Monday, May 15, 2017

Summer Cotton Shawl

My name is Teresa and I'm a "shawl-aholic".  :-)  It's true, I love shawls and might be slightly obsessed with them.  But I use them all and wear one almost every time I go out.  I saw one recently and decided I must make one for Summer wearing.  It's called the "Sunday Shawl" by LittleBee.  I even fell in love with the very yarn she used, Moya Whisper Cotton.  It's made by Hester and Martine, a mother and daughter in South Africa.  I adore the handmade variations of the colors in the cotton.

This image is what hooked me.. the shawl made by the designer using this yarn.  Her name is Alia and she lives in New Zealand. 

I bought the design, printed up all 24 pages (double sided) and slipped them in page protectors and put them in a folder with a clear cover.  I then ordered the yarn from Little Woolie, who is in Victoria, Australia.  NOW.. it's not a cheap yarn but what can I say.. I was smitten.  

I wanted pink for the main body but the shop only had one skein of it, so I decided to use "Pear" which is kind of lime green.  Once it arrived it looked more yellow than lime and I realized I wanted to use pink and so ordered more of it and began crocheting the main body.  

I must say the pattern is brilliantly done, it gives a chart, the written directions, photos of step-by-step stitches.

I'm so happy working on this and think it's so pretty!  Unfortunately I'm almost done with this skein and it is going to kill me to wait for the next skeins of "Watermelon" pink to arrive.

The main body is very easy to do and is a joy to work on.  

Here are the lacy edging colors.. woohoo!  I will have extra "Pear" so I will make some wash cloths or baby hats with it.




You can go to their website but cannot order from it, they have many places to buy it around the world, though.

"Coral".  So, continuing on with my multi-cultural appreciation is, my yarn is made in Africa by two women, the pattern is designed by a woman on the coast of New Zealand and I ordered the yarn from a woman in Australia and the shawl will be made by a woman in the countryside of Oregon, United States.  Voila!  :-)

I thought you'd like to know that the young hens are faring well and are learning to use the roosts in the chicken yard and inside the coop.  :-)

But what is funny is that the big old mean hens scared them so thoroughly that they all try to fit in one nest box in the coop.  It's hilarious.  But all is well with the brood now, so that is good.

I had to show you something wonderful, my daughter's oldest girl Jenna entered a contest in her Girl Scout Troop to design a patch for a dance and her design won and just look at the fabulous patch they made from her design!  Isn't it fantastic!?!?  I'm so proud of her!

Speaking of my children, I got a Mother's Day card from my daughter Amy and a package filled with Mocha Beans, a chocolate made with coffee flavor.. numm num.  And she called me yesterday to chat.  My son Travis and his wife Kristi got two hanging baskets for the gazebo and Travis made me my lunch.  And I got a text from my son Son Shawn texted me a "Happy Mother's Day" message from Texas as he was long haul trucking.  So, it was a wonderful weekend and I adore my kids.

Did you have a good weekend?  I hope so!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. It sounds as though you had a lovely Mother's Day with some nice gifts Teresa. The patch is so colorful and you are right to be proud of your granddaughter. She did a beautiful job of designing it. And now for the shawl. Those colors are stunning. The shawl design itself is absolutely beautiful too. Did you find it on (Ravelry)? I'm looking forward to watching your progress on it. It will be very hard to wait for more pink yarn won't it? Have a lovely day my friend. Blessings, Betsy

  2. That sounds like a lovely Mother's Day, glad they all looked after you. The patch is brilliant, clever girl, she has a good eye for design I think. Love the shawl, the yarn looks deliciously soft. You can never have too many shawls, they are so useful. CJ xx

  3. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful shawl pattern. I made a shawl last year using Moya yarn that I had got from Little Woolie. I love the color saturation of this yarn and its a delight to use. I can see why you're enjoying this fun project. Have a great week, Pat xx

