Friday, January 13, 2017

Blue Birds, Red Flowers and My New Red Truck

Greeting fellow Earthlings!  I finally am using my Lumix DMC-FZ1000 again.  I don't know if I told you but when I got my new MacBook Pro it did not come with a media card port, it only has 4 ports and they're all the same.. Thunderbolt 3 ports.  SO.. I had to buy a media card reader that would go into the T3 port.  So, now finally I can use my camera again.  All of these photos are from the camera.  We are feeding the wild birds on the deck since it's so snowy they have no food to find.  This is a Stellar's Jay.  

They have a black crown and gorgeous blue body feathers.

This is a Western Scrub Jay.  We also call them "Camp Robbers".  :-)

Here are the two together, they're the biggest of the birds using our deck as a dining room.  :-)

Here's the whole gang.  We also have a Mourning Dove visiting.

It was cold out so I snapped this quickly so you can still see how much snow we have.  None of it is pristine.. the boys have been having fun outside so there is a footprint on everything.  LOL!

I found some old photos on the camera that were taken before I realized that I could not get the images OFF the camera onto my new computer.  Here is my Christmas Cactus with three different plants in one pot.  Red, pink and white flowers.

A red one.

I also found this gorgeous Hibiscus photo on it.

I joined my sisters Denise and Roberta and honorary sister Shirley for lunch this week on Tuesday.  We went on to an old fashioned drug store in Canby where Shirley had seen a collection of Jim Shore figurines for sale.  This cute little guy followed me home.  He's a patriotic Santa!  :-) What do you think?

Now here is my other new Christmas decoration.  I'd seen a few of these red metal trucks on other blogs and magazine articles and even a TV movie - and fell in love.  So, on several occasions I'd googled and googled never to find one.  FINALLY on my last try I found one on the Hobby Lobby website and it was on sale for half price.. it was $15.  I stuck one of my little trees in the back and it's all set for next year.  I am also going to use it for other holiday decorations.  Isn't it cute?

We are staying in again.. works for me.  I will knit on my pink "pussy cat" hat to wear in support of the Women's March.  It appears that the new Senate stayed up until 2 am to delete all the good things that had been put in place to help middle class and poor people in health care.  Just so you know what is going on here.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-(

  • blocked an amendment that would have protected people with pre-existing conditions
  • blocked an amendment that makes it easier for young people to stay on their parent’s plans until they are 26
  • blocked an amendment allowing contraception to be covered under health insurance
  • blocked an amendment protecting the expansion of Medicaid
  • blocked an amendment that would make it easier for children to be covered under Medicare/CHIP
  • Republicans blocked an amendment by Sen. Tester (D-MT) that would have made it harder to restrict veterans’ ability to access VA health care. While Democrats have sought to provide better funding and health care access at the VA, Donald Trump has proposed eliminating the agency altogether through privatization. A poll in 2015 found that almost two-thirds of survey respondents oppose plans to replace VA health care with a voucher system, an idea backed by many Republican lawmakers and presidential candidates.



  1. Ah Teresa, you know my feelings about this on so many levels. People need affordable healthcare. Now I am not saying that the ACA did not need tweaking, that is exactly what Hillary Clinton planned to do. But alas it will be demolished and those who need it, many of those Trump supporters are going to find themselves without healthcare. There is no replacement.

    As for my son, he runs the risk of losing the very services that will make him more functionally independent. Those services, through Medicaid, which if provided now will end up helping him to be an independent functioning adult. He, like so many other children will cost the state a lot more in the long run if they are not helped now when they are young.

    I am sickened not only by the President Elect but for every Republican out there that voted for these horrible people to be in office.


