Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Sun Today, Snow Tomorrow

Oh, the weather outside is... sunny?  It's 34 deg. F outside and the wind is forecast to begin blowing soon.. and snow is forecast for tomorrow!  Amazing.  But for now the sun is illuminating our dining room and it's oh so pleasant inside with the fire burning away in the pellet stove.  I just noticed that there are 3 bottles of sparkling cider still on the floor from our Thanksgiving dinner.. lol!  We better put them outside to chill.  :-) Kristi bought these chair covers last year, aren't they cute?

This is my view from my easy chair in the den.. it sure brightens my mood when I see this sunny room.

I have been hand addressing my Christmas card envelopes.. I am using the same card as I only used half of them last year.  I have my printer print them up as he uses glossy paper and they turn out so pretty.. I do the design using one of my own photos.  

I wrote our annual Christmas family newsletter yesterday and Dayle took this photo of the boys for it.. and my daughter sent a cute photo of our two granddaughters for me to use and I found two new photos of Shawn's boys for it too.  

Kristi's grandmother sent this to her, it's the cutest thing.. it's an emergency preparedness kit - a dozen candles that fit in a canning jar, they screwed on a pvc pipe end cap on the lid which goes down into the jar for storage and when you need light if the power goes out or some more dire emergency, you are set for light for quite a while.  Isn't this a neat idea?  

I noticed Simba, our feral cat friend, sunning himself on our back door welcome mat.. 

I was trying to get a photo and my iPhone tapped the window and up he rose in alarm, looking for trouble.  LOL!

I put my wooden Nativity carousel on the table.. we lit it for dinner the other night and the boys were fascinated seeing the top twirl around driven by the heat of the candles.  

My swimming companions, Gracie and Denise, could not join me today to go to the hot springs to swim.. so.. I twisted Dayle's arm and after much complaining and whining he has agreed to accompany me for lunch at Big T's and then to swim.  I hope the weather holds out today!  And I also hope the snow does come tomorrow although it's supposed to change over to freezing rain and then to rain.. but a short snow is still fun.. isn't it?  What are you up to today?

((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. I was impressed with the jar filled with candles, a lovely gift. The chair covers are a real delight, such fun. I was busy catching up with laundry and making a start on making the Christmas chocolates and chocolate stirrers ready for Sunday when I am hosting a buffet lunch for 20. Take care.

  2. Yay, Dayle! I hope you two have a great time! Our knitting group ended up not meeting so I am cozy inside trying to complete some projects and feel better. I hope we have some more snow tomorrow. Your home is pretty and very festiveI I love the emergency jar of candles! Thanks for sharing the idea. Hope to see you soon :) xx

  3. That jar of candles is a clever idea! Your table looks lovely. I've been contemplating chair backs!!! Hope Dayle enjoyed his swim :) Love your pen! Hugs Anne x

  4. That jar candle is very impressive. Your house looks happy and holiday ready. We're expecting snow tomorrow and Friday too. Ick! I hope you and Dayle had a wonderful time at lunch and swimming.
    Blessings always,

  5. We don't often get snow here, but last Tuesday when I left the house at 8.30pm to collect DD1 from a music concert, the car was registering an outside temperature of -2C (c.28F). On Friday morning around 9.30am, I drove to my knitting group and the car was telling me it was 10C outside and the skies were blue! Your lovely house is starting to look rather festive; we'll be putting up the tree and decorations this coming weekend.

  6. The weather turned mild here too today Teresa. Enjoy your sunshine and your swim. What a sweetheart Dayle is xx

  7. Hmmm...I wonder if Simba will ever become comfortable enough to let a touch happen. Hope you and Dayle enjoyed your swim.

  8. We had lots of sun here today, but snow is forecast for tomorrow. We'll see. That candle jar is a cool idea, and certainly would come in handy in a power outage. How come December days fly by so quickly?

  9. Hi Teresa, That emergency preparedness kit - a dozen candles that fit in a canning jar,

  10. LOVE the emergency candle idea! When things slow down I think I'll try to make one. Sounds like you guys are going to get harder then most tomorrow--wishing you safety and many lovely hours of winter wonderland enjoyment:) Cute little Santa in your window and I love your tree. Lovely.

  11. Looks so nice, warm and cosy in there. Enjoy the season!

  12. i love sunlight reaching inside parts of house .
    we also enjoy sun rays warmth while winter in our drawing room .
    loved you grands they are adorable .
    Christmas tree is so beautifully decorated .

  13. Such lovely pictures...I love the emergency candle jar! Your cards always look lovely because you have such beautiful handwriting. I hope you and Dayle enjoy your swim!
    Helen xox

  14. Teresa Your home always looks so festive ! I love your new blog header photo too. The Emergency candle idea is so wonderful. Clever folks. I love a snow this time of year too. Brrr it is so cold here , with windchills too. The cats only want to be on the screened porch for a few moments and want to come back in!

  15. How lovely that your Christmas preparations are coming along so well. I really like that candle jar idea, a lovely gift!

  16. I need to get busy on my cards, that is on the agenda for this weekend. Oh and there is wrapping presents too. I missed work today with a migraine so I am taking it easy.


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