Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Snow and Ice and Crochet Ornament

What a week we've had.  And it's not over yet.  A storm arrived last Thursday and so I did not volunteer at Multnomah Falls.  Snow fell and it was beautiful.  Then the rain fell and it all turned to a sheet of ice.  Five power poles were knocked over and we lost power.  Thank goodness we have a generator so we could keep the pellet stove going.  Dayle got a nice fire going in the living room and we soldiered on.  With no TV.. and no internet.  But then they fixed the electricity and still we had no internet and tv.  For 4 days!  It's fixed now but guess what?  A storm is predicted to be hitting us again today and they even closed the school.  So, we're hunkering down.  We have 5 skylights on the house and a big chunk of ice shattered the one in our master bathroom, so Dayle went up on the roof and measured it so he can get a new one and they plan to install it theirselves, he and our son.  Men.  Speaking of men.. Dayle took my iPhone outside and snapped photos of the house in the dusk for you.  Wasn't that sweet?

Dayle and Travis drove up to the Corbett Country Market in this mess to pick up some emergency hot dog buns for a Coney Island dinner.  He snapped this of the ice up there, see that sign?  I designed the artwork on it!  :-)

We had icicles!

See the ice on our circular driveway?  That's the chicken house on the left of the garage.  

Now... my friend Shirley knows I like to crochet and she saw some cute holiday lights on Facebook so she tagged me to see them and I fell in love with them.  I found the pattern and this was my first one.  Aren't they cute?  Here's the link.

They are about 3 inches tall.  The designer strung hers together like a light string, but I decided to make individual ornaments.. for now.. but a string of them will be done, too.  :-)  Yes, they are fun to make!

Here are the ones I've made so far on the tree.. I just love these!!  Are you going to make one or two of these?  I hope so!

I added 3 camels to my Jim Shore Nativity scene on top of our china cabinet.

And set up the Dept 56 North Pole Village on the piano.. I made the pierced paper lampshades on both of the lamps there.  

Santa (Kristi) has visited! :-)

My beloved red Hibiscus has been presenting me with a steady stream of brilliant blooms.. there were three in bloom at once the other day.

How happy are these flowers.  :-)

We had planned to take our son and grandsons swimming at the hot springs today but with another snow system moving steadily this way we wisely called it off.  Dayle is off at Home Depot to see if he can buy a new skylight.  I hope they still carry the ones we have.  So... now I'm going to crochet on the baby blanket as my lap needs warmth.  :-) . 

What are you up to today?  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 

❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉
*M*E*R*R*Y* *C*H*R*I*S*T*M*A*S*!*
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  1. I have had a nice restful day only popping out to check on my parents and deliver them some soup. The storm doesn't look good and just looking at all that ice makes me feel so cold. Hope you don't lose power again and that you can get the skylark repaired quickly. The crochet lights are a delight. Take care.

  2. Oh dear. The broken skylight is difficult. Your hubby took great photos. Kristi did it again!!!!! I love your light bulb ornaments. We lost tv for a bit, and internet for a bit. But not near what you had. I dont mind the snow and cold one bit, but my Zach and my Al are both flying in next week and I want no delays and no problems for them!!! THe cats are super snuggly in the cold !!

  3. Love the North Pole village, it looks so pretty lit up like that. Those icicles are amazing. Quite scary about the broken skylight though. I hope it's mended now and that you are safe through the coming storm. CJ xx

  4. You're moving right along with those lightbulbs. I love them and after I finish Christmas gifts I may make a few. I can't believe the weather you're getting in the Portland area. It would be considered fairly normal here but not there. And not multiple storms in a row. Your house is looking very Christmasy and Dayle did good at getting a nice picture. The skylight? Not so good. Oh my goodness. That's scary. I hope those guys will use lots of safety precautions on the roof. Heights terrify me. Dennis found that camping trailer at Sears of all places! He was looking a chain saws and saw it in the Christmas department. I love it. Stay safe and warm inside my friend.
    Blessings always,

