Monday, July 31, 2017

Picnic in the Park and Boys in Waterfall

Yesterday was our annual volunteer appreciation picnic for the Friends of Multnomah Falls held in Guy W. Talbot State Park below Latourell Falls.  Travis and the boys came with us to help us out since grandpa's back is hurting so much.  I'm so glad they came, they had a fantastic time!

I was in the picnic shelter and they found a stump to climb on.

Dayle on the left, my sister Denise on the right and the volunteers enjoying their BBQ burgers and hotdogs along with all the delicious potluck items that were brought by the attendees.  We made a big pot of orange baked beans which are always a big hit and Dayle made some smoked steelhead spread to share.  He mixed flaked fish with cream cheese, fresh dill and fresh cut chives from our pot on the deck.  It was popular, too!

I always organize the group photo and this year Travis took the shots for me.  That was so helpful!

One of our guys always brings two amazing cakes, always the same, it's nice to count on it.. :-)

One chocolate and one light and fruity one.

Travis took the boys on a hike to see the falls.  All of the photos were taken by Travis with his iPhone.

This natural niche is a perfect place for a photo.

They arrive at Latourell Falls.

And being boys.. the water drew them in.

Hayden - see his special shoe from when he broke his little toe?  The doctor has pronounced it healed and he could go to day camp this week.  

Caleb has removed his sandals and is enjoying wading in the cool clear creek.

Hayden is enjoying the water on his good foot.. lol.

And of course they had to explore the whole place.

Notice Caleb has found a stick and Hayden is hoisting a rock?

Denise hiked to the falls too and shared with me this gorgeous photo she got on her iPhone!  Beautiful!

Each year the old Latourell house gets further enveloped in blackberries and deteriorates more.  :-(

Of course on the way home we had to stop at Portland Women's Forum State Scenic Viewpoint - and to capture an image of Vista House and the Columbia River Gorge.  Washington State to your left, Oregon to the right.

A closer look.

My beloved Vista House.  If you're a new reader, I was the Executive Director and one of the founders of the Friends of Vista House.  I was ED there for 15 years and helped get the restoration of the building started and got the fund-raising gift shop started which currently funds the operation of the building.

The boys saw two Lamborghini cars parked by the VH so Travis stopped and let them take a closer look.  The boys are fascinated with that car and want one when they "grow up".  LOL!  I told them they'll need a good job.

One of our volunteers at MF, Chris, brought several bouquets of flowers from her yard and then asked us all to take one home.  Wasn't that nice of her?  This looks great on our table!

The weather man has told us this week might be record breaking heat, so we're keeping the house cool with our 3 AC units.  I'm off to swim today.  What are your plans?  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Hi Teresa. We're having that record-breaking heat too, so I decided to stay home from the lake this week and be in the air conditioning. I have lots of little projects to get done that have been neglected while I've been playing in my trailer! I loved going on the picnic with you. It looks like everyone had a wonderful time and the food sounds absolutely delicious. I bet you're missing your swimming partner Gracie, but I'm sure she's having a wonderful time with her sisters. Enjoy your afternoon my friend.
    Blessings, Betsy

  2. Absoloutley fabulous Teresa xoxo

  3. I intend to hibernate during the 100+ days - haha. Fortunately the mechanic did a service on our work air conditioners so they are working well at the moment. I will have to double up on my watering. I will probably dissolve into a whiney mess. Giving myself a pass on the biking to work this week.
    I love the Latourell Falls photos. I have the last week of August off - between health stuff, I hope to get outside for a hike.

  4. I'm in bed sick with a dreadful virus - feeling terrible so have written he rest o the week off. Looks like you had a lovely day. Xox

  5. Hope you stay cool! Your get together looks like really great fun!

  6. It looks like such a great time and, I have to say, it seems like you work with a great group of people. Nice to see the boys enjoying themselves. Stay cool!

  7. You always seem to have a great time with anything related to the Falls. CLearly it speaks to you. Glad the little one's toe is better and he can get in the water again. I'd like a piece of each cake. Thanks

  8. You had a great day out Teresa and those cakes look delicious. Good to see your dear grandsons enjoying the sunshine! Trying to catch up my blogging gets in the way sometimes! xx

  9. Your state is so beautiful and those cakes....most especially the chocolate mouth is watering! ;-)

  10. Teresa - it's been warm in Montana, but every evening cools off wonderfully. So, we close up the house during the day and open the windows at night. Amazing how cool it stays even without AC! It never ceases to amaze me how kids and water are matches made in heaven - it was always our go-to if the kids needed a distraction. My plans? Kayaking, getting my hair done, going to see live music in a nearby beer garden with my hubby ... living the dream!

  11. It all looks so wonderful Teresa. Your grandsons are growing so fast - as are all my grandkids :-) Those cakes look delish. Boys and water - oh yes indeed a match made in heaven. weather here is so disappointing. We've had to have the heating on!!!!
    Thanks for lovely comments on my blog post today. much appreciated. Sorry I've missed some of your posts. By the way mum is 88. Hugs Anne x

  12. Those boys are so cute and funny in the water. Such happy faces!! Those cakes made me get a happy face - lol. It's easy to see why you love the Falls and Vista House so much. Beautiful places.

  13. So glad to see your good times over the weekend, and I am especially glad Hayden's toe is healed! We are making the rounds visiting Margaret's husband's family members including one who has a pool where I went swimming! It felt so good! Good for you swimming! I made as you, Teresa. 🤗

    1. I believe I typed, "I miss you, Teresa " 😊


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