Friday, July 7, 2017

Out and About

When you live in the Columbia River Gorge, running errands can be quite delightful.  :-)  We needed to drop something off at Multnomah Falls Lodge so I proposed that we take the boys on an outing and make an afternoon of it.  We drove East, over the Bridge of the Gods and had lunch at Big T's Restaurant in Stevenson.  Then back over the bridge to Cascade Locks and an ice cream for dessert at the East Wind Drive-In.  We then drove in to the Cascade Locks Marine Park and let the boys play a little on the swings.  This is the view I enjoyed while watching them play.

Many of the buildings in Cascade Locks have "quilt squares" mounted on them.

The guys heading back to the car.

I snapped this peek of the Sternwheeler at the dock.

This is such a nice playground for kids.. clean and fun and a neat design.

We drove down to the boat launch and fishing area and I snapped this image of the Bridge of the Gods.  I asked a fisherman what they were catching and he said "June Hogs".  LOL!  I did some googling and actually the Summer Chinook got so fat they weighed 85-100 lbs!

Heading back West we took the exit 35 off of I-84 to get to Multnomah Falls and passed Horsetail Falls.

We dropped 2 boxes of pins off at the lodge and then drove up the Historic Columbia River Highway to Vista House.  *snap* 

We drove past to where my beloved Columbia Tiger Lilies bloom and I was devastated to see I'd missed the bloom for the first time in literally YEARS and all we saw was a stem of dried up flowers.  :-(  We then pulled into Portland Women's Forum and I snapped this shot of Vista House and the gorge with colorful wild Sweet Peas in bloom.. which the camera focused on.. oh well.

Such a lovely pink.

My darling grandsons. :-)

A zoom over to Vista House.

The boys went over to the big rock at the entrance to the park and looked at all the historic plaques embedded in the rock.

After finishing my Sunday Shawl I dove right back into the little snuggle blanket I'm making for my grandson Gabriel in California.  :-)

These vintage glass canisters arrived today.  Won't they look good in the kitchen queen?  It's rare to find these with the black ink on the label intact, most have the black scrubbed off over the years.

I had to show you this.. on Wednesday we were on the way to the credit union and this guy was in front of us.. I said.. is that guy in a kilt?  Yes!  And he had a bagpipe on his lap!  How often do you see something like this?  LOL!  When he took off his kilt flew up.. but we were spared seeing what was under it.  :-)

I have happy news!  I have convinced Dayle and the rest of the family to paint the farmhouse red!  This is an example of how it will look.. this is not our house but you can get the idea.  I'm so excited!  One of our son's friends is going to do the painting for us.  We'll have the house, shed and garage done.. and maybe a 2nd coat on the barn.  :-)

Our grandson Hayden came home with a hurt little toe when he went adventuring with our son Travis.  Kristi took him to the doctor the next day and it was broken!  So, he's been sidelined from doing a lot of fun things this summer, such as their day camp starting on Monday.  Poor guy.

So.. 45 had a 2 1/2 hour love-fest with Russian Pres Putin today - yes, the man whose minions interfered with our 2016 presidential election to the point that the most unfit president in the history of our country was elected.  :-(

At least it looks like the "Wealth-care" bill isn't going to pass.  For now.  I'm sure they'll keep trying to strip 20 million of our children, elderly, infirm, sick and poor of health care.. but we can hope they will fail to kill us.

:-)  What are you up to today?  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. So sorry that Hayden is sidelined with a broken toe! I hope it heals fast! Thanks for the gorgeous photos of your adventure. Your farm will be so pretty with all it's red and white buildings. I have 2 and 3/4 rows to crochet before Monday and will get back at it after typing to you now. xx

  2. Broken toes are no good! I hope Hayden heals quickly. Your views are gorgeous!!!

  3. Poor Hayden, no fun to have something broken during the summer. Love your beautiful sites today. As you know I am with you on 45, they want to put it all in the past, really?

  4. I talked with a dear friend today - she's going back to live in England as she can't afford our health care.
    I'm delighted you are painting your farmhouse red! Tell Dayle I said so.

  5. Love those blankies you're making! Hasn't the weather been great the past couple of weeks? Great photos; we really need to get down to see Multnomah Falls again. So sorry to hear of your GS's broken toe; hope it heals real quick!

  6. What a lovely place for your grandson's to grow up in Teresa,sorry about the broken toe. I really like the look of the house in barn red..way to go! Have a fun weekend, it's my DDs annual BBQ today. Hugs xxx

  7. The red looks wonderful, looking forward to seeing it painted. I bet yours gets finished before mine LOL. It really is hard work. Loved the glass canisters, a great find. Always a joy to go on one of your tours with you. Such a shame about Hayden breaking his toe, hope it heals quickly.

  8. Ooh, those green canisters are perfect!

  9. Out and about again are ya? Megan and I were at the coast yesterday and met up with my sister and her fiance. It was lovely over there! Nice canisters! I like old blue jars! I did some work around the house today. Sorry Hayden's toe is broken! Guess you'll have to find him something to keep him busy. I'm sure he's unhappy about day camp! :-{

  10. I love Horsetail Falls the most! Your grands are a delight for us to see, sorry about the toe. Ouch.
    Your cannisters.....perfect. Your RED repaint! What could be more charming! Teresa I can't wait to see it all painted up

  11. What a beautiful place you live and gorgeous grandchildren. I'm enjoying learning about your corner of the world :) B x

  12. I hope Hayden will be all mended soon. You do live in a beautiful part of the world and your own part will be even lovelier when your house is red!

  13. Today I am catching up on many blog posts lol Poor Hayden xo hugs to him. Oh I am really looking forward to the final pic of red paint it will look live in such a beautiful area xoxo


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