Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas 2016

How was your holiday weekend?  I hope it was happy and full of love of friends and family.  We had a nice, easy-going time.  Kristi has made a tradition of getting matching pajamas for her family and even got one for Buddy!  Aren't they cute?  After I got the photo, the mayhem began.  :-)

Kristi was Mrs. Santa, she knew where everything was under the tree and passed out things accordingly.. :-)

Our daughter Amy sent these cute robot animals for the boys, they had lots of fun with them all day.  Thanks, Amy and Jay!

I laid the new tablecloth and napkins on the table that Kristi gave me as a gift and the new crystal candle holders that Dayle surprised me with and set the table for dinner.  Dayle had a ham in the oven and even prepared the potatoes "Gratin Dauphinoise" for me since the cold I have had me feeling a bit dizzy and out of breath.  

Dayle knows me well when he found these on his shopping trip to Costco! :-)

Dayle used his new chef's knife that I got for him to slice the ham for dinner.

OK.. smile everyone!  *snap*  Then we all toasted each other and said how glad we were to have each other then we dug in for a delicious Christmas dinner.

Want to join us?  There is plenty!  LOL!

Dayle gave me the gift of music.  Years ago I'd seen a ukulele and had fallen in love with it, practical Dayle said "You don't need a ukulele!".  So for years he's heard me say I'd wished I'd gotten it and learned to play.  He decided that he'd get one for me for Christmas.. he wanted to surprise me but finally told me what he was up to.. he wanted my input.. so we did some research and actually found the same kind I'd fallen in love with so many years ago.  It's made of Koa wood with mother-of-pearl inlay around the outside and the sound hole.  Goodness, it sounds wonderful!  I'm learning to play chords and keep it tuned.. you tune it to "My dog has fleas".  I even got a music stand and will be spending some time learning more chords and singing to the music.  Wish me luck!

Here's the chef's knife I got for Dayle.. he said it cut through the ham like a hot knife through butter.  :-)

Kristi surprised me with this really neat necklace from Origami Owl, you get charms that mean something to the person you're giving it to.. the diamond is my birthstone, the bone for our dog Buddy, the knitting yarn and needles and the heart with "Grandma" on it.  I just love it.. thanks, Kristi!  There were lots more gifts and things but I thought I'd just share a few.  As you know the best part of the day is the time with your loved ones.

It was a wonderful holiday time for us all the way through.. we decorated slow but steady, I loved the luncheon here with my sisters, it was a good year.  Now we can enjoy the lights of the tree until New Year's Eve and then we'll stow all the colorful things away and start 2017 with a clean slate.  But this week is one of my favorite weeks of the year.. I hibernate.  No appointments, no meetings.  Just relaxing by the fire with some strumming and some crocheting and goofy movies on tv.  How was your Christmas?  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Your day sounds wonderful Teresa. I have a silver necklace like that and I love it. The photo of your son, Kristi and the boys in their PJ's is a keeper. Love that Dayle thought about a ukulele, my BIl Don has one and brought it down to Florida on their last visit. He was helping Little B to play it.
    Hugs and happy holidays,

  2. Thank you for sharing your Christmas, Teresa. Those jammies are adorable and so cute that Buddy got some, too! Looks like a wonderful day at your house. We had a lovely prime rib roast here; hubby and I are having the leftover bones tonight, barbecue style. Although I greatly enjoyed having our family for meals and Christmas hoopla, it's wonderful to have it over with and time to relax. I received some nice books as gifts and am cuddling up with those today. Hope you enjoy your down time, and ukulele. Feel better soon!

