Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Birthday Party and Last Day at the Beach

We made it home.. safely.. almost.  More on that in a bit.  First I want to show you the lovely birthday party that Kristi put on for Dayle!  Here's the carrot cake and yes.. that is how old he is.  :-)

Happy Birthday to you o/~

Grandpa and his beloved grandsons.  :-)  Thank you, Kristi and Travis for the nice party - you're such good kids!  We appreciate you!  Our daughter Amy and our two granddaughters in Ohio called and sang Happy Birthday to him and our son in California wished him HB on Facebook.  :-)  And he wants to thank you, dear readers, for your birthday wishes.  You're so sweet!  

And so.. we did have a casualty on the way home from the beach.  :-(  MY NEW PHONE!  WAHHH!!  I was trying to take a photo of the deep forest we were driving through for YOU to see.. and rolled down the window and the phone was plugged in to the charger and I was trying to get a photo and the side view mirror was in the way so I raised it up and WHOOOOOSH.. the wind grabbed it and out the window it flew.. while we were driving 60 mph!  EEEK!  So, Dayle quickly pulled over and then we did a U-turn.. all 60+ feet of truck and trailer.. and then drove back to another wide spot in the road where he did ANOTHER U-turn where we thought it might have landed.  I stayed with the truck and dog while Dayle went walking back to find it.. he did.. and brought it to show me.  Aww shoot.  So, I called Verizon on D's phone and checked to see if it was covered and thankfully Dayle had bought the insurance policy on our phones.. they emailed me directions for putting in a claim which I did after arriving home and apparently my new phone is in Memphis, Tennessee waiting to be loaded onto a jet and is supposedly to be delivered to me before 4 pm today.  Amazing, huh?

Now.. to backtrack a bit.  I thought I'd share with you our last day at the beach.  I happily was crocheting away on the little blanket and Buddy was on my lap.. I thought this was a cute image.

We tried a new restaurant -- well it's not new but we'd never tried it -- Blackfish Cafe.  It was fun, a VERY nice hostess chatted with us and gave us a nice booth.. she commented on my candy corn glass earrings.. the food was okay, but we're not sure we'll go back.  Afterwards we stopped into a candy store that we'd never visited.. and bought a bag of saltwater taffy for Kristi.  They make it all right there.

We then stopped at a glass blowing shop.. I LOVE these handblown glass tumblers.. but guess how much EACH one was?  $55!  Oh sure.. I think I'll buy a dozen.. right?  But I'm in love with the pink and lime ones.

I enjoyed all the colors in these glass floats made there.  Which one would you pick if you could have any of these you wanted?

This was was eye catching!

Here are where the glass kilns are.. you can actually pay to do one yourself.. but maybe someday.

I supported the local economy by purchasing this cute little pumpkin to bring home and add to my little collection.

We pulled out in a viewpoint at Taft and I zoomed in to see if I could get a last shot of the seals out on the spit.. a small group was there.

And a shot of the calm of Siletz Bay and across the spit to the wild and wooly ocean waves.

Running the lens back in.. the island of 3 rocks, the spit and ocean.

Our last day started out with grey and rain and then slowly cleared off for our adventuring.. we got some neat shots of our last sunset.. 

So pretty.. 

We don't really see the sunsets from our house.. so I must say.. I adore the sunsets we get to see when we're at the beach in our cozy caravan.

Dayle took my phone (before I killed it) and got some shots of the ocean as the waves were really crashing away.

Roar and crash.. boom.. 

I will close with this lovely shot I got from the door of the trailer.  Love the peach and blue and gold.

So.. I'm waiting for the UPS truck and doing some catch up things.. what are YOU up to today?  Oh.. we're doing our vote by mail ballots today.. be sure and get out and VOTE!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Oh my goodness! So glad you are all happy and safe even though your phone isn't. I will email you๐Ÿƒ๐Ÿ๐Ÿ‚๐Ÿ’žXX

  2. The cake looks so delicious. How lovely for Dayle that Kristi organised a party. The glass is beautiful and your pumpkin adorable. Glad that you and Dayle are safe and sound. Annoying re the phone but they are replaceable. Great shots of the waves. I like stormy seas. Hugs Anne x

  3. So sorry about the phone but whew, I'm sure glad Dayle got the insurance! You took some lovely pictures as always. I choose...the purple float! You probably already knew I would choose that one didn't you? What a wonderful party for Dayle. You're blessed to have Kristi and Travis and their family there with you. Glad you're home safely my friend and I'm sorry our plans didn't work out. Maybe next time. Meanwhile our door is always open. :-)

  4. Happy birthday..I get the love for our Littles..I can just picture you..and the phone flying away..

    thank goodness you had the insurance..and yes Kristi..amazing.

  5. Sounds like you had a wonderful beach trip complete with a birthday celebration. Sorry about the phone disaster, but you'll have a replacement soon luckily. I guess something else could have flown away that would've been impossible to replace, right? Happy Birthday to your DH with many, many more!

  6. Yuummmyy to the cake and happy birthday to your good man. Beautiful glasses, I too loved those pink and lime ones but adored your pumpkin. A good buy.

  7. Happy Birthday Dayle! I always enjoy tagging along on your adventures, there is never a dull moment. Glad to hear that you had your phone insured, they are so pricey.

  8. Always love visiting here and Dayle looked very happy indeed and those cute grandboys ☺☺ Yes your poor mobile........

  9. I often whinge about paying insurance on things but your experience makes me think twice. That's very good service to be getting the replacement so quickly. Kristi did a fantastic job on Dayle's cake - I'm very impressed with the writing - so neat and artistic. Those glasses are pretty but wow what a price !! I'd be terrified to use them.

  10. Happy birthday to Dayle..great cake. I'm glad you made it home fairly safely!

  11. Happy Birthday Dayle, he certainly was blessed with a stunning cake, gifts and good company. Isn't technology amazing these days, that you can track where your new phone is, clever! I loved all the glass but fell in love with the green, stunning.

  12. I'd take the green float (lower right in the picture) - it is beautiful. And your sunset pictures and stormy seas pictures are gorgeous!!

  13. I love your loving family shots!!! You are so blessed and I know you are thankful and appreciative !!! I love that. Oh the phone...sounds like something I would do! so sorry.
    Im sure that cake was as amazing to taste as to view!

  14. Happy Birthday Dayle! Glad it was a good birthday. The cake looks delicious! Glad you got your phone sorted Teresa, that is good service.

  15. I hope your new phone has safely arrived and you are downloading all of your apps as you read this. Your trip sounds perfect, nex time you have to take ALL of us along.

  16. Happy Birthday Dayle! Such lovely, happy pictures and a gorgeous cake! So sorry about the phone disaster Teresa.....a lesson for us all there! So lucky that Dayle took out the insurance. Love those crashing waves of my favourite sights.
    Helen xox


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