Monday, July 10, 2017

Easy Summer Days

Hello.. how was your weekend?  We're just enjoying the warmth, having the doors open.. staying cool as it heats up with our AC on in the afternoons.. or not if it doesn't get too warm.  Dayle and I went to Tad's Chicken'n Dumplins on Friday evening.  If you've been a reader of my blog for a while you know of the story of the half burned out neon sign.  The other side of the sign is fully lit.  This wonderful place is just 5 minutes from our house.  The locals *love* it and we all call it the "chic dump".  

Our favorite part is the old dining room and I love a window table where we can watch the sunset over the Sandy River.

The boys spent the weekend at their Aunt Nikki and Uncle Andy's house and went to the Sandy Mountain Festival yesterday.  They came home all excited with some new wooden swords!  LOL!

Caleb got to decorate his own shield and sword.

The old Hydrangea is perfection right now.. love it's mellow purple color.

The Astilbe is looking nice.. I would like to get the other color varieties of this, it comes in pink, red and white, too.

I love this color and see the centers of the flowers.. it's an ice blue.. and some lime green.. really pretty color scheme.

I captured the full moon the other night.. I really do adore the moon.  

I am meeting up with my blog friend Gracie for lunch today.  Our summer has been so busy and our pool is closed for renovations.. plus she is leaving soon for a big long road trip adventure.. so we will meet up and chat before she's off again.  

Our painter power washed the house on Saturday and today Dayle and Travis are going to buy the paint.  Painting begins tomorrow!  Oh my.. very exciting!  I will be sure and do some "before and after" photos.  

What are you up to this week?  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Lovely summery days where you are and lots of fun things going on. Your flowers are so beautiful...always such lovely colours. Hope you have a great time with Gracie! I can't wait to see the painting begin...your farmhouse is so pretty (in any colour!) Have a great week dear Teresa.
    Helen xox

  2. Exciting days. Your flowers are so pretty and the farm is being painted!!!!! Now that will be fun. I've missed so much the last week but I think it will be impossible to catch up so I'm beginning anew. :-). Hope lunch with Gracie was fun.

  3. Swords all around! I love them.
    Paint paint paint, I cant wait

  4. Looking forward to seeing the photos of the painting progress! I would LOVE to eat at the Chic Dump!

  5. It was great to visit with you today, Teresa! I love the photos in this post...the moon photo is especially amazing. My brain is cluttered with lists I should have recorded as I try to get organized for traveling. Looking forward to seeing you on the 18th on our way out of town. xxxxxxxx

  6. Send your boys over here when they have finished painting I could do with a hand. Looking forward to seeing the end result, exciting times.

  7. Yes look forward to before and after photo's ☺ Love the swords and shields....Beautiful flowers again lol xoxo

  8. Your garden is looking beautiful! The weather here has been hot, but it is cooler today as it has been raining all day. Doesn't matter because the garden needs it and it saves having to water! Hope you had a great time with Gracie.

  9. Your moon photo is beautiful Teresa! And your flowers!! so lovely. Boys and their swords - looks like they are having a fine summer. Can't wait to see your "new" home!!


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