Friday, June 2, 2017

Posies, Tree Chop & Pretty Bird

Our roses are blooming!  What a joy they are.  This is a rose I've had for 20 years, it's called "Scent-sation" as it's very aromatic. I adore striped flowers.

Each bloom is different, of course.

Kristi and the boys picked out a collection of succulents, aren't they cool?

The pink Hydrangea, we need to find a permanent home for it in the garden.  But the color is sublime.

And my dependable pot of Sweet William comes back every single year and is full of bright blooms.

The color of these is eye-popping!

The honeysuckle is covered with blooms!

Travis decided to take down a wild cherry tree next to the barn.  The wild cherries would fall onto our cars and stain them and the cherry pits would be covering the cars and go down into the cowl vent.  Worse was the birds would sit in the tree and eat red cherries and poop red splotches all over the cars.  :-)

So, the boy set to felling the tree - using the chain saw and wedges.. I was watching from the deck with much concern.. if the large tree fell onto the barn it would not be good.  I had my grandson go fetch Dayle... :-)... who got on the tractor and pushed the tree to fall in the right direction.. and success!  We found that the tree was rotten in the center so it was a good thing we took it down when we did.  You wouldn't believe how open and bright and different it looks next to the barn now.

After that excitement I relaxed on the deck by the pond and was happy to see a small flock of Cedar Waxwings bathing in our stream!  They are shy birds and are hard to get a good photo of them.

See what I mean by shy? :-)

The camera decided to focus on the tree limb which made the bird fuzzy.. but it's the best image of the whole bird I got.

My art nouveau lady needs a bit of a wash.. :-)

We managed to winter over the papyrus plant and Kristi put it in a bigger pot and into the pond and poof! new shoots are coming up.

One of the little koi we got didn't make it but this one did and it's doing well.  I want to get about 5 more.

Kristi asked Travis to bring home a yellow koi for her so he did.. this is the new guy.

Yesterday was a bad day for America - 45 pulled out of the Paris Climate Accord.  One man made a decision for a whole country - and most of us are embarrassed and heartbroken by this action.  Apparently Ivanka T. asked him not to withdraw - which goes to show how much pull she has with her pops.  World leaders are coming out against his decision.  Tesla owner Elon Musk and Disney's Robert Iger have resigned from 45s advisory councils in protest and disgust in his actions.  I'm sick at heart about this.  A quote I read on Facebook sums it up - 

"It seems that in Trump's mind, a handful of West Virginia votes from a dying industry outweigh the future of eight billion people."

I must say - it's hard to march on and live life to the fullest and most positive way I can - when these things happen on almost a daily basis.  But I will do so and hope for the best for my country and the Earth.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. I was deeply saddened to hear about Trumps decision to withdraw from the treaty, so disappointing. Thank goodness you felled the tree it could have done a lot of damage had it fallen. It was a joy to see the Cedar Waxwing, you really did capture its beauty.

  2. So glad the tree came down before I could do any damage. I love the photos of your pond and the fish and the plants surrounding it. That striped roses are amazingly pretty. I think the only place I've seen one is on your blog.
    Blessings, Betsy

  3. I was very disappointed to hear about Trump's decision. I keep wondering what will happen next? I like seeing those Cedar Waxwings. I think they are so beautiful.

  4. Love the rose- so pretty. Honestly, I have no idea what is going on in Trumps mind. I can only hope for the best because it wil affect our entire country, and that's what I care about. Love the bird too- lucky you getting a shot!

  5. The photos of the flowers and fish and Wax Wings are lovely. From reading an article in the Oregonian I gather that it will take four years to back out of the Accord. Is it possible that in that time we could still continue to conserve our environment, and work to agree to more equally share the financial burden in the world for conservation than the Accord proposed? xx

    1. Gracie, I am sure that Oregon and many people in the USA will continue to work towards making our environment cleaner. But by leaving the Accord and NOT being at the table when the discussions are held, we are turning our backs on working with the rest of the world towards cleaner energy. And the USA has already given a lot of money towards helping the developing countries learn to strive towards green energy in the Accord. This is a good thing for some of our money to go towards instead of beefing up an already strong military. Also - the clean energy is a rapid growing job sector in the US, there will be more jobs in the green energy field in such areas as solar and wind power - not in the dying coal industry. Developing countries are more likely to buy their clean energy products from the countries sitting at the table than from US because we have turned our backs on the Paris Climate Agreement. This is BAD for America.

