Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Crab Fishing

Our son Travis took our C-Dory boat crabbing over the weekend.  His friend from work Ernie went along and he took both of the boys.  They caught 70 big Dungeness Crab!!  

Hayden went for the first time and he did great!  I think it's great that they are learning to fish and crab at such a young age, they will have a lifetime of such adventures ahead of them.

They stayed in the yard of their boss, Jerry, as he has a house there.  The guys spent the night on the boat in the cabin and Ernie pitched a tent.  He went out crabbing with them on Saturday and Sunday.  This is him with showing how the crabs were legal size on the crab gauge. 

On Sunday they went on an adventure, motoring 7 miles off-shore where they fished and caught one Coho Salmon.  The wonderful Pacific Ocean!  They were launching out of Ilwaco, Washington.

I'm so happy to see that Hayden went along and enjoyed himself.

A full crab pot!

Both boys having a great day with Dad and his friends.

Ice chest full of crab!  They cooked them when they got home each day and brought them home ready to eat.  I actually cracked and ate two crab when they got home!  :-P

See the bait in the middle of the crab pot?  That is what draws the crabs to crawl in.  The guys used Shad fish they caught specifically to use as crab bait.. and some chicken.

Crab conquerors!

A closer look.

Peekaboo.. I see you!

Did you know that August 7th was National Purple Heart Day in the USA?  Dayle got a new hat as his old one was pretty worn out.  He was awarded a Purple Heart when he was shot in the thigh while flying his "Loach" helicopter in the Army on May 3, 1968 on a scouting mission.  

I drove him to Hillsboro, OR yesterday to get a cortisone steroid shot in his bulging disc.  It might take 3 or 4 days for it to begin to help his pain.

Lee, our painter helper came out yesterday and did some more work and Travis also got in his painting clothes after a full day of work and finally got to the last green parts!!  It was scary to see him at the top of the ladder like that, though.  I absolutely love the red and white color scheme!!  I'm thinking we'll need new Christmas lights in red and white, what do you think?

We're off to run some errands soon.. but mostly he is taking it easy, doctor's orders.  How is your week going?  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. What amazing catch...such adventure for the boys!The house is looking great,nearly there! xxx

  2. Another thank you today to Dayle. I know I've said it before, but I'm so proud of our veterans and the contribution they've made to our country. It looks like all of the boys had a wonderful time crabbing and they had quite the catch. Your house is looking beautiful. I'm glad it's nearly done for you. I'll be keeping Dayle in my prayers, that his back was soon have some relief from pain.
    Blessings always, Betsy

  3. What a great adventure for those boys! So great that their dad takes them along. Something they will never forget. Your house is looking great!

  4. Fun fact: from the tip of my pinky finger to the tip of my thumb is a perfect Oregon Dungeness Crab measurement. No need for crab rulers here.

  5. Your grandchildren will have such wonderful memories of these special times. Your home looks so lovely with its new color scheme. And, it's such a lovely setting nestled among the trees. Enjoy your day. Pat xx

  6. Your house looks fabulous and yes, I agree that red/white Christmas lights will look great. What a gorgeous photo of Dayle !! He has such a kind and friendly face - you should frame this picture. Enjoy those crabs. xox

  7. What a great catch of crabs! Looks as though everyone enjoyed it!

  8. A wonderful crab fishing expedition and lovely pictures of all your boys! Your house looks gorgeous......how pretty it will be at Christmas too!
    Have a lovely week and I hope Dayle feels better soon. Xox

  9. Wow! Marvelous catch -- so glad the boys all had fun. Love me some crab meat!! Your house is looking gorgeous. Hoping Dayle has relief sooner rather than later.

  10. I honor and thank Dayle for his service. I pray his back heals quickly.
    Crabs...oh my goodness. HUGE!! The boys are having adventures they will never forget
    I would vote all while lights for the house! I LOVE THE red paint.

  11. WOW! What a wonderful catch of crab and salmon! I'm so glad the guys had a good time. I did not know it was Purple Heart Day, but I continue to be grateful to Dayle and others who have suffered to help us all live in safety and freedom. It is wonderful to see the progress on your home's new color scheme and it will be fun to see what lights you put on the house this Christmas. This morning I was singing Christmas songs to my great niece who has severe Cerebral Palsy. As a result of loving care she is 21 although the doctors thought she would not make it to the age of five. She smiled as I sang my out of season melodies. The weather here is making me think of Summer shifting to Fall. It is cool and threatening rain here in Nebraska, and some of my niece's family are at the county fair, while others are tending to chores here at home...busy happy times! I am praying you will be pain free soon, Dayle. Thanks for posting, Teresa. xx

  12. Wow, the crab fishing trip looks fun! I have never eaten fresh crab, just the canned variety. I do love Thai crab cakes. I love how your son take his boys out for adventures, they'll always remember that. My dad was not terribly adventurous unfortunately. I hope the steroid injections are helping Dayle. Keeping my fingers crossed. x

  13. Looks like a great time was had by all!! I get steroid shots in my knee and they help immensely!! Thanks for stopping by!!

  14. Busy week as always for me. I'm glad the guys caught lots of crab! There were crab appetizers among other appetizers at a wedding we attended today. It was caught of the Oregon coast! It was good and Gretchen caught a huge one and that was some we ate...except for Megan as she's allergic to shellfish! Your house looks nice! Nice hat for Dayle and hope he feels better soon!

  15. A wonderful catch. Such fun for your grandsons. Sorry to hear Dayle is suffering. Hope he soon begins to improve. Hugs Anne x


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