  5. The crocheted light bulbs are very pretty; I might make some for next year (I won't have time this year) and the snow you've had looks very pretty, but 'yikes' at the ice and the skylight. I hope you get it fixed without difficulty. Stay safe and warm :)

  6. The broken skylight sounds scary. Hope you are OK. I loved seeing your winter photos. And, those icicles are huge. Thanks for sharing the crocheted ornaments they are so cute. Keep warm! Pat xx

  7. Oh my...I have serious snow envy!!! How wonderul to be tucked up so warm and cosy...perfect for making those adorable crochet lights...I am trying to bake...and it's too hot!!! xx

  8. Merry Christmas! Thanks for this beautiful post. Gorgeous Hybiscus No wonder Buddy fell over! I am glad you did not on that ice! I am hoping Lissie can make it home from the VA hospital today. Traffic is terrible in the pictures on TV. I'm sorry you did not get to go swim today. The lights are adorable! I will check the pattern. Hope Dayle and Travis were able to safely repair the skylight.
    I had breakfast with Fran at Shari's this morning and made it home before the snow started. Praying you stay warm and safe xxxxxx

  9. Everything looks very festive at your home! Love the way the crochet lights look together, very fun. You're getting a rougher weather than those of us further west. We have a good dusting of powder tonight. It's so pretty. I'm happy to be cozy at home; keeping the bird and hummingbird feeders filled (and unfrozen). Hard to believe they didn't want to go someplace warmer for winter!

  10. I'm super glad we did not put in skylights now. I think they get brittle with age. Loving the snow as Canbyland (so far) does not have ice. Hoping we stay in power though.
    Maybe - I'll get a longer lunch break tomorrow if everyone stays home.

  11. We have 2 inches of snow here. I worked til 3ish today. Store closed. Snow on road home made for slow driving. I'm working on my Christmas cards tonight. Hopefully Dayle was able to get another skylight. We got ours removed when we had our roof replaced. Your crocheted ornaments are fun but I don't crochet so I'll just enjoy yours! °} Merry Christmas to you! Hopefully Kristi is feeling better by now. Stay warm my friend!!♡

  12. Hi Teresa! The 2016 doesn't want to leave just quietly. Storms and cyclones in many parts of the world... I do wish it all finishes very soon!
    Your Christmas decorations look fabulous, the nativity scene as well, and the tree.. so homely! Keep warm and I look forward to see the finished baby blanket :)

    Marry Christmas!

  13. Goodness me Teresa it looks freeeeezing at yours...brr..amazing icicles though. I hope you get your skylight fixed soon. I love those little lights which you have made, such a clever idea. Keep snug xx

  14. Beautiful post, thank you Teresa, and your dear husband (for the photos).
    Take care of you all.
    Read you.

  15. Another wonderful post. Love your crocheted Christmas lights . . . how cute is that :) I'm a fan of Jim Shore, too. Your nativity is beautiful.
    Stay warm . . . we had a -1 degrees night . . . Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
    Connie :)

  16. My goodness you have been busy with all that weather! It is beautiful from here, just saying I would like tings to cool down a bit. Love those crochet lights, brilliant! Stay safe and warm Teresa.

  17. Looking very festive. Love the lights you have made. Oh my re the storms etc. Stay safe. Hugs Anne x

  18. Oh my! I am so VERY thankful none of your family were hurt when your skylight shattered. My DD has at least three of the large ones in her kitchen and I have always wanted one. I'll have to let her know about your experience so they are aware.
    Your photos of the countryside and your home in the snow are lovely-as is your Nativity set!

  19. A broken skylight in the midst of a cold snap and power outage sounds frightful. Brrr. I wish your husband good luck finding and installing the new one.
    Your idea to make that string of lights into individual ornaments is brilliant. They look lovely on your tree!

  20. Oh my goodness that snow looks so cold. It does look very pretty but I don't envy you as I like to feel warm. Your little ornaments look so cute that I might have to put them on my list of things to do. I might get some finished by next year (my track record for FOs isn't too good at the moment). Always enjoy seeing your Christmas decorations - really nice. Xox


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