Friday, August 4, 2017

My White House

The United States White House - the House of the People.  Our sitting president recently told some golfing buddies that the reason he spends so much time on his golf courses is that the White House is "such a dump".  Really?  REALLY?  As a patriot of the USA I beg to differ.  Six years ago we visited Washington DC and my sister Denise arranged for us to visit the White House.  It was one of the most memorable events of my life.  

This home is one of the most beautiful I've ever seen.  It's full of wonderful historic antiques and art.  I'm heartbroken that the man who is now occupying this amazing place speaks with such disdain about it.  :-(

Dayle and I in front of the Lincoln Memorial.  It occurred to me that I hope no memorial will be made of this president.  The week before last was one disaster after the next with our president and his cabinet.  People are dropping like flies in his circle.  One guy is hired, who insults two of the other guys, they are forced to resign, then he is fired.  It's like a soap opera, but worse.  

Dayle had his MRI on Wednesday, the doctor's office called yesterday and told him that he has a significant bulge on his disc L-4 & 5 vertebrae.  The next step will be an injection of steroid cortisone.  We are hoping that this helps.  Wish him luck.  

Last night Caleb came in and said "Grandma, there is a family of bunnies in the yard!".  So I grabbed my camera.  I missed capturing all four of them, mom, dad and 2 babies.. but this is Mom I think and she has a big divot out of her ear.  Probably from an owl or coyote who tried to capture her at one time.

Munch, munch.

I spotted some orange in the woods and zoomed in to get a shot of these berries next to a big Douglas fir.  I just googled it, it's a Rowan Tree, also called a Mountain Ash.  

Our skies are full of smoke from wild fires all over the Northwest and mostly Canada.  They've even closed down the Pacific Crest Trail.  So, my moon shot is hazy.

We're trying to stay cool.. but look how hot it was when I got out of the pool and was heading home!  Sheesh!

I will be heading to the pool again today.  Travis is taking both boys crabbing this weekend.  They leave when he gets off work in a few hours.  Kristi will drop them off at the Nabisco factory and off they go.  I should have some fun photos of their trip by Monday.  Do you have any fun weekend plans?  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. I have to agree with you about the soap opera happening with your government at the moment, my husband and I are waiting to see what the next 'episode ' will be. I don't understand how he is able to continue. Love the bunny photos. A quiet weekend for us, I hope that you have the same. Best wishes to Dayle for a speedy recovery, having a bad back is no fun.
    Best wishes x

  2. Hello Teresa, The man is a Philistine !!!! I would be so excited to visit The White House - such history. Cute momma bunny :-) Not sure what my weekend has in store - life is stressful. Hugs Anne x

  3. Teresa,
    I visited the White House whole in high school which was such a long time ago and it was beautiful!! But I guess when you are used to living in Gold Tower, your concept of what is beautiful leaves something to be desired. Neither Joe or I voted in this past election because we were not happy with anyone who was running. Right now, we do not even discuss Politics or watch national because it only starts a huge fight as we both have opposing Political views. I always said that Joe is such a die hard Republication that he would vote for a Baboon if it run on the Republican ticket and apparently, that is exactly what has happened!! LOL!! I am an Independent and refuse to subscribe to any Political party.......
    I just can not believe that we have 3 1/ years of this crap left!!

  4. The current administration is a complete shambles as far as I can tell. And not very patriotic to be so disrespectful to such a well-respected monument. About what I would expect from him though, he's not cultured or classy in any way. A lovely photo of you both in front of the Lincoln Memorial. I do hope the cortison injection helps Dayle. CJ xx

  5. Yes, my visit to the White House was also an impressive and momentous occasion. Maybe if he spray paints everything gold....
    Your bunnies face looks rounder than mine. Mine looked so ferrety. They've managed to eat their way across my yard as we have no dogs anymore. I tried to plant extra. So far, I've noticed, that basil is not a bunny treat. --Off to organize my fair entries. Maybe I'll manage to see you if you visit the clackamas county fair.

  6. The smoke is horrendous around here isn't it? We watched the sunset tonight and it was orange from the smoke. We can't even see across the lake. Your bunny is so cute. As I was driving on the way to the trailer today, I saw what I thought was a really big dog in the backyard of the house along the highway. Then I realized it was a deer eating the plants in the garden! Ha! A big dog. Yeah right. We'll be praying for Dayle and hope that the injections help his back. I can certainly understand back pain. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.
    Blessings, Betsy

  7. Good luck to your husband. Love the rabbits and that pretty Rowan tree. Hope the heat subsides a bit. We've been much cooler for the last week thank goodness. Quiet weekend recovering now my triplet visitors have departed. B x

  8. Rowan trees are very common here, the berries are always very beautiful. Rowan is actually a common name here also, both and girls.

