Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I love St. Patrick's Day - I knew I had some Irish in me, but when I did my DNA test found out I'm 49% British Isles!  Now I can officially celebrate this holiday.  :-)

My little collection of St. Patrick's Day decorations that I found a few years ago.  This little girl is carrying a basket full of clover!

The little boy has golden buckles on his shoes and hat.

I love the message on this decoration - "Live, Laugh, Dance".

My little bunny girl that is knitting fits in my St. Pats things because of the clover designs in green on her dress.  :-)

The markings on the bottom tell about her.

I also wear some jewelry for St. Pats - I made the 4 leaf clover earrings using Swarovski crystals - on the top I added an Oregon Sunstone bead.  I also made the gold hoops myself - it's pretty easy to make with a loop on one end and a turned up point on the other end.  I made the hoops like 30 years ago and they've held up well to almost daily wearing.

I found this adorable Irish hat charm on the Brighton website so I wear it as a necklace on my chain.

When you open up the top of the hat you find a pile of gold coins!  :-)

I love the detail in this charm.. there is a feather stuck in the hatband and it curves up over the top and becomes the loop on top where the ring is to hang it on your chain.

I took a closeup of a new bud on my little pot of Cyclamen.. isn't it cute?

Lastly, my sister Denise sent me a link to this activity - it's called The Ides of Trump.  You send a postcard to the President at the White House to let him know what you think of how he's doing.  I drew a pink Pussyhat on my vintage postcard to send.  My message on the back is... "You're fired!".  :-) I will send this today.  

The latest thing 45 did was accuse Barack Obama of wire-tapping his phones at Trump Tower.  That has now been disproven - the president lies at the drop of the hat.  

The health care bill has been looked over and it's a disaster - millions of people will lose health care and get this - the rich will receive a tax break and my question is, WHY should a Health Care Bill have anything to do with tax breaks for the wealthy??  What????  

I'm slightly better than I was.  I'm still coughing with bronchitis, but hopefully I'm on the uphill side of this.  It's raining here.. how is it where you are?  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. We are very cold here, but no snow. I love your jewelry. Don't you love the DNA test?! I did mine a few years ago. It confirmed a few things, (plenty of Irish DNA), and had a couple of surprises. The pink pussy hat on the postcard gave me a good laugh.

  2. Happy St Patrick's from N-Ireland

  3. You have the most awesome decorations for all occasions xoxo my Mum was born on St Patricks day xoxo

  4. Your beautiful Daffodils are ahead of mine in opening although we have lots of buds ready to burst forth. I have just visited you posts I missed while in Burbank and loved the sight of our snowy mountains, your pretty Spring decorations, and gorgeous eggs! I got home about 7:30pm Tuesday, last night, and had a good visit with my family, but now have to get my bearings to catch up. I was out half the day today, and have made it through a stack of mail...including a jury summons for April 5h! Wishing you well, and missing you, my friend!!! xxxxxxx

  5. Ha-ha! I literally laughed out loud at the message you are sending on the postcard. :) Perfect! Sorry to hear you are still coughing. That's no fun! You have lots of lovely decorations and accessories for St. Patrick's Day. Can't say I have a thing, except some shamrocks I crocheted several years ago. Take care!

  6. Your little St. Patrick's day collection is cute. It had been raining quite alot this week. It was not too bad today and we had lots more customers in the hardware store than the past two days. I've worked 2 extra early shifts this week and so thankful I get to sleep in an 1 1/2 hr more tomorrow! Time change is no fun. Hope you feel better soon and praying your cough goes away soon too. Take care!

  7. Glad you're feeling better. I need one of your post cards!

  8. Fun decorations and jewelry, but LOVE your postcard the best!!!

  9. aww I'm glad you love the IRish holiday. May your troubles be less and your blessings be more and nothing but happiness come through the door. Love your postcard plans. Feel better , and better Teresa. Sun is shining on the snow here. Melting it. Due for rain tomorrow

  10. Love your St. Patrick's decorations. I have my knitting bunny out too. We still don't have any flowers anywhere near coming up, but the snow is gone from our yard...finally! There are still some piles around town, but not here. The sun is even shining today and I'm going to take my walk outside instead of at the mall today. Yeah!

  11. Sorry you are still ill, so is my little one. As for 45, well now they want to cut Meals on Wheels, 24 million will lose healthcare, and the ones who will have it will pay astronomical amounts. I say all those in the government should lose their healthcare and shop around just like the rest of us.

  12. Love the little Irish boy and girl. Your Brighton charm is precious. Hope you are well soon,


  13. I'd love a a hat full of gold :-) St Patrick's day is not something we celebrate but it sure looks like fun. I wonder what a DNA test would say about my origins?
    I read today that Mr Trump is proposing to cut funding for the Environmental Protection Agency by 31%, unbelievable for anyone with common sense but in true right wing populist fashion. Love your postcard statement! And I like to read your updates on the administration. Enjoy your weekend when it comes. I hope by then your bronchitis will be all but a memory. x

  14. Love your decorations. It was my great nephew's 12th birthday, yesterday St Patrick's Day. :-)
    Mr Trump leaves me speechless!!Hugs Anne x

  15. Your postcard is very funny!


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