Monday, June 26, 2017

Summer Shawl Progress and Flowers

Hello!  Are you keeping cool?  Our temps got to 100 degrees F yesterday!  We have 2 AC units keeping us at a comfortable 73 in the house.  I've been working away on my cotton shawl and have made some progress!  I must say, doing the main body of it in one color got to me.. so it was with great joy that I got to the end of the pink.. see below.. just a few more stitches.

I was stressing out about if I'd run out of yarn before the end of the pink.. I even laid awake in bed worrying about it.. lol.  As you can see I had a bit left.. thank goodness.

I have to say seeing a new color energized me on this project.  There are 15 rows of lace edge, all in changing colors!  I am so excited to see this done.  First up is "Pear" green.

I got the row of "Cherry" done and am now working on "Lagoon".  I worked on this while we watched the Disney move "Moana" last evening.  OH my GOODNESS.. have you seen that movie?  I loved every single thing about it.  It's so fabulous for boys and girls to see a strong girl character like Moana!  And having lived in Hawaii when I was young hippie chick.. seeing all the Hawaiian art and scenery was magical for me.  When I wear this shawl I will think of Moana.

I am thrilled with how the colors are popping on this.  To remind you, this is the Sunday Shawl designed by Alia Bland, yarn is made by a mother/daughter team in Africa, MoYa Yarn.  I bought it online from Little Woolie in Australia.

I am using my size H sterling silver crochet hook made by Molly Swan from Celtic Swan Forge.  By Wednesday I should have a lot more to show you!  Wahoo!

The hanging baskets keep on flourishing.

The deck project.. well.. when the guys saw how many boards needed replaced they decided to replace them all. So, they are in the process of trying to get some delivered.  Then the process of tearing up and replacing will begin.  Argh. 

Kristi planted several pots of lily bulbs and placed them around the garden in the creeping Myrtle ground cover.. they are blooming now.  No, you're not leaning.. they are growing towards the sun.

My big bush of Hydrangeas are flowering out.. *joy*.  Plus, Kristi got me a "Limelight" hydrangea which is to the left and slightly behind this one.. I can't wait to see how the flowers look.

The Hosta are doing well.. and the purple Astilbe is budded out and will open soon.

This is a miniature rose is in bloom.. the flowers are only as big around as a silver dollar.

Kristi made a picnic dinner a few days ago.  Cheeseburgers, macaroni salad and baked beans.  It was good!

The 4th of July is next week!  Time for me to get out my red, white and blue tablecloth and a few decorations.  Then we need to decorate our gazebo for the 4th.  We'll go up to watch the country style parade on the 4th.. fun!  

I hope you're enjoying summer.. any fun plans?  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Yikes, that's hot. Hope you're managing to stay cool. Lovely yarn, you're making a good job of the shawl. I love your hydrangeas and hostas, all so green and lush. I've got a little white hydrangea in a pot which has surprised me by doing well this year. Hope you have a good week and that the new decking goes well. CJ xx

  2. We had a picnic at the lake Saturday. In fact, our normal Sat. lunch is burgers or hot dogs, macaroni salad, baked beans and chips. All three of us couples pitch in different things. Lots of fun. :-) Love your flowers and your shawl is coming along beautifully. I haven't seen Moana, but Piper loves it and made me promise to watch it with her. We HAVE to find time to watch it next week. It's hot here again today and it rained just a bit this morning so it's humid as well which is really unusual for us. I had to make a fast trip to the lake and back this morning because I forgot my sandals and Dennis forgot his favorite jeans up there. It was gorgeous there. Have a lovely day and stay cool.

  3. We had the same supper tonight! Good summertime food! No plans this week. More softball this coming weekend, though.

  4. You are in the pink! I love how your shawl is growing and always enjoy seeing your flowers flourishing. This is definitely hamburger and hot dog weather. I gave some of our flowers a drink today and need to take some photos to show you what is blooming around here. I just saw a photo of watermelon cut in cookie cutter star shapes which would be fun to do for July 4th. xx

  5. Lovely to catch up with you. Hope you are staying cool. Your shawl looks beautiful, as do your flowers!

  6. Your shawl is looking so pretty, love the colours. Your garden looks very lush despite the heat. B x

  7. I can't believe its 12 months since reading about your parade last 4th July. Time flies alarmingly fast when you're getting old!! Your shawl is looking good - hope you'll model it for us when its finished. That hanging basket of yours is absolutely stunning. I'm always fascinated how wide it hangs. Somebody in your house certainly does have a green thumb. Enjoy your decorating. xox PS minus 2 degrees C here overnight tonight - brrrr. Hope the dog decides to come to bed with me and warm my feet.

  8. Your flower tour is lots of fun Teresa. I love that you are at a colorful point in the crochet work. It really helps doesn't it? We just painted our Trex deck. THey say its no maintenance, but it is really LOW maintenance. Two days of Fireman's hard work, one day for me.
    Unsure of our 4th plans. Need to see what Zach our son, would like to do as he arrives home Saturday for a bit. :) Keep stitchin

  9. Wow that is hot Teresa. I love the shawl and the wonderful edging is a joy to see. I am so looking forward to seeing the end result. Your garden is always a delight to visit, you have some beautiful plants. Your meal looked delicious, I am thinking about cheeseburgers now...

  10. Teresa - glorious hanging baskets! You caught me by surprise mentioning the Fourth of July. We are in the UK visiting my in-laws, and so I am just not in the US frame of mind. We will have to get going later this week when we return to get ready for the holiday, which is one of my favorites.

    And thanks for the reminder about Moana - I love anything that promotes girls and women!

  11. Phew so hot Teresa. It has been too hot for me here. Colder again now though and rain on the way. A typical English Summer :-) Beautiful photos. The picnic looked yummy. Hugs Anne x

  12. Phew so hot Teresa. It has been too hot for me here. Colder again now though and rain on the way. A typical English Summer :-) Beautiful photos. The picnic looked yummy. Hugs Anne x

  13. I've added Moana to my rental list, I haven watched a Disney for years!


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