    The president likes it vulgar from all I can gather. We don't watch sitcoms anymore, just switch on the news for another instalment of 'A day in the life of Trump'. He voiced his opinion on Scottish Independence the other day: According to Mr Trump it would be an absolute disaster because (and I am not joking) the Scots would no longer be able to held the British Open golf tournament. Wishing you luck, it surely must be only a matter of time until he falls into that huge hole he has been digging for months.

    I am planning to sew all afternoon with my friend Christine! Have a great weekend. xx

  9. Teresa,
    Fireman's back was L5-S1. He is fully recovered. Everyone is different of course. He had injections first, then had to have a laminectomy. It worked! He went back to work as a full time fire fighter which is not easy on the back. Hoping the injections do the trick for your hubby.
    Good news, the turkeys are back with more chicks. No more fox killings of late that we know of! Glad your bunny got away

  10. I loved having bunnies in the yard when we lived in our farm house. It was always so fun to watch the tiny ones test out their legs and speed.
    Hope the cortisone helps Dayle. My husband had one in his hip and although it took a bit of time for it to kick in, it really did help.

  11. I am reading your weeks worth of posts today, sorry I have been missing but work is kicking my butt right now. Everyday it is something else out of this administration and this president. They are now cracking down on leaks, but will they crack down on the president who leaks far more than any of the press. To call the White House a dump is just disgusting. I am sending Dayle some positive healing thoughts. I have been there and those shots saved my back. He will feel so much better. Sending you a hug Teresa.

  12. You are a braver lady than me. Although I post my views of this President on my personal Facebook, I don't on my blog. I totally agree with you and find it hard to believe that this man could put down that beautiful building and in doing so all the people who work hard to keep it that way.

  13. Teresa - I hope the shots help Dayle. We are going kayaking tomorrow to try and beat the heat - looks like the smoke has cleared out a bit compared to earlier this week.

  14. How much lower can that guy go? He is so crass and inappropriate and has zero respect for anyone or anything. God help us. At 8:25 am, it's already 102 F with a high of 113 expected. They are talking on the news about the heatwave in your area, a problem for those who don't have air conditioning. There's no way we could live without it here. So many wildfire still continue to burn. I pray they get them all under control very soon.

  15. I think your White House looks amazing. Also think that politicians both there and here have taken a mighty decline recently. Sooner we dump a few of them the better. I've heard the cortisone injections are very effective for several months - hope Dayle gets some relief from the pain. While you're melting in 109F, we're still very cold here - only 12C today. Definitely an indoors day. xox

  16. We are hazy here as well, not quite so much today though. Hazy from smoke last week though. We were in Newport Friday and Saturday and it was cool. Felt so good! Hoping weather cools a bit as an outdoor wedding approaches later this week! Hope Dayle gets relief soon. No fun! Stay cool!

  17. Love the rowan tree shot and your moon shot (though not the reason for the moon looking the way it does). As for that jerk down in DC, soap opera doesn't even begin to describe it. Awful.

  18. One of the positive highlights of my childhood was a visit to the White House. Visiting the monuments in and around Washington D.C. helped me grow to love and respect the USA even though I have become aware of our leaders faults and missteps through the years since then. I try to remember to pray for those in authority, that we might live in peace. Trumps Tweets and reported comments prompt me to pray for him more than any other president in my memory!!!
    Has Dayle's back been helped by an injection yet?
    Sorry you have been in a heatwave! It is HUMID here, but in the 70s which is amazing considering how hot it usually is here at this time of the year. Some in our household are getting ready to participate in their little county fair which should be great fun this week.
    Hope the boys trip was successful! xx

  19. I so agree with you ...........even if the White House WAS a dump, those words should NOT have been spoken. I think in this case, we have to consider the source and possibly take away his cell phone.

    Sending good wishes for your husband. Hope the steroid shot helps.

  20. WishinG for Dayle good recovery and hugs from Krakow....the more we hear of Trump the worse it that was hot temp for you....on holidays in euro here been extra warm but I am loving the tripping around xoxo

  21. Hey Teresa,
    A coupe of years ago me, my husband and eldest Sam visited Washington. WE watched Bernie Sanders address the Black Lives Matter rally at the Lincoln Memorial and we wandered down to the White House past historic monuments and poignant memorials to those fallen in battle. I think Trump is an uncultured fool, to so openly dismiss the culture and heritage of one's own country. I hope that Dale's injection bought respite.
    Leanne xx


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