Wednesday, June 14, 2017

North Coast Exploration

After checking out of Timberline Lodge we made our way down the mountain.  We drove through Gresham, got on I-84,  through downtown Portland, saw the big ships on the waterfront for the Rose Festival as we drove over the Marquam Bridge and headed west towards Cannon Beach.  We stopped for lunch at Camp 18 which is a huge log restaurant.  The fire was crackling, the chandeliers made of antlers.

I tried something new, a bowl of beef stew and it was DEE-liscious!  After we were all refreshed and rested we all got in our cars and headed on for the last leg of the trip that day and to our hotel.

My sister Denise was riding with us and encouraged us to pull into Ecola State Park to show my cousins the view down over Cannon Beach and Haystack Rock beyond.  You drive through a mossy Sitka Spruce Forest on your way up to this grassy bluff.

There is Haystack Rock!

My sister Denise spotted this sailboat down in the surf and was worried there were people in trouble so she called the Coast Guard to report it.  Later we googled for news and found that indeed two men were aboard and the captain had been hurt and the passenger did not have the skills to sail.. first one motor went out and then the second.  The men called for help and were rescued and this beautiful 40 foot sailboat was eventually washed ashore and ruined.  Story and photos HERE

We then wove our way through the mossy forest and drove into the charming town of Cannon Beach, filled with shops, galleries, cafes, taffy shops.. and a beloved bakery.  We found two parking spots and all visited the bakery and picked up a few things for breakfast the next morning.  This is my favorite thing they make, a mocha horn.  It's a crispy, nutty cookie, rolled into a tube, piped with coffee cream filling and each end is dipped in chocolate.  :-)

When we checked into the hotel we had a bit of a blip.  I'd called in January to get the room we had last summer when our daughter and granddaughters had visited - it was oceanfront and wonderful.  WELL... the person on the phone must have had a BLIP in their brain and gave us this room.. with a view of the BACK of Mo's Restaurant and their parking lot.  Thank goodness the room was the same and very nice.  ::grumble::

I'd made a reservation for all 7 of us at the Wayfarer Restaurant that evening.  Most of us had this wild salmon with asparagus risotto.  YUM!  Then we all headed back to our rooms for a well-earned rest.  

The next morning we all headed to Astoria for a day of adventure.  We headed straight up to the Astoria Column which has an amazing view over the city and the Columbia River and Pacific Ocean.

Here is the bridge that takes people from Oregon to Washington.

The Astoria Column is amazing, you can walk up a circular stairs to the top.  It's decorated in a sgraffito technique, a layer of dark plaster covered with a lighter plaster and all the images are etched through to make the designs. To learn more about the column, click HERE.

A zoom in to give you an idea of the amazing artistry on the column.

Isn't it something?

We then drove down to visit the Columbia River Maritime Museum.  I was thrilled to see that Lady Washington was at the dock there.

Several years ago I found that you could book a passage on this wonderful brig and so Dayle, my sister Roberta and I boarded in Newport, Oregon and sailed overnight up to Astoria, Oregon.  My Dad took us all down there and Roberta's husband picked us all up in Astoria the next day.  I can tell you that it was one of the more memorable things I've done in my life.  We slept in bunks right next to the thick timbers of the hull of the boat and could hear the water shushing and bubbling by as we were lulled into sleep.  At night up on deck we could see the phosphorescence in the waves bouncing of the bow of the ship.  We were underway using the diesel engine overnight, but the next morning the winds had turned favorable and they dropped the sails and we quietly sailed north.  We watched the sailors work and it was warm and lovely on board.  What a great memory.

The boat's name on the stern of the vessel.

While I was taking photos of the Lady Washington I saw this massive ocean going ship go by.. you would not believe how big this vessel is!

I stayed outside to visit the Lady Washington but Dayle went in the museum and snapped a few photos for me.  I'd visited the museum already not long ago.  Here is a lighthouse Fresnel lens on display.

A display of things made using whale bone and teeth.  I was particularly impressed with the umbrella swift used to wind skeins of yarn.  What an amazing artifact!

He knew I'd enjoy this display of fishing floats since I have a collection of Japanese floats.

I saw this dog walk by and asked if I could take a photo of it.  Isn't it cute?  It's a cross between a Pomeranian and Schnauzer and his name is Beau.  I had a nice chat with the owner and her son.

Denise's husband joined us at the museum and he had some ideas of where to go next so I handed over leadership of the caravan.. he took us to an old shipwreck of the Peter Iredale.  Click HERE for more history.  Here are Denise, Steve, Melanie, Nancy, Paul and Charlie.  

