Friday, October 21, 2016

The Oregon Coast, Rain or Shine

We've had an assortment of weather since we arrived at the beach.  It rained on the way here but when we got here it had cleared up and was actually dry and WARM when we were backing the trailer in.  I am the person who stands outside giving hand signals when Dayle is backing in.  So, I was happy for the warmth and dryness.  :-)  On Wednesday we went out for lunch at a Mexican restaurant and we did some sightseeing, it was grey and cloudy but no rain.  Here is one of my favorite things to take photos of.. a little group of islands in Siletz Bay at Taft.

NOT the best photos as it was so grey.

On the spit that makes the bay there are always some seals on the beach where they're safe from people.

The beach at Taft was nearly gone with high tide.. this is looking across at the spit and the ocean beyond.

Seals are pretty cute.

We drove up the Siletz River to check on my favorite "nurse log".. I was happy to see it doing well and looking beautiful. 

Nature certainly planted a beautiful garden, didn't it?

Of course we drove on a bit further to see the house built for the movie "Sometimes a Great Notion".. I found out you can rent this to stay in.. wouldn't that be amazing?  Click HERE to see photos of the interior.

We then returned to our trailer for the evening.  Then the rain began.  All the sudden a leak happened next to my chair.. drip drip drip.. DRIPPPPP.. POUR.. Dayle quickly grabbed a bin that we had brought and put it next to me on a chair.. it poured outside.. and we had to add a cook-pot to the table to catch more drips.. the bin filled up halfway which D emptied before we went to bed.  It was half filled again yesterday morning.. we had to come up with a plan.  Thankfully the rain quit in the early afternoon.  Dayle had to unhook all the hookups and hook up the trailer, move it out and he put 2 2x8 pieces of lumber down to lift up that side of the trailer.. and I signaled to him while he moved the trailer back.  We haven't had any rain since.. but we hope that works!  :-)

After the trailer moving.. we headed off north to have lunch at the Otis Cafe -- we pass it coming and going but always have the trailer behind us so we don't stop.  So, we drove there as Dayle has never dined there and I tried it out when I was at the coast with my friend Sally and it's really fun and good.

The interior is so charming and so are the window boxes full of red geraniums.

The yellow walls, white trim, red gingham valances and wood booths make it a happy place to be.

There is also a lunch counter with stools and LOTS of signs and coffee cups.

I had a halibut sandwich on a homemade bun with house-made potato salad.  It was yummy!

Dayle had a breakfast meal.. a chicken fried pork cutlet with hash browns and gravy.. 

AND.. 2 eggs over easy and toast.. using their home-made bread, wheat and a dark molasses.  It was delicious!  But of course he could not eat all of that and brought half of it home.

We stopped after lunch at the hardware store for a roll of plastic and some duct tape in case the leak returns and we get more rain.  

The sky was turning pretty and so we went out to take a few photos.  I loved how the fog was creeping up on shore.

I worked feverishly to finish flowers for the hats and had trouble as the sun was shining in my eyes, but my nephew and his wife were bringing their 3 little girls to visit us in the evening and I wanted them to be ready to give to the girls.

All done!  My nephew and his wife brought the girls by in the evening.. Ella is in 1st grade, Zuzu is almost 3 and new baby JoJo.. just a few months old.  OH.. she is so cute!  All of them are adorable and I'm happy to report that all the hats fit them perfectly.  I don't have a photo as they don't place photos of the kids on the internet.. but trust me.. they're beautiful girls and looked so cute in their hats.  We had such a nice visit!!  

I have a few sunset photos to share with you.. 

This one reminds me of a Monet painting.

And then the sky was pretty in pink.

We're off for some lunch and more adventures in a bit.  I must say we're enjoying our beach time!  What are you up to?  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. know what I'm up to and it's not the coast darn it!!!!!! I'm glad you're having a wonderful time and I'm sorry we won't get to knit socks together this weekend. I hope the leak is gone, gone, gone. Have a lovely weekend and tell Dayle hi for Dennis.

  2. The hats are really pretty, Teresa! In spite of the leaks I am glad you are having a good time, and your photos are amazing! I have been knitting and reading and now am getting out my shawl to crochet. Tomorrow I am planning to attend my monthly art group and then stop by Carolyn Wagler's Art Show and Sale. Thanks for posting :) xx

  3. I LOVE your fog photos Teresa. They are amazing, haunting and beautiful! I think you inspired me to knit a baby gift hat and a matching big sister hat! thanks. That dark toast looks AMAZING! Show us the camper! We cut dead pines from our woods today. Im exhausted. A good tired.

  4. Gorgeous pictures, as always, Teresa! The hats you made for the little girls are adorable, and I'm sure the little girls are adorable as well. :)

  5. I won't be headed to Lincoln City after all. Was looking forward to lunch with Betsy. Ok. Plan B is make applesauce in crockpot in a.m. Head to Costco and another stop before coming back home. Had a good visit with my friend Beth when we were traveling to a memorial service for our friend's sister today. Got housework done when I got home. Swept water from garage floor that pools when it rains alot. Have a good weekend with no more leaks!!!! :-\
    Take care over there and have a whale of a good time!!
    =:O. Becky

  6. I haven't stopped at the Otis cafe in a thousand years. The guy who runs the riding stables at Pacific City was telling me about it ( the new owner, the politics of small places, etc) and now it's popped up to the top of my next beach trip.

  7. Oh - some sun breaks were had here in the valley today - finally. Lots of rain while you were gone.

  8. Sounds like a wonderful trip despite the leaks. Glad you had such a lovely visit with your nephew and his wife. The hats were gorgeous, such lovely yarn and the flowers embellishment was stunning. The meal looked amazing at Otis café, it certainly is making me feel hungry. Enjoy the rest of your trip.

  9. So great that you get such wonderful experiences right in your own very backyard. Visited with friends last night whose son is in college in Portland. His mom said it now feels like "home" she loves it so much. I told her I really want to visit Oregon one day. Glad the leak didn't cause too many problems. The fog photos really are lovely, as are the sunsets. Cute hats, too.

  10. Looks like you're having a lovely beach holiday. Fancy all those seals !! We can only see seals at certain (few) places here, other than the zoo of course. I loved looking inside that house - wouldn't that be a dream house to own? Bet it costs lots of $$s to rent it out for a week or two. Your pictures are great - camera or iphone? xox

  11. OMG.. the Otis Cafe food looks awesome! I love a good homemade potato salad that is good. Usually they aren't so good, but a few places do it right! The inside is darling. I've driven by it many times but have never stopped there. Will be on my list next time I'm down that way (which isn't very often). As a little girl, I used to go with my mom and dad and sisters to a place in the "Nelscott" area... which is the southern end of Lincoln City..... it was a town, but is now annexed to Lincoln City. Your Taft photos remind me of that area as I always loved the bay there too. Beautiful photos by the way.... and hope your RV leak gets miraculously fixed!

  12. Great photos! Is that cafe in Newport? Wow, that sure is a lot of seals all at once; haven't seen that many since we were in southern CA. Your photos make me want to pack up and head for Cannon Beach this very minute!

  13. With the exception of the leak it sounds like a perfect time away. Your photos are stunning and I know it was better in person so it really just must take your breath away. Have a wonderful time,


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