Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Independence Day Parade

Hello!  We sure had a nice 4th of July here.  Travis went up early and put up our shade canopy in *our* spot at the top of our road where it meets with the Historic Columbia River Highway which is the parade route.  (For a few years someone else had gotten there earlier and taken "our" spot.) :-)  First up are the antique cars and car clubs.  I loved this vintage fire truck all decorated for the day.

This is one of my favorite Corvettes.  A 1962.

Who doesn't love a 1931 Model A Ford Pickup in red?

And a 50s era Buick Roadmaster driven by a friend of mine.

And a 66 Mustang in turquoise!  I spared you photos of more cars.. lol.. which one do you want?

A man walked by with an unusual looking dog so I asked him what breed it was and he said a "Catahoula Cur".  I knew this breed from our 5 years of living in Louisiana.  They were bred for hunting dogs in the swamps and woodlands of the South.  A nice dog he was, his name was "Blue".  :-)

Our beloved Volunteer Fire District 14 - we depend them out here in the countryside.

And of course the horses!  This was a very nice group of girls, all the horses were decorated alike and they were dressed alike.

I told them they all looked like rodeo queens!  

Our boys called out to this guy.. "Nice M-47!"  He said that they were the only ones who knew what this was!  :-)

How about this colorful farmer on his Farmall Cub tractor?

This group of little girls had a bubble machine.. so cute!

This group of horseback riders were high-5'ing people all along the route... oh my.. where is my hand sanitizer!  LOL!

This was a float for the Corbett Children's Theater and our friend Rocio's daughter was dancing - she's in the red t-shirt.

Rocio was in the truck bed behind them, she is the one with the arms outstretched.  She has 5 children and home-schools them.  A wonderful person.

I'm in love with this era farm truck!  I'd love to have one.  Would you?

More horses!  I used to have my own Quarter Horse - Lady - when I was in my 30s I was cantering through a field and the horse was spooked by a dog running through the long grass and bolted out from under me.  I broke my humerus.  But I did get back on and rode after I healed.

This miniature horse is 14 years old!

One of the log trucks that brings logs out of the mountains.

This float had a girls basketball team and they were bouncing their ball all along the parade route.. and they let kids along with way try to get a basket.. this is Hayden giving it a shot.  Fun!

An Army Truck - a 5 ton.  My guys all wish they had one.  :-)

The local 4-H group.. they had rabbits and chickens on the float.  I was the Dairy Goat 4-H leader for 5 years when the kids were young.. it was fun to show the goats at the county fair.  Ours were Nubian goats.

Another vintage fire truck.

The Corbett Fire Truck always signals the end of the parade.  It was another very fun one!  

I got another vintage metal sign to decorate our chicken coop, it's on the door.  I'd like a weather vane for the top.. lol!!  I asked my son to put some heavy wire over the window screens.. the screen is just synthetic and would be easy for a coyote to rip through and gain access to the coop - it's now more secure!

I also might need to put up some bunting on it.  What do you think?

We didn't have a BBQ party this year.. but came back and had hot dogs and potato salad.. and I worked on my grandson's blanket now that my shawl is done.  

What are you up this fine day?  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Looks like a fun parade! I'm about to go outside and get after some weeds!

  2. Great to see the Parade again Teresa :-) glad you got 'your' spot :-) I'm about to go to bed I am very tired tonight. Hugs Anne x

  3. I always enjoy seeing your 4th July photos Teresa. Glad you had a fun day xxx

  4. I enjoyed your parade, and I think I would choose the Buick and the red pickup :-) The girls' interactive basketball float was very clever! The horses and fire engines and the happy folk participating in the parade were fun to see as well, and your narrative noting your connections to what you saw made the event a wonderful celebration of community. The chicken house is looking grand and the idea of a weathervane and bunting additions sounds like fun. What would you make the bunting out of? XX

    1. I actually have a red, white and blue crocheted bunting.. somewhere.. that would be perfect! I'll have to look for it. :-)

  5. Teresa - thanks for sharing your parade - it makes ours pale in comparison ... I would like the Farmall tractor and a new pair of overalls to go with it! We did enjoy the local fireworks, which are shot over the lake with the mountains in the background. Beautiful!

  6. Thanks for sharing Teresa. I missed celebrating the 4th due to a cold. Your parade pictures brought a bit of the 4th to me. Thanks!

  7. A great celebration, glad you had a good day!

  8. Looks like a wonderful celebration, I shouted Gerard through so that he could see some of the vehicles. He'll take one of each... Oil cloth would make some wonderful bunting and be completely weatherproof.

  9. Thank you for sharing. Your town's parades always seem like such fun. glad you were able to get "your" spot this year!!

  10. Looks like such a fun parade, Teresa. Thanks for sharing with us. :)

  11. I biked into our parade - my pics and video are on my instagram page. I've had two quieter weeks with just the overtime to contend with instead of family crisis plus OT. I've *thought* about blogging but that's as far as I get.
    We also had a miniature horse with racing harness.

  12. We don't have a parade like that around us, I wish we did. When we lived in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin we had parades for everything! So glad you had a good day.

  13. Wonderful post Teresa and felt like I was right there with you ♥


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