Monday, October 24, 2016

Out and About at the Beach

We sure have been enjoying our week here at the beach.  Dayle takes Buddy out for a walk occasionally.. this fur kid of ours loves the great smells here.  :-)  This photo really shows how close the ocean is to us.  NOTE:  We had no more leaks in the trailer once we re-positioned it using a few boards under the wheels on the lower side.  :-)

I waved at Dayle from the door and he snapped this photo of our truck and trailer.  There is only one space below us before it's oceanside.  I sure wish the person below us had a smaller rig!  This guy is huge, backs in and raises his satellite dish and there goes our view.  LOL!

Our day goes like this.. up at 9 am-ish.. coffee and a roll for breakfast.. watch The View while checking our email or me blogging like I am right now.  We then relax and chat or I crochet or play Scrabble or Words with Friends.. la la la.  Then at around 2 pm we head out to find a nice lunch somewhere.  As we pull out I snap a photo of the ocean.  :-)

We had lunch at Georgie's Grill again in Newport and then drove down to the Historic Bay Front which is a working fishery with fishing boats and fish and shrimp packing plants on the water.  Dayle walked down to get a photo of the sea lions that hang out there for me while I stayed in the truck with Buddy.  You can hear these guys ORK ORKING from all over the bay front area.

This one was waving at him.  :-)

He snapped a shot of the Yaquina Bay Bridge from where he was by the sea lions.

This is the bridge from the fishing boat marina.. a favorite place for me to take a photo.  We had our sailboat Stargazer in the Embarcadero Marina - just inland from this area - one summer and we sailed her out under the bridge into the big blue Pacific.. one of my favorite memories.  

I adore the fishing boats.  

The crab pots stacked up ready for the crab fishermen to take out.  

This Pampas grass plant was in full bloom.. oh how I love these.

Then we come home from our adventure of the day to relax.. do the same things as mentioned above.. watch tv until after the 11 pm news and head to bed.  SUCH a taxing schedule.. however do we manage?  :-)  The next day we arise and repeat.. this is us heading out on Saturday.  

Saturday was to be a very fair day, no rain and some sun.  I love this shot of the sun reflecting on the ocean and the beach.

We lunched at Kyllo's restaurant - and we both had the tenderloin steak and oh my goodness.. they do a mighty fine job at the grill.  Served with fluffy garlic whipped potatoes and perfectly cooked veggies.  OH yes.  

I may or may not have told the hostess that I was a food blogger.. :-).. and we were given a fabulous comfy booth with a wonderful view of the D River, the worlds shortest river, and the ocean.

On our way south back to our trailer I asked Dayle to pull in at this antique shop that used to have a nice collection of glass fishing floats.. they didn't have them any longer but they had this clever Halloween display set up in a corner.  :-)

They had a really impressive display of antique bottles and jars.

And a really neat display of Vaseline glass all lit up under a black light.  These are the same kinds of dishes that Kristi brought home from her grandmother's house.

Then back to the trailer for more relaxation and crochet and watching the dog watch the ocean.  :-)  Do you wish you were here with us?

I'm starting a blanket of my own design of shell stitches.  I just LOVE how this yarn is working up in the project.. it's the Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable line.

This is how far I am so far.  I will need to buy one more skein to finish this.

Do these colors speak to you?  They sure do sing to me.

I did some housekeeping and tidying so I could take some photos of our cozy home on wheels.  The lounge, dining area and kitchen.  

The dining room... I put on this autumn colored woven tablecloth when we're here in October and I brought my favorite candlesticks that my daughter Amy gave me and a few Halloween decorations from my collection.

A stack of ceramic pumpkins that holds a tea light candle.. a funny cat in a hat in a dress and my little witch.

Our comfy bed.

The sink and shower in our bedroom.  The loo is enclosed behind a door which is nice.

Our lunch destination yesterday was another place I'd been wanting to try - the Wildflower Cafe.  It's just north of Lincoln City inside a darling old beachy house.

We were seated in a lovely glassed in room on the back with this view of the river there.. a large group of Mallard ducks were paddling around down there and a Great Blue Heron swooped in, landed on a branch for a bit until it's mate flew low over the water and kept going so it took off to follow with great flapping of wings and long legs hanging down.. floop floop.. 

We both ordered the fresh dungeness crab salad.. nummers.

On our way out of the cafe I enjoyed a bush full of blue Hydrangea blooms.

We did some adventuring.. driving down Road's End area to the park there and looking at the houses along the beach.  Then home.. for more hanging out and listening to the roar of the ocean and the crash of the waves right outside.  :-)

And a nice sunset photo to end my post for the day.  :-)

Today is our last full day here.. tomorrow is Dayle's birthday and we'll be packing up and driving home.  We'll celebrate his special day with the family at home.. I think Kristi might be baking a special cake for him.  :-)  Thanks for visiting my blog this week, I hope you've enjoyed seeing the magnificent Oregon Coast.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. It has been wonderful to see the beautiful Oregon Coast, you have given us an amazing tour of sights that I will never see for myself. The wonder of blogging never ceases to amaze. The sight of sea lions was indeed magnificent. The sunset was a joy to behold. The food looked good too. Wishing Dayle a wonderful Birthday.

