Monday, June 19, 2017

Here Comes The Sun, do do do do

After a few days of pouring rain the sun is back.  Now it feels like summer!  We're just relaxing a lot.  :-)  We all went out to Chinese dinner last night for Father's Day.  Hayden ordered a Bento dinner and tried sushi!  And he loved it!  Yesterday afternoon I took Buddy out for a walk and snapped a few things with my iPhone.. so some of the images are a bit pixilated but I know you'll forgive me.  :-)  The volunteer pot of Sweet William is at maximum bloom.. love, love.

We have pots of lilies in amongst the ground cover of Creeping Myrtle and they're starting to open.  

I pulled a chair up to watch for the new koi we have.  I must say, the garden is lush right now and the sound of the waterfalls is like music.

I'm so happy our Papyrus made it through the winter.  Kristi snipped all the old leaves off and so it's all new leaves now.

We love the Goldfinches that flock to our thistle socks.

We tossed in some koi food and all the fish came out to dine.  Kristi got one little koi who we're worried about as it never comes out to eat and is very shy.  She got Travis a fantail goldfish which is very pretty.

She got a new koi for me that is gold with grey markings on the back that remind me of a dinosaur so I named it "Dina".  :-)

A bright yellow finch and it's browner girlfriend.

Our Curly Willow is getting rather huge.  Fun story about it.  My daughter took home a flower display sent to my Dad's funeral.  She called me a week later and exclaimed that a branch in the vase had started to grow roots.  I told her that she should put it in a pot of dirt and see what happened.  She had it inside and it was doing well but my older sister told her it was a tree and needed to go outside.  It was winter and the little leaves withered and she called me worried about it.  I told her to bring it to me and I'd see what I could do.  WELL.. that was 2002 and I planted it by our pond and look at what it's done!  This is my Dad's tree.  

Since we tidied house for my cousin's visit I thought I'd take a photo of the living room before it gets inhabited by legos.  :-)  

My son is a small bore rifle expert and met a fellow marksman at his job at Nabisco.  He earned a 4 year college scholarship via his shooting and has been to the Olympic Training Center in Colorado several times.  So, he now has a friend to go to the rifle range with.  And of course he needed a new special rifle custom made for his endeavors.  He brought his new rifle home and is very proud of it, it is totally custom built out of several parts that he's had made.  He has assembled it for competition target shooting at 100 to 600 yards.

The windows are open and the birds are chirping.  I wait all year for these nice days.  I think I'll go out and watch the fish swim around.  :-)  What are your plans for the day?  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Your Sweet William is so pretty. And the birds! Love seeing your pictures of them. Your property is so lovely. We have a water feature by our patio and just the sound of running water can cool you down when it's hot, hot, hot.

  2. The water feature and those gorgeous fish are a delight. You have a beautiful garden and home, it is always a joy to visit.

  3. We are enjoying the sunshine, too! It is wonderful having the warm fresh air wafting through the house. I always enjoy seeing your falls and pond and the fish and the birds and the flowers. You reminded me that at one of our homes I put up net bags filled with thistle which attracted finches to visit. Yesterday my adult kids helped me turn the fountain into a bird bath which we put under a pine tree out in the front garden, and I keep checking but have not seen any visitors yet. I love the story of your father's tree, and it is growing amazingly well! I know the menfolk in our household will be interested in Travis's rifle when I show them. I am ready to start a new row on the shawl [just six rows to go!] and I am enjoying seeing the shell on shell preemie blanket grow. xx

  4. Your garden and pond look like lovely places to relax! Love your "father's tree"...nice that you have it to remind you of him. Having company is always a good reason to do spring cleaning. I'm getting ready to have my bunco group of 12 here tomorrow, including dinner. And the next day I'll hang out on the deck and do nothing but enjoy the sun...if it's still around. :-)

  5. What a fun story about the tree! How I would love to sit by your pond with you and crochet, visit and listen to the water. Wouldn't that be lovely?
    My PT is the OWNER of the practice so there is no one to report him to. :-(. I saw my primary care dr today and he said it will probably be a year for the bone to heal. He offered pain pills which I declined. I take too many pills already for my heart issues. I did however, get a topical pain compound that I hope helps. Thanks for your good thoughts and care my friend.

  6. Isn't nature amazing! How wonderful that the branch rooted and you were able to plant it. Truly incredible. Enjoy your relaxing summer days. Hot as heck over here so not getting out much at all.

  7. I always seem to learn things from reading your blog Teresa! Today I noticed a visitors listing on your sidebar and have just read the most amazing facts about my own country Australia. They say you learn something new every day. Loved the story about your Dad's tree - that tree sure was meant to be. I also loved your net bird feeders - what a great idea. I hope the birds don't break the netting and eat it. My 2.5 yr old grandson is so into dinosaurs right now but I think I'd probably confuse him if I showed him your fish. :) xox

  8. Your yard and flowers are so pretty, as always! And, those birds! Wow! They're so pretty! Enjoy the sun!

  9. Love all your pretty flowers, and it must be so much fun to watch those koi! Relaxing, too, I would think. :) Your dad's tree is awesome!!

  10. Teresa. I love these posts. Your gardens are my joy too! I love your fathers tree story. Hope the fish thrive now!

  11. Teresa - your water feature has inspired me! Something to add to the list for consideration for our future landscape at our new house. And the willow! God has a way of giving us solace even in our loss. Today we are going to visit a castle and gardens (we are in the UK on holiday). We have been before and it is always a treat!

  12. Your koi are nice and so are your plants. I need to re-pot some plants when time allows. Maybe Sunday evening. Always busy during the week working. My red tiger, like Kristi's is making a come back...maybe it will bloom this year. I need to fertilize it and it will grow better. Nice tree as a reminder of your dad! Take care!

  13. It sure looks beautiful at your house. The pond, the fish, the beautiful flowers, I bet your are enjoying it all.

  14. Gosh I do love seeing your place Teresa can I come live there too lol I have some lillies in my garden, given to me by my dear cousin xoxo


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