moody evening shot of Yaquina Bay Bridge.

Yaquina Bay Lighthouse.

As I was packing I ran across the one pair of socks that I knitted.. this photo is for KathyB who loves to knit socks.  :-)  I used cotton sock yarn.  These were such a brain strain for me that after finishing the pair I've never knitted a second set.. but I did finally buy some sock yarn and have a pattern.. I just *might* cast on while we're here.

The pair.

We have a lovely lazy day stretching ahead of us.. :-)

I have to finish one of the 3 hats I made for my nephew's girls.. and 3 flowers to make for the side of them.  They plan to visit us at our trailer on Thursday which will be fun.  I hope your week is going well!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Beautiful sunset photos. and your socks look great - you "need" to cast on another pair!!

  2. Those socks are amazing, you really must do some more. What a delight to see the sun setting with such an idyllic view. Enjoy your family visit.

  3. FUN!!! I can't wait to join you in two days! Keep some sunshine please. We can knit on our socks together. Your view is just amazing. It even beats our lake view. See you soon my friend.

  4. Beautiful pictures. I know you all will have a blast. I love your socks. I hope you do start a new pair. They look so comfy. ((hugs))

  5. Perfect...even with the missed turn :) Your socks look great! I hope you will enjoy wearing them and knit some more. After knitting group today Ellen who grew up in Portland directed me from her house off of 136 and Holgate down to the Jo Ann's on 82nd. I needed another skein of yarn for the baby blanket I have been knitting and I had a gift card to use there. Yay! Then we stopped at Fabric Warehouse and I found three stretchy plastic yarn skein wraps on sale for less than two dollars. Double bargain day! Enjoy the beach for me, too, please. Your fabulous photos help me feel like I am there. xx

  6. It kooks so beautiful there Teresa.We had a stunning sunset here last night as well. Those socks great, you must do some more! Have fun with Betsey. Hugs Anne x

  7. Teresa, looks like a perfect holiday! Such stunning views.. so calm... I wish to be there to simply rest my eyes on that water and also maybe crochet a little bit of some pretty stuff :)
    Have a wonderful another day!Take care!

  8. Lovely sunset Theresa, wish I could be there too. Love those socks. Have a super holiday.

  9. Gorgeous sunsets. GOrgeous ocean. Thanks for the shout out! I noticed on Rav I started out knitting socks like gangbusters in January. I think I knit 6 pair this year. Almost all have been given away as gifts! yes! Cant wait for trailer pictures

  10. Your views are just spectacular! Enjoy!

  11. Love your socks and the photos of Newport, one of our favorite places. We like Tolovana also as it's closer. Looks like it was nicer at the ocean than here yesterday or today. Enjoy a beach walk for me, OK?

  12. BY now you have had your visit, hope everyone enjoyed themselves. Your view and the sunset is spectacular. Have a wonderful trip.

  13. So many beautiful photos Teresa 😀😀 Winwick Mum sockalong on facebook is great....hey enjoy your time sorting insurance rubbish lol

  14. They're really lovely sunset photos, I hope you enjoy your break! Those socks are great - you can't beat sock knitting for travel projects! :-) xx

  15. Beautiful ocean and sunset pictures, Teresa...always a joy to see. Your knitting is looking good too! Have a wonderful time!
    Helen xox


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