Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The Flower Fairy

Yes, we have a flower fairy.  Her name is Kristi.  She had our son take her and the boys to Home Depot and they came home with lots of wonderful things!  Dayle and I came home from a meeting on Monday evening to many of our pots replanted with wonderful and exciting new flowers!  It was so cool!  She got this Gerbera Daisy that I think it so neat!  She planted a pot with this, a Martha Washington Geranium and a red Peony!

On our way to town yesterday we passed this field in Springdale next to the Fire Station that every year is a striking mass of Lupine.  I made a mental note to stop on our way home and get a photo.. isn't this amazing?  And all wild flowers that self seeded over decades.

They brought home this lovely and full fuchsia, too.

My old pot of chives has gotten LOTS of water this year and it's never been so tall with such big flowers.  Love them.

Kristi potted this one up and I love these flowers and have never had one.. but it had no tag and we don't know what it is.  Readers?  She also put in a dark read "corn" type plant for height.  (ETA - The pink flower is a Mandevilla Dipladenia Pink.)

I'd gone out on the deck to take photos with my iPhone as I can't find the battery charger for my Lumix (grrrrr) and noticed that Simba was there.. I'm happy to say he stayed there while I walked around the deck so he must be trusting me more, which is good.

Kristi got me this cool re-blooming lilac last year, I think it's clever name is "Bloomerang Purple".  Ha!  But it's doing well and filling out and blooming prettily.

The kids bought 2 big pots of flowering hanging baskets for Mother's Day, they're just beginning but will turn into quite the show stoppers.

Kristi also noticed that our older Jasmine was not doing super well so she bought two more big plants and planted them for us.  :-)

This is the pretty Peony she got.. have you ever noticed how cameras have a problem with bright colors?

This is the wettest Spring on record for us.. but let me tell you.. the Hostas are HUGE and full as never before!

Kristi planted this wonderful orange Exbury Azalea last year and it's doing very well in the space where she put it.

A closer shot of the new type lilac, it smells the same as the old style ones.

Here are a few other things awaiting their new pot.. it's going to be colorful around here this summer!  Thank you Kristi and Travis!!

Do you plant flowers around your home?  What is your favorite variety?  Do share with us!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. How lovely! She's such a sweetie.
    Love the field, what a sight. I do like it when you see fields of wild flowers.

    We have had such a dry start to the year, today it's rained and non-stop almost. Such a relief as it's been very dry. There's still a lack overall but it's something at least.

  2. Your unknown plant looks like a Mandevilla to me.

  3. Gorgeous flowers, what a lovely surprise. Your hostas are absolutely amazing, I do love to see loads of greens. Mine get demolished by snails here, in fact they've just disappeared now. I am beaten! CJ xx

  4. Beautiful photos! Do you think your flower fairy would like to visit us? BTW, I've had great luck wintering over gerbera daisies in the garage. They are so pretty.

  5. Wow! Kristi is a flower fairy indeed. I have NO flowers planted. I just can't bend, weed or water this year, so no flowers for me. I'll just enjoy yours, okay?

  6. I too think it's a mandevilla. My, what a lovely garden you have! Pat xx

  7. Kristi is awesome and also Travis too ☺ Your garden is fantastic and here I can only grow herbs but they have pretty purple flowers Lavender and Rosemary xoxo

  8. Everything is very beautiful. My jasmine has budded out and is really blooming now. It's the time of the year where I need to water more and once it gets super hot, I'll work just to keep what I have alive. My plumeria will bloom soon too, even though aphids got to it and every day I am spraying and wiping off the leaves. Had to get rid of all the tomato plants and some of the moss ross because of the infestation ... it's the first time I've had this problem. Trying to manage everything naturally, of course. Have a terrific Thursday! Tammy

  9. What a great DIL she is Teresa...Kristi has an obvious love of plants too. These are all wonderful and your garden will look amazing. So much colour to admire. I love the hanging fuschia. As you well know my garden is about the size of your deck but I love it so much. It's not quite warm enough here to plant up my summer bedding pots but it will be very soon. My tomatoes plants are already out there. xxx

  10. Could you ask Kristi to lend me a hand choosing plants for my garden when she next passes by? How kind to plant all those gorgeous flowers. I plant flowers in my garden. My favourites for blooms are Dahlias, my favourite for fragrance are Lily of the Valley. x

  11. Gorgeous flowers. You are lucky to have Krista with you (and we are all envious!!). Simba is looking healthier to me. I'm Kristi able to pet him?

  12. Lovely plants and flowers Teresa. Kristi is very talented. I do plant quite a lot of plants and flowers. Only have a small garden, lots of pots with bright flowers for the summer. Hugs Anne x

  13. I'm loving that new small type of lilac. Seem to have seen a lot of it this year. Your hostas have certainly enjoyed the rain and look good. You have a beautiful garden, I have enjoyed visiting. B x

  14. I tend to buy mostly perrienial plants so they come back every year. But then again I like the Martha Washingtons as well and pansies, which will last a year or two. My small lilac plant is growing that we bought in WA. We grow lavender as well. I saw some hostas a few weeks ago at Ft. Stevens state park...thought about taking a bit of it home with me,,,,no, I'll leave it. I'd like to replant mine as they need a bigger space to grow in. Now that it's warm we'll need to water plants daily, which is a good thing, though!

  15. Hi! I thought I would read blog posts today but ended up getting a Sun Gold tomato plant and Basil and planting them and the Mother's day plants I told you about. I also pulled some weeds and read a cool environmental adventure story. I love seeing the gorgeous flowers Kristi and Travis planted and am enjoying the scent of Jasmine through my olfactory memories and my computer screen. Thanks so much for sharing your bouquet of photos and introducing me to some pretty varieties of plants that are new to me. xx


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