    2. I am not disagreeing with your position. What concerns me is if we do not do a better job at alocating available funds, we will not have the funds for healthcare for everyone, and the conservation and clean energy or the other positive programs the majority of citizens want. The negative campaign rhetoric of the current administration has succeeded in fueling fear and misunderstanding rather than positive consensus from my point of view. I hate the negative result. I want to use my degree in speech communications to work toward loving communication and problem solving, and wonder if I will ever figure out how to do so. Thank you for answering my question so thoughtfully, and I am sorry I missed your response due to launching on our camping trip. I'm glad I thought to use my iPad and check today! Love to you and yours. XX

  6. Wow that red and white rose is magnificent. I love roses and have a couple in my front courtyard - the red one has the most gorgeous fragrance and flowers heaps more than the other two. I can't remember the names of them. I've never seen a hydrangea in such a deep, bright colour. Amazing! Hope the yellow koi does well. I was very sad about you losing your others over winter. Enjoy your weekend. xox

  7. Beautiful flowers, reminds me of what I have to look forward to again once this cold winter passes over here! From what I've been seeing on our news, it looks like many of the big companies in America will be trying to keep up with what they'd expected they'd have to do anyway, in spite of the USA pulling out. Kudos to them. The clean energy industry is going to grow so much in the coming years, I just hope this doesn't mean that Americans will miss out in this area... but I like to think not. Companies will hop on board and develop in this area anyway. I do think it's sad the USA has lost its spot at the table for the time being... we all need to be able to work together on this.

  8. The photos of your Scent-sation roses are amazing, I've never seen roses like them before. The cedar waxwings are magical and alway remind me of a time we were living in Virginia during the mid 1960s when flocks would appear each year and then disappear as silently as they came. They must be difficult to photograph. I'm super concerned about our country and all the changes #45 is making and feel so concerned for us all too. It's a sad time to be an American.

  9. Teresa! The cedar waxwing images are perfection. !!!!! I haven't seen any so far this spring. I am glad you took the cherry tree down. Between the messes and the danger it posed, be gone!
    I too am trying to carry on daily with the current administrations bad decisions. :(

  10. Wow! The waxwing. Amazing photos.

  11. Love the photos of the waxwings, I have never seen one before.

    The president is slowly but unstoppably withdrawing the US from the world - it appears that scientific research and evidence is replaced by a fundamentalist belief system. A Handmaid's Tale comes to mind. Whilst there is little hope that 45 comes to his senses, it is good to know that millions of American citizen-activists do everything possible to resist and fight against ignorance.

    Wishing you strength and optimism xxx

  12. Your flowers are superb my friend. Good idea about the tree although I have to say I hate it when a tree gets cut down. As for the latest move by our government it is now routine for a disaster to occur every single day. And this, well this along with all the Russian involvement and lies is one of the biggest. I am proud of the cities, states and corporations that are continuing to live by the standards set by the Paris agreement. It shows that not all Americans think this is a good idea, actually most of them don't including Ivanka, and Rex Tillerson. Two people I am not overly thrilled with but at least they have brains.

  13. Your photographs of the Nature surrounding you are stunning. They have brightened my day today. Thank you. If only the decaying brain of the current WH occupant could see what beauty he is hellbent on destroying.

    Sigh. But again--such gorgeous surroundings. Thank you for sharing.

  14. Too bad about the cherry tree, but fortunately you have lots and lots of fabulous flora around you. There's a mulberry tree in the front yard here. At first, when I'd find purple splotches on my balcony I wasn't sure what it was. And once when taking pictures of birds with stains on their chests, I was so concerned. But then realized it was all because of the mulberries they were munching on. :) I even find mulberries on the balcony that they've dropped while flying back and forth. But the season is over for now as it just gets hotter and hotter. My husband says that it's as if Trump is against the entire world. He's the nightmare that just never ends. A South African friend in my craft group told me the other day, "Don't worry, Tammy, one day it will be cool to be American again." Ha! I'm so disgusted and embarrassed each and every day.

  15. LOVE your rose! Looks like it is splattered with paint - very pretty. Last night while sitting on our patio the scent of honeysuckle was almost overwhelming. Such a summer scent. And cedar waxwings are gorgeous. We've had them a few times in our yard - I think when they are migrating in either direction. They don't hang around for long.

  16. And another one I missed. it's been a difficult time - sorry. Gorgeous photos though.
    As for Trump - well I no longer have the words. hugs Anne x

  17. LOVE that striped rose. What a great photo of the cedar waxwing; I had no idea they had those little spots of color. We mostly get little brown birds in our yard. Sure glad we both live in states that will still be supporting work on climate change! (despite you-know-who)


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