Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Baby Hat, New Lights and Lists

Hello!  How is your week going?  All is well here.  Pretty much.  I am making some baby hats for US Military families that are expecting.  The Daughters of the American Revolution have a program called "Operation Diaper Bag" where they put together necessary items for our military wives and female service personnel.  I am going to make some sweet little hats to include in them.  :-)  If you want to donate to this cause, feel free to contact me and I'll give you the pattern I designed and my address to send them to.  :-)

Our dining room is very dark in the winter and I've been trying to figure out a way to brighten it up for years, actually.  Over the holidays we string some lights across the windows in there which helps.  After we took the colored lights down I decided to try to find some lights that would work all year long.  I found this string of industrial looking lights in Michaels and I just *LOVE* how they brighten the room now.  :-)

These lights are dubbed "Edison" lights and are really popular in decorating now.. have you seen them?  

We were in Office Depot on Monday getting some notebooks and things for Dayle's new job as Treasurer for the Friends of Multnomah Falls -- and I spied these bright clipboards and had to have one.  :-)

I've always done "To Do Lists" - they really help me accomplish things.  Do you keep one?  I don't need a full-fledged planner as I keep my calendar on my computer now, but I do like to keep my hand-writing skills honed and love writing with my fountain pens.  What is your favorite writing implement?  This pen is made by "Yard-o-Led" in England and is hand engraved sterling silver.  Yes, it's my weakness.. fine writing pens.  I have a collection of fun ink, too.

I have the ballpoint pen and mechanical pencil to match.  :-) If you have ever thought of using a fountain pen I can highly recommend them.. you can get them for under $10 all the way to the sky is the limit.  

You used to be only able to find a very limited variety of ink, but over the past 25 years or so a great many people have begun using fountain pens and you now can find some really amazing inks in eye-popping colors.  I also found out that purple ink is the color of royalty.. so you know.. me and the Queen like all shades of purple.  LOL!

I got my first Valentine card!  From my friend Andrea, who was born and raised in Hawaii, moved to Australia and is now living in Tulsa, Oklahoma!  She's the best for sending cards for the holidays.  Thanks, Andrea!

I want to thank everyone who supported my last blog post about the Women's March.. you rock!!  My blog friend Tammy from Kuwait sent me this LINK if want to continue working to help keep our rights during this administration.  I'm going to contact my senator and congress people using their provided card to let them know how I feel, I hope you do too.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Hi Teresa! I think it's great that you're making your hats for the military families. I've made five baby hats in the last few days for the hospital. I was there a few days ago and they told me they're running low, so I need to get my stock up again. Love your new clipboard and I always enjoy seeing your different pens. My mother always used fountain pens to write, but I never learn how. Is it hard? Valentine's Day! Gosh I haven't even thought about that coming up. I'm so far behind in everything this year with being stuck in my chair with my back. Have a lovely day my friend.
    Blessings, Betsy

  2. I could do with a project to occupy me and use some more of my yarn, so could you e-mail me about the hats Teresa? I hope that Dayle enjoys his new position at the falls, it will be a shared interest for you which will be nice. Lovely valentines card you received, I must do some thinking about valentines too!

  3. Hello Teresa. Just read your email! Then noticed your post! I have a few different pens , though they are not quite in same league as yours but I do like writing with pen and ink. I also used to love using different colours when commenting in the books of my pupils - they and I thought it fun. Then along came a new head and made us all use same colour :-(
    The clipboard is such fun as well! Love it.
    I would like to try the pattern for the hat so could you please email it and your address? Hugs Anne x

  4. I love those Edison lights and have been thinking about getting some. I love the way yours look.

  5. I like the look of Edison lights, too, and the pattern you have made for the pretty baby hats. I admire the card you received, and enjoy seeing your penmanship! Experimenting with my pens is fun even though my handwriting is often illegible :) I am on the Women's March email list and am being challenged to understand the views expressed in the posts. How can I express my views as a woman in a positive way that can contribute to the benefit of all? When I graduated from high school I wrote in a journal that in whatever work I ended up doing I wanted to communicate lovingly and help increase love in the world. I ended up earning a college degree in Speech-Communications in hopes that would help. Now at the age of nearly 66 it seems to me that all those classes I took did not help me much in my quest to communicate lovingly in the world...but I am determined to grow in my ability to do so. Thanks for posting the Women's March link, Teresa. xx

  6. The Edison lights are a delight, such a fun and practical too. Gerard always writes using a fountain pen, like you he has a small collection that he enjoys. Such a pretty Valentines card.

  7. Love, love, love your new clip board - so cheerful. And the Edison lights are great. Both my parents used to write using fountain pens. I've tried, but don't seem to be very good at it...lots of blops on the paper, etc. I should give it a go again.

  8. Lots of cheer in this post Teresa...those lights are very popular here too. Your are really "on trend!" Enjoy the upcoming weekend xxx


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