Wednesday, January 11, 2017

More of the White Stuff

Hello!  Well, we have had another snowstorm!  Unusual for us as over the last several years we've had barely any snow.  But this year we're catching up.  Dayle, my esteemed assistant photographer, booted up and took the dog out for a nice long run and recorded some of the snow for us.  How nice is he?  This is heading off of our deck and out for a wintery stroll.

We have a big horseshoe shaped driveway, they headed that way, you can see the fields across the road.. they used to raise Black Angus cattle across there, now it's all flower fields planted by Laotian families and sold at farmer's markets all around the Portland area and outlying suburbs.

The snow is billowy on the azalea.

Our little farmhouse in the woods.. :-)

Snow on the Douglas Fir tree.

Oh how Buddy zoomed around.. looking for prey.. :-)  His little legs got encrusted with snow and guess where he headed to when they came in out of the snow?  My lap.  Argh!  And yes I let him stay there and warm up on me now I have a wet lap.  :-)

Do you see Buddy's trail.. zoom.. 

Heading back to the warm house.

A shot from our bedroom out to the snowy forest, I took this and the next shot.  I'm fine with staying warm while taking pictures.  :-)

This shot is the view from my craft studio.. see the pond?  No?  It's frozen over and what amazes me is the koi and goldfish live through that.  

I've gotten this far on my Women's March hat.  Do you see the little dark spot?  I'm SO annoyed.. a bit of the yarn is brown there.  And then next to it is a join.. I've noticed the yarn companies are not doing a tie joy but seem to be gluing the two ends together.. have you noticed that?  So, I have a brown spot and a fuzzy join.  GRRRR.  I'm going to make this side the back of the hat and I'm going to call KnitPicks and complain.  One puts a LOT of effort into knitting an item only to have it look crappy due to the quality of the yarn.  Grumble.  Do you have trouble with things like this?

So.. needless to say I have a whole lovely day stretching ahead with nothing to do but knit, crochet, watch TV and play word games on my iPad.  :-) No problem.. I can do this!  Kristi has put something on in the Instant Pot, chicken and dumplings I think.  All is well here if the electricity stays on.  How are things in your neck of the woods?  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Well what a beautiful snowfall Teresa! Buddy looks so cute. Hat is coming along and yes that spot and fussy joining would bother me too. I'm happy you are calling them. Happy day to you and happy knitting. We are in a hotel for the night near where Jack is having the surgery, decided to do this so we could cut down on driving back and forth. We pick him up tomorrow. Take care, xo

  2. It's inconvenient and cold but the snow looks just beautiful in those photos Teresa. chicken and dumplings sound just the thing. I've noticed the same with some yarns - not good enough I think!!
    We have a warning of snow for tomorrow - hope I'm home from the doctors and dentist before it starts.
    Take care and stay warm. Anne x

  3. Brrrr! Stay warm, Teresa! It's chilly here, but snow is gone. Today's paper has an article about pink yarn being hard to find in Seattle! Knots and messy joins like that bug me, too; I usually notify the seller and have had mixed results. Good Luck!

  4. Your shares are beautiful. I like snow scenes.

  5. You are really getting crazy weather. Knots make me nuts! Glue? That's criminal. I' dgive Knitpicks a big piece of my mind. Your hat looks fine. Dont frog it. Its really less noticeable than you think. Dumplings sound diving

  6. We had a pond growing up and we were always amazed when it froze to the bottom and Old Whitey lived on. Happy snow day - I got one too!!!