Steve showed us around Fort Stevens State Park and a lake there.. then he pulled into this beautiful old golf clubhouse which is now owned by the McMenamins brothers.  We got a table in the lounge and Steve treated us all to a refreshment.

At 6:30 pm we met up with our sister Roberta, brother Robert and his wife D'Ann at the Boardwalk Restaurant for dinner together in Seaside, OR.  This was the view from our table of the beach there.  All 11 of us had a wonderful visit over dinner.

After dinner we all strolled out to the "Prom" (Promenade) - a walkway goes all alongside the beach in Seaside.  What a gorgeous view!

I asked a nice man to take our photo.. from left.. Robert, twin sister Roberta, Steve, Denise, Charlie, Dayle, me, Melanie, D'Ann, Nancy and Paul.  :-)

This wonderful bronze statue of Lewis & Clark is there.

We headed back to the hotel where I snapped some sunset photos of the beach from the park next to the hotel (since we had no view from our room.. lol).

Day is done.

The next morning I got a shot of Haystack Rock and people enjoying the beach even though it was a bit chilly.. it wasn't raining!  :-)

I love this big rock.

I zoomed in on this old lighthouse - Tillamook Rock Light.

A fun part of the hotel we stayed at is that there are a whole bunch of bunnies that were let loose here and have multiplied.. well.. like rabbits.. and you can see them hopping about.

On Saturday morning our cousins went to my sister Roberta's lake house for a visit and lunch then they headed on to check in to their B&B called "Portland's White House".  Then on Sunday Denise hosted a dinner for us all at her house.  She made the most delicious pork tenderloin, mashed cauliflower bake, a pasta salad, bread and 3 berry crisp with vanilla ice cream for dessert!  What a fun time we all had together.  The girls.

The guys.

My cousins thanked me for organizing our adventure - but the pleasure was all mine as I love my cousins very much and now we've had a chance to get to know each other so much better.  Nancy taught music to grade school kids for 30 years, I admire her so much.  Melanie plays the oboe in an orchestra in Oklahoma!  Paul is an amazing pianist, who taught and is still playing professionally.  Charlie is a "land man" in the oil industry.  Thanks for everyone who has read this journal of our travels.  Back to flowers and crochet on Friday.  :-)

((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. You live in a most beautiful place! Such a lovely trip you planned for your family. Pat xx

  2. A wonderful trip indeed Teresa, thank you for sharing. Hugs Anne x

  3. Thanks for another wonderful post, Teresa! I enjoyed every bit of it, and found all the links very interesting. I also especially enjoyed your memories of sailing on the Lady Washington, and am so glad you were able to see her on this trip. You and Dayle were grand hosts, and your posts are a great record of of your adventures, as well as a showcase for the beauty and history of this area. I appreciate your creative efforts! xx

  4. Wow! Oregon is truly is awesome. And you definitely showed your cousins a wonderful time. The detail in that column truly is amazing! One of these days, I'm gonna make it to Oregon. And I'm gonna come knocking on you door. :)

  5. So many of my favorite places. I never get tired of seeing the pictures as the memories always come flooding back. Thank you for sharing your adventures with us Teresa. The time with family makes everything extra special and I'm glad you had the chance to make more memories with your cousins. Blessings, Betsy

  6. What a wonderful trip you organised many historic sights. Your cousins must have loved every minute. How lovely to get to know them better.Thanks for sharing xxx

  7. It was a great joy and honour to come along on your adventure with your family. I love to visit and see such beautiful places in the world that I will never see through my own eyes. You certainly have a lot of memories stored.

  8. What a wonderful trip you all had, thank you for sharing your travels with us, you make me want to visit Oregon! How lovely it must have been to have spent such a good time with your cousins. Fiona x

  9. What a fun trip with lots packed into it! That column is amazing. Love the dancing bears in the top photo!!

  10. So many fun photos and facts. im so happy you shared it with us. I would have tried that beef stew in a heartbeat. I may have to get a pom/schnauzer mix. ADORABLE.Hooray for your sister Denise, who likely saved two lives with her attention and call for help.

  11. Every minute of your adventure sounds fantastic, well except the view from your window! You have made so many wonderful memories Teresa. Thank you for letting us share them with you.

  12. Fabulous Teresa and you sure get to see some amazing places and beautiful history all around. Great spending time with much loved family members xoxo


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