  3. Your Christmas Day sounds wonderful. We also had a lovely day with the usual gift giving followed by traditional Christmas roast dinner. Just myself, my two daughters and two grandsons. It started quite early in the morning as Oliver is now 2 years old and I think he's starting to understand things. He helped his mummy put out the cookie and milk for Santa and carrot for the reindeer on Christmas Eve. Enjoy your week. Xox

  4. Except for the dizzy out of breath part I'm glad you all had a great day, Teresa. We did, too. I slept in till ten this morning after staying up late then getting up early :) Mary's family gave me " Henry Moore's Sheep Sketchbook" which I love and think you will, too. Jason's mom crocheted me a lavender teacup! Lis and Gary gave me a cobalt blue glass candlestick, and Santa gave me some little puzzles and toothpaste and dental floss :) Our turkey and roast beef, mashed potatoes and salad were good and Tim made us an apple cake for dessert that we enjoyed, too. This afternoon I have been sneezing again and have an irritated throat...grumph! Happy being cozy and getting well to you and yours! xxxxxxx

  5. Love the matching jammies! Merry Christmas to your family!

  6. what a nice Christmas and your ukulele is quite the surprise but I'm sure you'll get it all figured out and play it well! We had a great Christmas with our son's family on Sat eve then 3 of us here on Christmas. I worked today and we were busy which was good. It's cold and raining right now. Frozen when I drove across town for work though and enjoyed looking at all the frosted plants along the way that I couldn't photograph cuz I had to go to work! I hope you get to feeling better soon, my friend! Stay cozy and drink your orange juice! Hugs! ;-}

  7. Our days are mostly quiet. I've even been sleeping later than usual. Probably because I'm waiting to hear boys come home late at night. Looks like you had a fabulous Christmas. How wonderful to finally get that ukulele. I'm sure you'll pick it up in no time. Have a great week.

  8. Oh, a ukulele! Three years ago I decided to learn to play and it changed my life. The ukulele is a very social instrument and there are clubs all over the play, hopefully one near you. Its great fun to get together with others to play which will expand your learning faster and bring great joy into your life. Happy 2017.

  9. Teresa, I love hearing of your daughter in laws doings. You clearly just adore her. Your family is very special I think. The pj's tradition is darling. We had such fun. Al has gone back to OKC and is starting her new job in Organ transplant today. Good work, we hope she enjoys this job. Zach flies back to Mexico this afternoon. Oh this part is so so hard for us Teresa. We wish our children lived near by. They text and call and we are so close despite the miles between us. I cried quiet a bit yesterday and will probably do so today too . I have some lovely new yarns and a new a pattern. I think Im a bit tired from it all too. Lots of cooking every ones favorites etc. It was a magical holiday for my family

  10. It looks as though you had a wonderful Christmas Teresa, although I'm sorry you're not feeling well. Hopefully that cold will disappear soon. I especially love your ukulele and the necklace. Both very thoughtful gifts. Our day was quiet. Church in the morning and then just watched some Hallmark movies on T.V. Stay in and warm this week and get better.

  11. Your Christmas sounds perfect! I spent time with my parents in Florida and enjoyed every minute!

  12. I'm so glad you had a wonderful Christmas Teresa. Your day looked perfect. We've still got our DD and family here which is a real bonus. Enjoy your rest xxx

  13. Hello Teresa I'm so glad that you had a lovely Christmas with your family. The gifts were wonderful and your lunch looked delicious. We also had a lovely time with our sons and their families. It seems very quiet here now. I'm thankful for the time we had though. Anne x

  14. My Christmas was wonderful. I didn't have to work Saturday afternoon (Christmas Eve), so I was able to try out a new recipe for Prime Rib that is still giving us leftovers. Both my kids were home - dear daughter flys home tonight. I was able to manage some extras like cards and baking some holiday favorites. I hope your cold gives way for the new year - take care of yourself.

  15. Your home is decorated lovely and those are some mighty big smiles on your grandsons faces. Looks as though a good time was had by all. Our Holiday here was wonderful as well.

  16. Looks like a lovely Christmas was had by all. Love the matching jammies! And seeing all of the festivities. How fun for you to receive such a thoughtful gift from Dayle. I love your necklace too. I have one with knitting needles too!
    Enjoy your relaxing week!
    xo Kris


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