Wednesday, August 2, 2017

It's LILY time and 1st EGGS!

Our Stargazer Lilies are in bloom!  I will soon cut a branch off and make an instant gorgeous bouquet in the house.  These fabulous bulbs have lasted for years and perform wonderfully in the big pots we keep them in on the deck.

They are over 6 inches across and smell amazing!  I didn't see the dandelion seed on there when I took the photo.  :-)

Our pot of sedum is in bloom.. aren't these pretty?

While I was standing out by the Stargazer Lilies I snapped this shot of the house.  Don't mind the painting tarp.. lol.  Kristi is still painting trim.  She's so tenacious!  She paints every day.  We still have some big sections on the front of the house but our son works long hours and has a crabbing trip planned on the weekend so we'll be two-tone for a while longer.  It will get done eventually.  :-)  Meantime we'll have fresh crab on the table!

The geraniums seem to love the hot weather we're having but the pot of pansies is getting sparse.. hmm..

We planted 2 hollyhocks last year.  The red one thrived and bloomed and the yellow one didn't perform.  This year the yellow one thrived and is blooming and the red one is taking the year off.  Silly plants!

The big hanging baskets are doing well.

Kristi ordered some koi for all of us.. the one she picked was left out of the shipment.. apparently the breeder couldn't find it.. :-)  So, she's been waiting for quite some time but it arrived yesterday.  She named it.. "Lemonhead".  LOL!

The garden is a nice spot in the hot weather.  But it's getting hot today, yesterday it got to 100 degrees F!  We're having a hot weather week and I'm so glad we have AC in the house in this weather.

I'm happy to announce that 2 of our chicks are laying eggs!  We're going to have a LOT of eggs when all 10 of them are laying.  Our older Ameracauna is laying the aqua eggs, her name is Gracie as she has grey feathers.  I got 2 Ameracauna chicks when we bought them and so we'll have several aqua eggs soon.  The Welsummer chicken will lay dark brown ones.  I'm excited to see how dark they'll be.  :-)

 The boys check for eggs often.. Caleb proudly brought these for me to see the other day.  Sweet.

 See the egg with the name on it?  Funny story.  We were all at Elmer's for dinner the other night and our son Travis recognized one of the staff and called out "Stephanie!".  She came over and chatted with us and said.. "We were in Home Ec together!  We got MARRIED!  We even had a baby!  And egg we had to share taking care of.. you named it.. Mary Jane!"  Well, he's been kidded about this ever since.  When he went fishing with his buddies.. Kristi packed them all a lunch.. and wrapped this egg up in a plastic container.  When his friend found the egg he asked Travis about it.. at which point he had to relate the story.  Needless to say his friends crowed with laughter and warned him he might be in trouble with his wife.  LOL!

Yesterday Dayle and I were running errands and hadn't had lunch so at 4 pm, so we went to our favorite steak restaurant and had a nice grilled filet, baked potato and asparagus.  YUM!

See how hot it was yesterday?  This was on my car display. 

On our errands yesterday we went the long way around to get to Multnomah Falls so we could avoid the traffic.. and went by the Oneonta Gorge Tunnel.. I'd been meaning to get his photo and since there was no one behind me I was able to snap this.  I love how it's sunny on the other side.

 I'm off to swim today and Dayle is heading to the hospital to get and MRI so they can see if they can find out what is going on with his back pain.  Wish him luck!  I'll let you know what they find out.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Good luck to Dale, hope it is all ok. Loved this post Teresa and yay to chook eggs and love that story of Mary Jane lol Well I may be missing in the comments area for 6wks but will sure lurk while OS xoxoxo

  2. Oh I do hope they can take care of Dayle's back pain. I know how miserable that is. It is hot here too. M flowers are really suffering in the heat. Your house is looking very pretty with it's new makeup. :-). Fresh eggs! I would love that. Maybe someday.

  3. Back pain is so debilitating and I really hope Dayle gets some answers. I keep my lower back pain in check by sitting on a big bouncy therapy ball at work. Mine is the kind of back pain that is related to sitting long hours. Your lilies are beautiful. I should maybe plant some in our garden for a bit of reliable colour. I wonder how they cope with the wet weather we have year? It is really nice how stories from our youth still can give us happiness and a good round of laughter! Mary Jane is a good name for an egg :-) Have a lovely day, hope its s not too hot for you. It is raining and cool here, really miserable. x

  4. Stay as cool as you can and enjoy the beautiful flowers! Hope all will be OK for Dayle

  5. Wow that's hot Teresa, we've had a week of very unsettled weather here in the UK but it's forecast to improved for the weekend. I tend to cut my petunia (you said pansies but the photo shows petunia?) back quite hard mid season and it stops them getting so thin. They start re budding nearer their bases. I laughed at the egg story ;0 Enjoy the weekend. I hope Dayle gets some advice/help, sometimes it's a case of managing rather than curing back pain...I spent 34 years trying to do that for peeps! An MRI rules out sinister causes but sometimes the results are more of a hindrance than a help! I shall think of him xxx

  6. Star gazer lilies are gorgeous. Your home is looking lovely - love that colour. Hope that Dayle can get that back pain sorted. I'm not really sure what I'm up to- life is a bit 'up in the air' one way and another :-( I keep hoping for a miracle. Nothing I try to do re mum works out, so frustrating. Ah well. No doubt we will get there. Hugs Anne x

  7. Gorgeous lilies and love your eggs! A two-tone house and crab is better than no crab in my book - enjoy!! Great tunnel shot.

  8. I can almost smell your gorgeous lillies through the computer screen! I hope the doctor is able to see how Dayle will best heal. I love seeing how your house painting is progressing. Tim had been salmon fishing, I hear. Last night we had a severe thunderstorm which uprooted some trees and threw around a trampolene. Our hotel is running on a generator so we had no AC, had to trudge up and down three flights of stairs, and the pool is closed.😟Your new eggs are so pretty...even Mary Jane 🤗

  9. Love all your flowers WOW. I am loving the house painting. The railing will look so cute in white too. I love LEMONHEAD .Unique looking fish. Oh your eggs and that story! I feel so peaceful when I read your posts Teresa. Off to volunteer this morning withyour encouragment in mind. Im praying for a good outcome for Dayle. Keep us posted

  10. Gorgeous lilies....I love their scent too. How wonderful to have all those eggs...and I loved the Mary Jane story! I hope that Dayle's back will soon be treated and healed. Xox


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