  7. A real winter wonderland over at yours Teresa. How annoying re the wool it's really poor show and I hope you get a result from contacting the maker. It's turning colder here but I think that we will escape the white stuff here in the south. Take care xxx

  8. Yay! So glad to see your post! I checked earlier before going outside for the second time. While I was out you played a turn on WWF and I was relieved that you still have power, as do we. The photos of around Portland and the downed tree damage have us looking over our trees looking for problems. In the last storm a big branch away from the house cracked, but we still have not gotten it down or all the other downed branches cleared yet. Did Travis make it into work ok? Jason got all chained up and out on the road headed toward west Portland when his boss called him and told him to go back home. Tim and Mary did some shoveling and Lis and Gary have been using the yard tractor with its plow to clear more of the driveway. I cleared off half of my car and Tim finished it.
    Buddy is adorable and I am certain he is sorry for your wet lap. Please give him some love pats from me. I am sorry your yarn is faulty, but your hat still is pretty. Kristi's cooking sounds yummy. I'm going to heat up more soup. The girls have been out sledding. G'ma B has crocheted them all new hats! Love to you and yours xxxxxx

  9. Buddy sure is cute. Next time you need to have a towel ready in your lap so you can wipe him down and warm him up. Snow sure does look pretty but I'd be taking photos from inside the house, too. I don't do well with cold weather. Have been a bit of a laze around here the past two days. My Colorado boy arrived back in Denver. He had a very early morning flight yesterday, delayed of course, and then my husband wound up going to the hospital for a chronic bleeding problem that requires surgery tomorrow so I've not gotten much sleep and just feeling rather blah, have not walked and have been eating a lot. :) I've not been crocheting much either. Have so many big projects I need to complete. It does seem that some companies are getting slopping with their joins. Wouldn't be so noticeable with a variegated yarn, but with your pretty pink, that little splotch is certainly unwanted. Warm hugs and blessings, Tammy

  10. We had snow on Sat and then last night...both were about an inch and I was the only one in our house who went to work today. I work in town so traversed the road through town safely this a.m. It's been so cold...not sure if company party will be held Sat. as it's in Portland which is a huge mess! I'd rather stay home! And warm! Thanks for the tour of you farm. It's so pretty there! Hugs!

  11. Beautiful pictures Teresa. The snow looks great there. We have a lot too and I was trying to clean up this morning after the snow plows since Dennis is in Canada for a few days. I managed to slip and fall and hurt my back rather badly. Some friends from church came and finished clearing out the end of the driveway for me. I thought that was very sweet of them.

    I've been noticing a lot of knots in the yarn to. Last week I had one skein that had 5 knots in it! I was not a happy camper. I hope everything stays safe and well at your house and your electricity stays on. Blessings, Betsy

  12. Dayle took us on a wonderful tour of the Farm, the snow shots are lovely to look at. We expected snow yesterday according to the weather forecast but there is still not any this morning, although the wind is blowing a gale. Hope you manage to retain the electricity and that you all stay safe and warm. Take care.

  13. Loved these gorgeous snowy pictures...please thank Dayle! How pretty your farmhouse looks there too, such a lovely home! What an annoying thing to have imperfections in the yarn spoiling your beautiful knitting. I too feel cross when I find a join or knot in the middle of a ball of expensive yarn, and usually right in the middle of a row!
    Keep cosy, Teresa, hope you keep enjoying these snow days.
    Helen xox

  14. What a winter, right? Today we had to go out and shovel in front of the mailbox. When the snowplow came through he piled it up to high and so far out in the road that the mailwoman couldn't get her truck within 6 feet of the box. When I typed mailman spellcheck was okay with it, when I typed mailwoman is was wrong . . . what's with that, LOL

  15. Your farmhouse looks just like the house of my dreams. This type of house is not common here unfortunately. Love the snow and I really enjoyed the walk with your sweet dog.

  16. Beautiful cooling post is stinking hot here lol xoxoxo

  17. The snow is so beautiful Teresa. Dayle did a great job with the photos. Buddy looks like he is having a grand time. As for the joins in yarn, I can't stand them. I find the most expensive yarns have the most joins. Noro YArn I am talking to you! Put that side on in back and you won't even notice it.
    Thank you for beings so supportive with this project.

  18. Your home looks beautiful in the snow, well done to your husband for braving the weather and taking such lovely pictures! I hope that it has warmed up a bit for you by now and that you can get out and about. I don't like yarn knots either, why oh why do they always appear when you don't want them!


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