Friday, December 23, 2016

Tucked In For a Long Winter's Nap

Do you try to get one new Christmas ornament a year?  I do.. this year I was scrolling down Facebook and an ad popped up for an ornament from the White House Historical Association.. I clicked on it and found that they sell an ornament each year and the funds go towards the care of the White House.  Dayle and I got to tour the WH a year and a half ago and so I thought this would commemorate our visit.  Isn't it cute?  

There was a fire in the WH during Hoover's presidency and this is the story of the fire truck who saved it and how they brought a tree to the WH later.  I wanted this ornament to commemorate how happy I was with the last 8 years of the Obama's in the White House.  :-)

This is an ornament of Kristi's... she has a VW bus.

I got this little painted gourd done by a friend at an art show.. it has the Spedis Owl petroglyph found in the Columbia River Gorge on it.

The fun part of decorating the tree is seeing the ornaments you've received as gifts, this cute little kangaroo is from a friend of mine visiting from Australia over Christmas, how cute is this little handstitched roo with a tiny gift in her pouch?

This is Santa on the Santa Maria, one of the 3 boats in Christopher Columbus' discovery fleet.  :-)

A 1966 Mustang similar to my son's red one with a tree and gifts inside.

And a barn similar to ours.  :-)

I have a collection of hand made Santa's and snowmen which we place on the window sills in the dining room and living room.  

I made the snowman on the right.

I hand carved the Santa's on the left and right.. I asked hubby to bring me in a piece of split firewood in the size for me to carve into a Santa.. and I did and then painted them.. they are NOT very well carved but it was fun to make them out of firewood.

I have succumbed to a cold that one of the boys brought home.. :-)  But we're all tucked in here with everything ready for the weekend and the fire is flaming nearby and we're warm so I will crochet a bit and play some words games and watch tv and get better.  I hope you are all set and will enjoy some quiet time and the love of your family and friends.  I am wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  Thank you for being my blog friend and reader, I treasure the friends I've made from around the world while sharing my photos and stories in this blog.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. LOVE your handcarved Santas, clever you. And it's lovely to see your individual ornaments with their memories. I have things that the children have made as well as ornaments that a friend gives me each year. It's always nice to get them out every December. I hope you're feeling better soon and that you and yours have a lovely Christmas Teresa. CJ xx

  2. Thanks for another good visit, Teresa. Your beautiful photos help me feel I am right there with you, enjoying the beauty around you. Like you, I especially appreciate ornaments that have been given to me, some handmade by family members and friends. While I have not purchased a new ornament this year I was given a new sheep ornament and treasure it as a sweet reminder of the loving friend who gave it to me. It is fun to see the various modes of transportation you have represented in your ornaments and your newest fire engine is handsome, with an interesting story behind it, including prompting positive memories for you. I still have vivid memories of touring the White House and Washington DC over 55 years ago...mercy... that is amazing to me to realize it was that long ago for me :) I think your hand carved Santas are wonderful and I continue to admire your artistry. Hoping you and yours stay cozy and get well soon! I need to drop off some cards in a mailbox and visit an ATM, and tomorrow I hope to get to see the girlies in their Christmas play, but I want to just stay home warm and cozy and getting better, too. Oh, you aren't going to believe this. I think we have decided that we are having toasted turkey and cheese sandwiches for Christmas dinner...a first! Love with hugs, Gracie :)

  3. Beautiful ornaments Teresa. We used to buy new ones each year for each of the kids. They took their ornaments when they moved out so they could always have home with them. I don't buy new ones anymore but sometimes get them as gifts. I hope you feel better very soon and have a wonderful Christmas.

  4. I hope you feel better very soon Teresa. Wishing you a wonderfully happy family Christmas and thank you for all your lovely posts and comments this year.
    Jacquie xxx

  5. I hope you're feeling better soon. Merry Christmas to all of you!

  6. Merry Christmas dear Teresa! I hope you feel better soon. Hugs, Pat (Lilly's Mom)

  7. I've got a few gifts to wrap. Trying to decide if I want to make cinnamon rolls tomorrow or have Megan pick up some while she's out. Hope you feel better soon! Merry CHRISTmas my friend! a far away hug so I don't catch your cold cooties! :'}

  8. Merry Christmas, Teresa. Thank you for your wonderful blog. It's my favourite. :)

  9. Many thanks for popping into my blog and posting on my latest post. It looks as if we are going to have a sunny Christmas over here....rather cold but accompanied by a blue sky. I know this must sound crazy but I rather miss having a white Christmas. It just isn't proper that there isn't a sprinkling of white on the ground. Coincidentally I also buy a new tree ornament every year and like yourself I love to reminisce about some of the very old ones I have especially those that have a story. I wouldn't know where to start with wood carving myself. I think you have done those Santas rather well. They remind me of Norwegian wood art.
    Merry Christmas to you and yours.

    Amanda xx

  10. Lovely decorations Theresa, I hope you are feeling better soon, Happy Christmas and thank you for your lovely blog, Fiona x

  11. Although I have never commented on your blog before, I want to let you know I enjoy it so much. Your photos are always so nice. I have many of the White House ornaments and they are all beautiful. Have a very Merry Christmas and feel better soon.

  12. Was the kangaroo ornament from Elizabeth??

  13. Teresa! Your home and decorations are just lovely. I love the White House ornament, story and thought behind it . I love the VW ornament. Take care of that cold. Zach has brought one home but so far we are all safe. Waiting for Santa, trying not to overeat today! WE went snowshoeing with Allison this morning, and it was warm out but fresh snow from last night made it a good time

  14. Ah Teresa, I am feeling your pain, I have a wee cold myself. Just enough to make me tired. I get the boys a new ornament every year. This year it is Chase from Paw Patrol for Little Buddy. Hugs and Merry Christmas, feel better.

  15. Merry Christmas to you and your family lovely Teresa! x
    Susan x


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