Thursday, July 27, 2017

Garden Flowers, Sunset and Shell Crochet Pattern

Hello!  I'm posting on a Thursday.. I usually try to stick with a M-W-F schedule.. but I'm a day late.  :-)  A huge branch of my 4th of July rose is blooming.. it's so gorgeous.  The flowers look to me like fireworks exploding.  I love these.

These flowers are looking very nice against the new red and white house!

The purple and green Shamrocks are so happy outside, it's amazing to me.

The Mandevilla and "black" corn plant are happily thriving in the sunshine and watering that Kristi does.

This is Kristi's purple Calla Lily is starting to bloom.. isn't it pretty?

This is another unique hydrangea that Kristi bought for me, isn't it pretty?

Here is my classic old purple hydrangea, lovely thing.

We have so many trees that it's hard to see the sunsets but sometimes I capture a pretty one.

Kristi has been painting trim and some of the red each day.  Our house is still a patchwork of colors on the front, as our son is "gone fishin'" but will finish up hopefully this weekend.

I've had a few people request my "Shells on the Half-Shell" crochet pattern, so here it is.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 

“Shells on the Half Shell” –  Blanket Pattern by Teresa Kasner

I am sure someone else has written a pattern similar somewhere – but I made this up as I went along and I love how it looks like rows of shells.

I used worsted weight yarn and a size G hook.  You could use finer yarn and smaller hooks or heavier yarn and a bigger hook if you’d like.

I chain as long a chain as I want my blanket to be wide – I don’t count and it always works out.  But if you want, you can chain in 3s until the width you want.  For a baby blanket you could do 90 chains.

Once you have the chain as wide as you want – then chain 2 more – turn and do 3 double crochets into the 2rd chain from the hook, skip one chain, do one single crochet in the next chain, skip one and do 3 double crochets – and on across.

When you do the last 3 dc shell and the last sc – chain 3 and turn, do 1 dc in the base of the first chain, sk 1 ch, sc, sk 1 ch, do 3 dc in sc of last row, or the “ditch” between the shells on the first row.  Continue on until the end where you’ll do 2 dc in the last stitch of the shell below. 

On that 2nd row, the 2 double crochets on the beginning and the end are what I call a “half shell”.  Each row is either all shells or one that starts and ends with a “half shell”.

3rd row, chain one, turn, do 3 double crochet in sc or "ditch" of last row between shells.

Just keep going until the blanket is the size you want.  You can do a square or a rectangle depending on it’s use.  Baby blankets are nice in squares while lap blankets are nice in rectangles.

You can leave it as is or you can do shells around the whole blanket when done to make it look a little prettier.

--> Copyright by Teresa Kasner, May 24, 2017


  1. Your flowers are looking beautiful this summer Teresa. I have very few in my uard since no one is here to care for them. There are more at the lake! Thank you for your pattern. It is a gorgeous blanket.

  2. All looking great Teresa xxoo

  3. The new house color just makes your flowers and plants more beautiful. Your special rose is so pretty, too. Feeling the joy you take in your flowers and plants helps to inspire me - thanks!

  4. Your flowers are beautiful! You have so many different ones. They must require a lot of care. Thank you for sharing your pattern.

  5. So many gorgeous flowers. Nice to see you are getting that red on the house you've wanted. :)

  6. Oh that 4th of July rose is a beauty - I don't think I've ever seen anything like that. Its gorgeous. Also, the hydrangea is very pretty. From what I can see, your house is looking really good - you won't know yourself when its finished - it will be like a new house. Have a nice weekend. xox

  7. Gorgeous sunset and gorgeous flowers. I especially love your 4th of July rose and the purple Calla Lily. Enjoy your weekend!

  8. Everything looks stunning!

  9. I have never seen a purple calla lily. It is amazing ! I'm so glad someone has good luck with their flowers this summer. Ours have been overwatered with all the storms training through. I'm not alone though. Others have said their flowers took a hit with our weather. Still, I love the constant color of annuals and I 'd love mine to come back in full force soon

  10. Your flowers are gorgeous my friend. I love that pattern as you know, it makes a beautiful blanket. Hugs to you Teresa.

  11. Teresa - love all the flowers. We are starting the planning process for our gardens/landscaping at the new house; right now it is a dust bowl with the construction and the lack of rain, so I can only dream about what it will look like in years to come when it has a chance to mature like your garden!!!

  12. Gorgeous flowers!!! And 🌅 sunset! And blanket pattern. Thanks for sharing!
    Guess what! We hope to go to Nantucket tomorrow! It is supposed to rain, but we are taking rain ponchos and are excited about the chance to explore! 🤗

  13. What beautiful flowers and your home looks just perfect!
    Hi from me in Norfolk, England. I have been trawling through some blogs, looking for new ones, and came across yours. What a happy smiley face, and such a nice blog. I shall return...
    I have just refreshed my blog if you'd care to take a look sometime..
    Your weather also looks delightful just now, but summer seems to have deserted us in my sticking out bit of the UK. Lots of rain means we don't have to water the garden of course, so not all a bad thing!
    Enjoy your week.

  14. Love all your flowers Teresa....the 4th July rose does look perfect against your newly painted house! Wishing you and your family a happy month of August! Xox

  15. Such beauty in your photos Teresa. Anne x


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