Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Flowers, Crochet and latest Hat

When Dayle headed out to run some errands the other day I called out.. "Bring me a surprise."  :-)  So when he came home he had a little potted plant with two buds on it, a Ranunculus.  Isn't it gorgeous?

My little Camellia is in bloom!  I'd always wondered why there wasn't one here, so last year we got two little plants.  We planted this in front of the chicken house in front of an old stump and it's doing very well there.

And so.. I'm back to working on the C2C (Corner to corner) crochet shawl.  It had been put to the side when other projects needed to be worked on.. they are done.. now back to this.

This yarn really is soft and lovely to work with.  It's the Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable in Polo color-way.

Being more of a crocheter than a knitter, I'm pretty proud of myself that I've knitted 3 PussyHats.  I am glad I know how to do both.  I made my first one with a skein of pink yarn I had around the house and it was acrylic.  I wanted to make one for me to wear all the time and I wanted it to be alpaca and silk.  This one feels so nice.

So.  I have friends who look askance at my hat and say that they don't like the name.  So, let me explain why I love my hat and what it stands for, to me.  

First - for those of you who voted for the current potus and are happy with what he's doing - you will not like the hat and what it stands for.  That is okay.  To each his/her own.

For those of you who do not like what this person is doing, you are part of The Resistance.  We are vowing to watch what is going on and fight for the rights that we've gained over 100 years of social progress.  So, when I wear this, I am making a statement.  I am a rebel.  There it is.  

The latest thing I read is that a new bill is being pushed through to cut the budget for free school lunches for those children in need.  REALLY?  REALLY?????  Attacking the children of the country and taking away their breakfast and lunches?  Some of these kids, it's the only wholesome food they get all day.  Some kids cry when summer vacation starts as they won't have much to eat over the summer. I'm disgusted by this.  Learn more, click HERE.

So.. keep an eye on who is voting for these horrible things and please think of replacing them in the 2018 election.

((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Wow, it gets worse and worse. That is low, really, really low. Just when I think he can't sink any further in my estimation.

    Love the rununculus, all those gorgeous petals. Your camellia is a lot earlier than mine in my north-facing front garden. Camellias are one of my favourite flowers, all that glossy foliage all year round. And the beautiful flowers of course. Scrumptious yarn in your shawl, it reminds me of Debbie Bliss Andes. CJ xx

  2. Teresa, the school where I teach has free breakfast and lunch for ALL students. Our county does have its share of social issues/poverty. I cannot imagine if they cut funding for this.

  3. Im with you lady !!! I need to start buying peanut butter and jelly for donation again. THank you for the reminder. SOmeone at the Knit group today was starting Multnomah Shawl. I had to brag about you and your volunteer work/love of the Lodge and area. Every single person who has been there says I have to go!

  4. Dayle done you good. :) Love the petals and color. And your c2c is beautiful. I have made a few scarfs with Boutique Unforgettable and the colorway and drape are perfect. I cannot believe the women who voted for him that are offended by the name of our hats more than the disgusting comments he made about women. Really??? A filthy old man talking like that? He is as disgusting as his policies. Oh mother always taught me..Birds of A Feather Flock together and this has proven that true. We will Resist such ignorance!

  5. I had never heard of a ranunculus before but it's beautiful. It reminds me a bit of a peony. Your C2C shawl is looking wonderful too. I love all of the colors.

  6. What a lovely surprise, Dayle is a sweetheart to bring you that gorgeous Ranunculus. The Camellia is a delight too. I can knit and crochet too but prefer to crochet, I love the shawl you are working on stunning yarn. So sad to lose the school meals for those already living in poverty. Take care.

  7. Dayle is a sweetie to bring you such a lovely plant, it's very pretty

  8. Can you imagine how hungry a kid is when he/she is growing & even at school w/a free lunch, still can't get enough to eat. SHAME on this horrible administration. I just am getting more & more frustrated w/these awful people every day.
    Love your hats!! LOVE the color...& love your gardening!!

  9. I've got my t-shirt "I'm one of 65,844,610 Americans against Trump". Love your PussyHat!

  10. It seems to get worse everyday. How can you cut school lunches for those hungry kids? How can you look at yourself in the mirror knowing you voted for this? It is beyond baffling to me. I love the latest hat, see I told you doubling up the yarn would work!

  11. Love the colors of your crochet project! Nice work on the hat, too. Obviously 45 has never been hungry; I knew when Devos got approved bad things would happen. The whole bunch are disgusting. Grrr!

  12. Teresa, I've been a spotty follower of your blog over the years...I live very close to you, in Vancouver, WA, and love all the local scenes, not to mention your dedication to home and "crafts" (I call it art), which mirror my own interests. After reading this particular post, I am now a dedicated truly are a woman after my own heart! I'm also starting a PussyHat, and will wear it with great pride!

  13. Bravo! I love your blog and your sentiments follow mine exactly. This too will pass, but in the meantime knit and crochet the days away! I forgot how utterly gorgeous Ranunculus were; thank you for that lovely reminder.


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