Monday, February 20, 2017

PussyCat Hats and New Bath Lights

My new friend Natalie sent me two photos of her and her daughter wearing the hats that Meredith and I knitted for her and her friend. She plans to send another photo when she gifts the 2nd hat to her friend.  This time she put the hat on her daughter, isn't she adorable?

I think it's wonderful that Natalie will raise this little girl to be a strong and brave young woman who will look up to her mother for guidance and learn to love and care for her fellow man.  I know this little person is not being taught to be prejudiced.

One of the lights in our master bath was making burning smells.. not good.. so I ordered two new lights.. and my amazing son Travis installed them for us!  How cool is it that my son has the skills to do electrical work?

These are Craftsman design with oil rubbed bronze fittings and stained glass.  I just love how they look!

The other day Kristi looked out the window behind our chairs and exclaimed that it was an amazing sunset.. so I grabbed my camera and walked out to the deck.  Those pesky trees are in the way, but you can see what a colorful sky we had.

Today is President's Day and for the first time in my life I will not celebrate the day.  The office has been forever besmirched by the person in the White House and the people he surrounds himself with.  45 has cost the US taxpayers as much in travel back and forth to NYC and Mar-a-Lago in Florida in ONE MONTH what the Obamas spent in a year on travel.  Did you know we're also paying for security for all his grown children and their families?  And for the boys to go on business trips in foreign countries?  This does not seem right to me.  It appears to me that just paying for this big family to live in high style will be really detrimental to our country.

((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Gorgeous lights, and you're right, clever son to instal them for you. Love the hats on your adorable friends, so sweet. I love the trees in front of the sunset, it makes it for me. Quite shocking about those travel and security expense statistics. It's adding insult to injury. CJ xx

  2. I really like your new lights and the dragonfly's on them. We're very blessed that Dennis also does electrical. It has saved us lots of money over the years and the remodeling of four homes. :-). That sunset is gorgeous. I saw on the map you had lots of rain again this morning. It's been snowing here again today it hopefully won't accumulate and add to our two feet still on the ground.

  3. 500,000 a day for security for Melania to stay in New York. That is a huge waste of our tax payer money. What if 500,000 went to feed those in need, or for education? What about 500,000 a day to research cancer or to find the cure for MS or Alzheimer's? ANyway, I am loving those photos of those beautiful faces wearing the hats. I am happy to know this beautiful and smart young mother is raising her child to be aware and that she will fight for her rights.

    Love the new lights Teresa.

    1. Fab lights, I love stained glass.How lucky to have your son install them. What a glorious sunset too. Enjoy the week ahead, hugs xxx

  4. I cannot wait to share your post wth Vivian, my daughter! Thanks again for the awesome hats! Vivian really likes hers, so I may have to give mine up for my friend! Your sunset picture is gorgeous!

  5. Great hats and lovely pictures. That sunset photo is nothing short of amazing Teresa.

  6. Your new bathroom lights are so pretty and goes well with your house. Dragonflies are nice and glad your son got install them! Nice sunset photo in spite of the trees! Happy week!

  7. Those lights are beautiful, love the intricate detail on them. You are certainly blessed that your son was able to fit them. Stunning sunset. Love the hats, such beautiful smiles.

  8. The sunset is stunning Teresa. I didn't know that such huge amounts of money are spent on protection of extended family and travel! It is shocking but not surprising, sadly. x

  9. I love how the sunset looks through the trees - very pretty, as are your pink hats. Isn't that little girl adorable? Your new bathroom lights look perfect for what I imagine your bathroom looks like. Hope you're having a good week. xox

  10. I'm very proud of your new friend for how she is raising her daughter! She represents the majority of Americans in this country who are resisting this horrible administration right now. We are facing very dificult times but it's encouraging to know that we are not alone in the fight. And I have to say your sunset photo is amazing!! I think the trees actually add to the beauty of it. :-)

  11. Beautiful sunset (even thru the trees - I love winter trees against a sky) and gorgeous lights - love them. Yes, the expense/waste/etc. is alarming and depressing.

  12. I adore your new blog banner. You look wonderful in your Pink Pussy Hat and so does Natalie and her little girl . They are being made all over the world, not just in the USA as we are a global community. You know you're not alone when the news is filled with worldwide protest and outrage about the actions of '45' and other ridiculous world leaders. Here in Australia we also have seen a sad trend towards populist politics. It makes me so damn sad to see the direction the world seems to be taking. I hope it can only be up from here! Kisses and hugs from Kangaroo Land xox


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