  2. I enjoyed each and every word and photo Teresa! I loved seeing your Halloween de cor in the trailer! I loved the antique shops Halloween skeleton! Happy Birthday to Dayle!

  3. Yes, I wish I could be there with you, but visiting your posts about your time at the beach is the next best thing :) Thanks! You and Dayle got some wonderful photos! Your new blanket is shaping up beautifully, and I really like that colorway, too. I picked six big apples from one of our apple trees and made apple crisp last night for Bible study group at our house. I counted, and I think we still have 22 big apples left on the tree. We don't know the variety name, but they are crisp and sweet. We celebrated Rosie's third birthday yesterday although her birthday is not until later in the week. Happy Birthday, tomorrow, Dayle! Much love to you both. xx

  4. It looks like you're having a really nice time. I love that you make time for crochet when you're away, it will be a special blanket full of beachy memories. Happy birthday to Dayle! Hope he has a wonderful day.

  5. I think the Oregon coast is one of the most beautiful places in the world! I so enjoyed seeing your photos; especially the yummy food. You've inspired me with the lovely Red Heart Unforgettable yarn. I'm off to my local Michael's to buy some for a shawl!

  6. Enjoy your last beach day as much as I'm loving your photos! And a very happy birthday to your DH. Have a fun celebration!

  7. I think your relaxing schedule sounds just perfect. I could really get used to that! lol

  8. I love seals and otters....I can sit and watch them for a very long time!
    Your trailer is very homey, and I love your kitchen space!

  9. Indeed I did enjoy your week at the coast Teresa. You got some lovely pictures and obviously enjoyed those very yummy looking meals. I like it that Buddy goes with you too. Your crochet is pretty - I've used that yarn and it is lovely isn't it? Hope Dayle has a great birthday. Xox

  10. That bridge in Newport is my favorite bridge in Oregon.
    I'm back off too much overtime so I relaxed with you a little, dreaming about the lovely ocean sounds.

  11. Hello to you and Dayle! So sorry we missed spending time with you this weekend but it was nice to visit the coast through your photos. We have tried twice to go to the Wildflower Cafe. Once it was closed and the other time it was an hour and a half wait for a table so we went elsewhere. Your lunch looks yummy.

    I think your new blanket is beautiful. I haven't tried that yarn yet but it looks very soft. You have SO much counter space in your trailer kitchen. I don't have much at all but we have a big bathroom. I guess you can't have everything unless you get one of those huge class A's or fifth wheels. I love my little trailer though and I've learned to adapt. We actually went out there today and let Chloe run and did a few small upkeep things on the trailer before winter. Dennis is back to work tomorrow with no more vacation days for awhile. *sigh*. I've gotten used to having him here after four days and I'll miss him. :-)
    Blessings and safe trip home tomorrow.

  12. What a lovely post. I so enjoyed your pictures of the beautiful coast and your cosy home on wheels. I always love to see pictures of the waves.....And your new blanket is looking so pretty. I am glad you have both had a relaxing time, and wish you safe travels home.
    Helen xox

  13. Hi Teresa. It all sounds so wonderful. Graham (DH) and I did exactly the same when we went to Cornwall two weeks ago. Up at nineish, leisurely breakfasts and out later for lunch and an adventure :-) Love that Halloween display! Food looks delish. I cannot get over how huge your trailer is! Love the colours you are using for your blanket.Happy Birthday to Dayle. I have a cake to do for GD Phoebe who will be seven on Sunday. Hugs Anne x

  14. Thanks for sharing your ocean break. I love seeing all the scenery and your amazing adventures. You have a wonderful trailer and I especially like the little extras you bring to fit in with the seasons. If I should ever get to the USA again Oregon will be top on my list of states to visit. Enjoy the birthday celebrations and thanks once again for taking the time to blog you life for us xx

  15. I really like Dungerness crab, yum!
    Looks like a lovely time away.

  16. Yes I do want to be there with you Teresa! Looks like you're having a wonderful time. I love those crab pots.

  17. I do want to be there. Right. Now. Love your pictures and looks like you've had a splendid time. Happy Birthday to Dayle!

  18. Thank you for sharing your holidays, so so nice... It's such a pleasure for me too...
    I know it's too early, but don't forget, please, to Wish an happy birthday to your Dear husband !! I wish he will have a good special day for him (with family and friends).
    Good week, and journey return, to you both.

  19. Hi there Teresa! First off, I must say a big Happy Birthday to Dayle!!! I hope he did get a special cake from Kristi!
    Your photos are always stellar.....these were no exception! Loved visiting along on your trip to the beach. Your trailer is so spacious!! I so wish we had just a wee bit more space in ours, but we certainly do love it.
    I have always thought that the California and Oregon Coastline were spectacular!
    We too were camping at the beach this past weekend. The beauty in our world is ever amazing!
    I love the hats you made, and the shell stitch blanket you are currently making.
    Loved visiting, and catching up here tonight. I am trying to be a better blogger.
    xo Kris

  20. All so wonderful here and HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAYLE......and do hope your mobile arrives quickly xoxoxo

  21. Of course we wish we could be there with you. Happy Birthday to Dayle, I know I am a few days late. Hope you had safe travels home.


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