Friday, June 16, 2017

Summer Shawl, Garden Flowers and Sternwheeler

Greetings!  I've been working on my cotton summer shawl.  The pattern is the Sunday Shawl by LittleBee.  It's very enjoyable to crochet as it's easy to memorize and the pattern is written so well.

The wow factor on this shawl is the gorgeous lace edging - you use 6 different colors and these are the ones I'll use.  I can't wait to get to that part!

We've been rained on for 2 days now, but on Wednesday we still had fair weather so I took a few photos of the flowers in the garden.  The 4th of July roses are flourishing.

We have a pot of Campanula aka Fairy Bellflower - that was found growing in our driveway.  Kristi pulled up the plant and potted it and it's come back every year to grace us with it's beauty - in gratitude for saving it's lovely little life.  :-)

The Mandevilla continues to delight us with it's blooms.

A closeup of a 4th of July rose.. I adore these spectacular blooms.

The big flower baskets are also getting bigger and better.

I can't believe the rich deep velvet purple of this unfurling Petunia.

Kristi was given this potted chrysanthemum so she potted in a bit pot on the deck and it loved having fresh dirt to grow in.

We went on the annual cruise on the Sternwheeler Columbia Gorge yesterday - this group are volunteers from the Friends of Vista House and the Friends of Multnomah Falls.  In the 25+ years we've gone on this cruise, this is the first that rained heavily throughout the whole time.  But we're a hardy bunch and we all enjoyed ourselves never-the-less.

One of the Vista House ladies that dress in period clothing for events.. isn't she cute?

We sailed past the American Empress. :-)

Back to the dock.. thanks for the cruise!

Simba has adopted the comfy new chair that Dayle bought recently.  It's by our back door.  Poor old skinny boy.

Kristi has been keeping an eye on the chicklets to see when they'd decide to use the roost.  At first they all huddled together in a nest box.. then a few tried the roost.. this time they were all up there so she snapped a photo of them.  :-)

A friend of our son Travis came to visit yesterday and told us of his climb to the top of Mt. Hood - he shared a video and I thought you might like to see it.  Enjoy!

05.03.2017 Mt Hood Summit w: Lee Schoenborn from Scott Schoenborn on Vimeo.

((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. You have so many wonderful photos and events here; love the shawl and look forward to seeing the lace trim. Plus the Fourth of July rose and Canterbury bells and the cute lady on the cruise.

  2. Ha ha on me, when I saw the color and the word Campanula I thought "Canterbury Bells" but these flowers must be their cousins.

  3. Such a beautiful shawl that you are working on I am looking forward to seeing how the edging works out with all those stunning colours. Looks like a great trip and a great get together.

  4. Wow! Such an amazing video. That's not something I have ever had any desire to do,but the views are just awesome. Your shawl is going to be beautiful and love all the pictures of the flowers as always. It's raining and cold here again today but I'm at the lake in my camper and all is right with the world. Blessings, Betsy

  5. I wish my flower garden was as beautiful as your garden. I'm excited to see your finished shawl. Love the colors. Pat xx

  6. You are making good progress on your shawl, Teresa, and I love the colors you have chosen! Your flowers are beautiful, and I am especially fond of the velvety purple Petunias. The wildflowers Tim planted last summer are coming up again but we need to get rid of some of the tall grasses that are trying to overwhelm them. It is fun to see how your pretty flock of hens has grown. They will laying eggs before you know it! It has been so rainy I have had my little electric fireplace on and last night I made myself a bowl of chicken vegetable soup. I might do that again tonight, too. I'm glad you enjoyed the sternwheeler ride even if it did rain. The motor on my fountain needs to be replaced so Jason cut it out and I have the fountain out on the front porch. I plan to roll it out into the garden and use it as a birdbath. I hope you have a happy weekend and that we get to enjoy sunshine! xx☔☀️🌺❤️🤗

  7. Gorgeous shawl and the border sounds as if it will be amazing! Loved all the flowers! Your trip sounds great and it was lovely to see the lady in historic dress. Have a happy weekend dear Teresa.
    Helen xox

  8. Your shawl is gorgeous and mine is an utter fail. Of course I did not buy all the yarn needed for this shawl and I ended up making a disaster. Ah well, live and learn.

  9. I saw a Mandevilla at Margies Flowers (Aurora) - I knew I should have bought it. Good thing it has been so wet and cold - even the weeds are slowly growing - I haven't the time to keep up.
    Next week should officially start our Oregon summer.
    The Mt. Hood video is great.

  10. Awesome post Teresa and doing a big catchup lol xoxo

  11. Your shawl colours remind me of an Italian gelateria - a riot of beautiful colours, just like the ice creams in their display. Perfect for those summer evenings. Your campanula is nice, well, all your flowers are but I particularly like the campanula. I have one just like it and like yours, mine started as a wild plant that appeared one day. Not it is growing over a step, more than a metre wide! Must go but will come back later to check out the video. x

  12. What an experience for Travis' friend. Is the snow thick like that all year round. I was admiring your scarf in the group pic - is that the Mapleton scarf? If so, the lady who designed it, Deanne Ramsay, is a fellow Canberran. I'm up to the middle section of that scarf right now. xox PS .. Simba might be eating lizards - that would keep him skinny.

  13. SO sorry about the rainy cruise. You are a good lot! You have fun anyhow .I LOVE your gardens tour. I really do. Everything is so lush and alive.

  14. Your flowers are gorgeous, as is your shawl. Sorry for the rainy cruise.

  15. Well done for braving the weather on your cruise. The shawl is looking good, I can't wait to see it finished! Fionax

  16. A wonderful post Teresa. So much to see. The video of My Hood is awesome. Hugs Anne x

  17. Really enjoyed the video too, thanks for sharing x


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