Monday, May 29, 2017

Memorial Day

... is a federal holiday in the USA for remembering the people who died while serving in the country's armed forces.  Many people take the opportunity to visit the graves of their family and friends to give the markers a cleaning and put some flowers there.  Dayle and I always go to my Dad's grave and clean his marker and bring flowers from our yard.

Dayle cleans the marker while I arrange flowers in the vase.  Dayle served in the US Army, he flew a helicopter in Vietnam.  While on a scouting mission a bullet flew through the console area and hit him in the thigh, he saw his leg fly up in front of his face.. it just missed his femoral artery and he would have been lost to us.  He lost an inch and a half in that leg, you can see he uses a built up shoe to keep him on an even keel.

Dayle likes to have a few moments alone with Dad to talk to him, here his is taking a photo of his marker.  They had a bond as both of them had been in the thick of things while they served.  Dad was in the Marines and was on the first wave in to Iwo Jima with approx. 240 of his company and only 17 walked out alive and unwounded.  

My Dad was a kind and gentle man who was loved by all who knew him.

This was taken after basic training, before the horrors of war.

My Dad and I when I was a toddler.

And here he is with my firstborn child, Amy.  You can tell he loves her.

Here is a photo of Dayle after he returned from Vietnam and had recovered from his wounds.

When we visited Washington DC in 2012 we were at Arlington National Cemetery when I heard drumming and I looked down to the road below us and saw a funeral procession - I captured this image of which signifies what we honor today - the fallen soldiers who fought for our freedom.

After leaving the cemetery in Vancouver, WA, we drove along HWY 14 heading east and had lunch at Big Ts in Stevenson, then crossed over the Bridge of the Gods and drove into the Marine Park to watch the river flow by and saw the Sternwheeler Columbia Gorge pull out for a cruise up the river, we heard it blow it's horn.. and all was well in the world.

Yesterday I was taking Buddy out for a walk and saw that the Bleeding Heart was in bloom.. 

I think this flower is rather magical, don't you think?

I rather identify with this flower.. :-)

There is a new cultivar of the bleeding heart that I'd like to get, it's brilliant red with a purple bottom.. called Fire Island.. but it's out of stock at Brecks.  :-)

The Mandevilla is doing well!

Another new plant Kristi brought home, a pink Verbena.. it's sure pretty!

Yesterday the kids went to visit Kristi's sister and mom who have a pool.. and Dayle and I worked on doing some organizing of our bedroom.  We're clearing out clothes we don't wear and donating them to charity.  Today, more work on our room.  I guess you'd say we're Spring Cleaning.  Ugh!  Then we went to Tad's Chicken 'n' Dumplins for dinner as the sun set over the Sandy River.

I played a tune on their old juke box on my way out.  :-)

I got my pink yarn in the mail so I'm back to crocheting on my summer shawl.. :-)  So, please do take a moment today and thank those who gave their lives to keep you safe and free.  

((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. I remember when I was very young, Memorial Day was a BIG day for family and visiting the cemetery. We decorated every grave from everyone in both sides of the family and made a day out of it. So many today do not really realize the real significance of it. Beautiful photos. Love that juke box.


  2. Teresa, your bleeding heart photos are fabulous and remind me of my grandmother's garden in Washington state that included them. ;-) I have not seen any since the 1950s so the photos were quite nostalgic. The new variety sounds especially pretty. Brooxie

  3. We walked over to Grant Park in Chicago today for a Memorial Day ceremony. I hope I always take time out on this day to think of the ones who have given all.
    I love the bleeding hearts, so pretty and such a neat flower.

  4. I love how you and Dayle honor your father, I appreciate Dayle's service to our country and of course your Dad's too. My Dad was in the air force, or what is now known as the air force in WWII. He never liked to talk about it but had nightmares about it until he died at the age of 92. It must have been horrific. Give Dayle a special hug from me.

  5. This afternoon on my home from work, I stopped at Belle Passi cemetery to see the flags that are displayed over the Memorial Day weekend. So pretty and thankful for all who served. By my car were two graves of men who fought in WWI. Of course I had to take photos of the flags, even tho it was my phone camera. Thankful for your dad and many others who were in war time and made it through and thankful for the ones who made the ultimate sacrifice. God bless America! Have a good day, my friend! x-x

  6. Thank you for creating this post, Teresa. It is beautiful. Dayle, I have been thinking of you and your service to our country especially today, and I thank you. At church yesterday we had a moment of silent individual prayer for those who have given their lives in service to our country, and then a corporate prayer for all those who either gave their lives in service or who have served or are serving our country for the cause of peace. The flower photos of the Bleeding Hearts are exceptionally lovely, Teresa. Love with 🤗🤗

  7. Thank you for your beautiful post. So important to remember the reason for the holiday. I also love the bleeding heart and I think it is appropriate that it blooms for such a short period of time - very symbolic!

  8. A lovely tribute to your Dad and to Dayle. I miss being in Omaha where our family is buried. We always visited the graves of our family on Memorial Day and especially our veterans. We have none to visit here, but air did take several wheelchair "lapghans" and a coup,e of shawls to donate last week to the local Veterans's home.
    We saw a beautiful eagle flying against the blue, blue sky this afternoon and I thought that was very appropriate for this day.

  9. What a great tribute to your Dad.Dayle is so kind the way he cleans up his plaque every year, how proud your Dad would be.Have a lovely week xxx

  10. Hello Teresa. Such a lovely post! I have a bleeding hearts plant in my garden :-) Jugs Anne x

  11. I love that you have a day to think about and thank those who serve. You always write very beautifully about those in your family who have done so. The picture of the funeral procession is incredibly moving. CJ xx

  12. Such a beautiful post and such a fitting tribute for your Dad and sweet husband. Stunning photos of the bleeding heart.

  13. A beautiful post Teresa and what a loving tribute to both your Dad (so handsome) and Dayle (also so handsome!!). Gorgeous flowers - you have such a wonderful variety. Love the name of the bridge you cross over often - Bridge of the Gods - sounds so lovely.

  14. i am so glad you shared your own family's military service. I never heard or knew that Dayles leg had been shot and shortened. THANK you Dayle for your service. I appreciated your respectful photo of the soldier's burial as well. and Thank you for identifying the Wiegela for me! I had no idea. Now I do!!!

  15. A very special tribute to your dad and Dayle. Thank you for sharing it with us.
    I was wondering if Dayle might have known my half-brother, Gary Hoffman. He flew a helicopter in Vietnam with the 9th Air Calvary. Sadly, I didn't get to know him well as we didn't meet until I was out of high school and we never lived near one another. He passed away in 2002 when only 55 years of age.

    1. Suzanne, I was in Alpha troop, first of the 9th
      Cav. I was there in early 68, up north. The name seems familiar, but names are getting fuzzy : )

    2. Thanks for your reply, Dayle. Many years have past since then but was curious to know if your paths might have crossed.

  16. Nice post today, Theresa. As awful as things are in this country, there is still an awful lot to be VERY thankful for.

  17. A lovely tribute to your Dad, and to Dayle. A day to remember and honour those who've served is such a lovely idea.

  18. You have a beautiful way with words Theresa, honouring not only your own family members serving but also all the other men and women who do and have done so. It is really nice to have a special day to remember. And what a handsome bunch of men you have in your family! xx


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