  4. Gorgeous yarn and pattern! I am glad you are enjoying your project and that you had a happy Mother's Day. David texted me from NY at 5:30AM here in OR, but a great way to start the celebration :) Flowers and cards drifted in throughout the day and we had a yummy taco dinner. Among the flowers I was excited to get my first Hostas that should have purple blossoms mid summer. Yay! It is so exciting that Jenna won the contest! She is a talented winner like you, Teresa 🤗💐

  5. your shawl looks lovely! I almost wish I knew how to crochet. But right now I'm on another project. Your granddaughter's patch design is nice! Congratulations to her! I'm glad you had a nice Mother's Day! I did as well. An outing one day and LimeBerry frozen yogurt the next day! Take care and have a good week!

  6. Fabulous Teresa gorgeous colours for you new shawl and love that you buy from all over the world ♥♥ I live in Victoria Australia ☺ Got to love those funny chickens. Wow just wow to that very talented Jenna and her winning design!! Clever girl ☺ lovely Mothers day all round and here I visited 1 son and all 4 of mine got together for a good old arvo tea.....hardly took any pics which is a shame but love all around xoxoxo

  7. Yum what delicious yarn and such a pretty shawl this will be.I'm glad you enjoyed Mother's day and spoke to all your kids. The patch is brilliant...well done to Jenna xx

  8. Well done Jenna .... fabulous logo. Those chickens of yours are a constant source of amusement to me Teresa. I think its cute that they hang out together - is that the cranky one in the box with them? Fancy you buying that gorgeous yarn from Australia. Of course you know I'm going to have to check out that website now don't you? Haven't seen such brilliant colours in cotton before. Will be looking forward to watching your shawl progress. I started one a few nights ago with ICE cake yarn - Its called the Fluffy Meringue shawl - free on ravelry - but I think it will take awhile to get used to the 4 row pattern. Very pretty though. Glad you had a lovely mothers day. xox

  9. Congratulations to Jenna, what an achievement! I do love vivid colours very much. Your shawl is going to brighten up even the dullest of days, lovely! x

  10. Oh I love your cotton choices for the base. So comfy to wear then! So colorful and happy are they!!!! I love shawls too. I sometimes find them akward to wear though. I should get more pins or the like.
    Jenna's design shows amazing talent I think. Wow. I'm so glad you were treated like a queen for Mothers Day! Did your sweet daughter in lawenjoyHER day too?

  11. Oh your shawl is lovely and the colors are gorgeous. I love shawls too but knit them rather than crochet. Do you know about knitting podcasts? You can watch on YouTube and sit and work on your project while watching others chat on about theirs. They probably have crochet podcasts too. It's almost like sitting in a cozy room chatting with a friend while working on your project.

  12. What a gorgeous shawl that will be! Love your pictures of the hens - especially the one of them all roosting. Congratulations to your granddaughter on designing the patch - great job!!

  13. Bravo to Jenna! A job well done! Glad to hear you had a nice Mother's Day.

  14. When I read "24 pages" of instructions, I thought, "Wow!" but am glad to know that my suspicions were correct - lots of pages with lots of details to help even the most beginning crocheter through the pattern.
    It was nice to see the designer actually suggest in the pattern notes to "choose your own colours" because you would be amazed at the number of people I see and meet who only ever use the colours in the example photos of patterns. I have even met people who insist that those colours MUST be used. (What's the fun in that, I ask) Anyway, it is lovely that the designer gives the reader "permission" and I hope that it encourages more people to discover the joy of experimentation and playing with colour and exploring their own creativity.
    You have chosen great colours.

  15. It's so lovely to find so many of the friends I made years ago...still blogging! I had wond ered whether I would find anyone! Love the shawl. The colours are lovely. I shall look forward to seeing the finished article!

  16. The Girl Scout patch is simply stunning. I can see why you are so proud!

  17. Pretty shawl colors. I can relate. I made so many shawls over the winter, I don't know what to do with them all. My current motto is: Stop me before I shawl again.


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