  2. Beautiful photos of the birds on your deck Teresa. I've been watching for colorful ones out the window, but we just seem to have sparrows and robins and crows right now. I like your new red pick-up and the Jim Shore figurine. You're all ready for next Christmas! It's still cold and lots of snow over on this side of the state. I'm so ready for spring. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and stay safe.
    Blessings, Betsy

  3. Hello Teresa , great photos. Love the little red truck. Despair re your President Elect :-( Hugs Anne x

  4. You took some beautiful photos! It is wonderful to see the number of birds who are visiting you and enjoying the food you are kindly providing them. You have had such pretty flowers inside. Thanks for letting us enjoy seeing them, too. I like your patriotic Santa and the red truck, too. I'm not sure I understand the last policy point you listed, but will look for a source. I'm glad the boys are enjoying tracking around the farm and hope you all stay warm and safe and happy. Love, Gracie xx

  5. Thanks for the added info on the last point, Teresa.

  6. Snow needs to be jumped in! The jays are stunning, they definitely need the food right now. I thought you had a new car with the title of your post, that red truck is very small!

  7. Beautiful photos Teresa, the snow makes everything so pretty and the birds feeding were a delight. I loved the red truck with the addition of the little tree and the Santa was a delight. Take care.

  8. What beautiful photos of the birds! Your are such a great photographer. Glad you can get back to using your camera and sharing the photos with us too. Lovely to see your Christmas cactus as well!

  9. Teresa, thanks for being a Watchdog on the Raiding republicans. (I never capitalize the name of that party.) Clearly, they have no friends or family other than those who are wealthy, white, 100% healthy and whole, and who have never served to defend the country they are attempting to govern.

    Thankfully, you have some lovely Outdoor Life to balance this dismay. Great pictures.

  10. Oh my goodness!! Those Jays are so pretty! I have never seen these before. We have regular Blue Jays here and they are pretty too but those are really neat looking. Love the red truck. It's darlling. As far as the incoming administration......don't get me started! I'm sickened by what's happening! I keep hoping someone somewhere can stop it. I'm working on my second "pussy cat" hat while watching the horror on folding on the news right now.

  11. You have some gorgeous birds stopping by Teresa. I love that truck....very vintage. Keep snug in the snow xx

  12. Teresa,
    Keep knitting your hat! I'm praying for all of us. I try not to be frightened, but some things really frighten me.
    I love your bird round up. Those jays are just lovely and we only have Blue Jays here. LOve patriotic Santa and so love your tree in the truck . Score!

  13. I have never seen a Wester Scrub Jay, what a pretty bird. I am glad I live in a country where things can't just be undone when the other political party takes charge. The British National Health Service is by no means perfect but I am always sure to know that I will receive whatever healthcare I need - at no upfront cost. We contribute via a National Insurance, which is a form of taxation, linked to gross income. People on very low income don't pay NI but still enjoy the National Health Service. I cannot begin to imagine how difficult these developments must be for millions and millions of people. You are more informative than our news, thanks for sharing. x

  14. Love your birds, truck and Santa. Sick to my stomach over what is to come. Frightening to say the least.

  15. Love your pictures and the little red truck. I am in Central Oregon and we are rally wrapped up in snow too. As a disabled and retired person I just want to thank the nasty repubs for making America Great again. You have just harmed me and countless others. Now I wait for them to destroy Medicare and they will truly be the death panels that they hammered about before. A disgusting group. I thank you for letting me vent and for all that you share Teresa. :)

  16. I saw somewhere that the GOPs that voted to repeal Obamacare should give up their govt. provided health care and see whether they can find anything else! Love your bird photos. Those camp robbers are real scamps; they will even eat out of your hand, and once one of them swooped down just as a fellow hiker was about to take a bite of her sandwich. The bird beat her to it! Enjoy the rest of the 3-day weekend!

  17. Oh, those birds are so gorgeous! And the red truck is perfect with the little tree in the back. All those folks who wanted "change" are getting it ... I hope they are also kicking themselves for being so naive. I can't stand to look at or hear the voice of "The Donald". My husband and I were watching a documentary today and he said (once again) that he truly cannot believe that man is gonna be President. It is such a joke! If they screw with the VA, my mom won't have any insurance and she can't afford to pay for a policy. Insurance is such a scam; way too expensive for regular working and retired folks, that's for sure.


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