Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Lunch Out and Before Photos of the Farmhouse

My friend Gracie and I had lunch together on Monday.  We both wore our newly finished shawls.  Gracie made one using the yarn I used for the Ruby shawl.. doesn't it look wonderful on her?  I'm enjoying wearing my pink and muted brights on my Sunday Shawl.  We had a nice long chat over lunch before she heads off for a very long road trip to see family.

We both had the crab salad and, oh my, was it good!

The guys have put a primer coat of paint on the areas that need it.

The "before" photos! :-)

The garden shed is getting painted right now.

The face of the garage-barn was really dried up so our son Travis scraped it and they put a primer coat all over it.

The end of the house -- "before".

The front.  Yes, the xmas lights need to come down.  LOL!

Meet Lee, our painter!  He worked with Travis at The Oregonian newspaper for years in the press room.

This is a fuzzy shot but I love the bright red cherries on the wild cherry tree.. the birds love them!

The red Crocosmia is blooming.. I adore this plant and it reminds me of the beach where they grow them a lot.

Talk about RED!

I'd given this bracelet to Gracie for her birthday and on Monday I noted she wasn't wearing it.. she showed me that it was broken so I offered to re-string it with soldered jump rings.  Our blog friend Meredith had sent me some bead supplies not long ago when she decided she wasn't going to use them any longer.  So, I told her I'd share with Gracie.  I went through her supplies and found the soldered rings and also two very special beads to add to Gracie's bracelet, the cute little owl beads.  I texted a photo to Gracie and she said the owls reminded her of Meredith's love of feathers and was happy to have something of Mere on the bracelet too.  :-)

Aren't these wonderful owl beads?  Thanks, Meredith for your gift to me and to Gracie.

The garden shed has some red on it now.. and Hayden got to help paint as far as he could reach.  :-)  I love it!

The next post on Friday I should have some more photos of red buildings.. with white trim!  How is your week going?  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Arrived here from Gracie's blog.......I so love the house, just what I would love. Sadly we don't have houses like this in UK, the climate is all wrong.
    I am a beginner crocheter, encouraged by the Craft Circle at church. I so love your shawls.

  2. Oh your house and barn will be so beautiful. Speaking of and Gracie look fabulous in your shawls. So colorful and cheerful. Beautiful bracelet you made.

  3. Your shawls are gorgeous, I would wear them a lot. That was a nice fix of the bracelet with the owl beads.

  4. So many lovely colors when I look at your blog. What restaurant did you enjoy that wonderful salad at? We need to eat there, too!

  5. As I told Gracie on her blog, I just love the photo of the two of you together. Two of my favorite bloggers with your beautiful smiles. Your shawls are stunning. What a sweet bracelet you made for Gracie and the beads from Mere just make it all the more special. Your house makes me think of a grand lady preparing for a ball with the beginnings of her "makeup" on! I can't wait for the "after" photos. How fun! Stay cool my friend.

  6. I love your shawls! So beautiful! I am looking forward to seeing your house project finished. Our house has light beige siding and I would have never picked that. *sigh* Not sure it will ever get changed, though.

  7. So exciting to get new paint on things. I'm glad you "won".

  8. I love reading about the special friendship you and Gracie share. The bracelet is so lovely as are your shawls. Pat xxx

  9. Look at you TWO you look gorgeous xoxo oh boy all that painting is going to be fantastic and I LOVE that bracelet xoxo

  10. Thanks again, Teresa, for your encouragement to crochet the shawl and grow our friendship, and for the special birthday bracelet you have fashioned for me! You help me appreciate so much beauty around your gorgeous flowers and your soon to be red and white house ☺️ We went to stitching this morning then lunch and shopping and are enjoying lots of sister chatting! See you soon before we leave xxxxxxx

  11. Love both your shawls. The colours are gorgeous. House is shaping up well and that crab salad has made me feel very hungry. The owls are so pretty on the bracelet. Gracie is sure to love it :). B x

  12. Glad you had a nice lunch! The house looks as though it is coming on well. Great repair/addition to the bracelet!

  13. Teresa - what a wonderful gift to fix Gracie's bracelet (and the insight to ask about it in the first place ....) You have inspired me to find someone to fix a couple of treasured bracelets that need re-stringing!

  14. You two lovely ladies are gorgeous! x

  15. I am so far behind in reading blogs, that you so much for the shout out. I love the bracelet you made for Gracie and I am honored to be a part of it. Thank you. By the way you both look great in your shawls, I am nearing the end of my Sunday Shawl, can't wait to show you it.

  16. You were so brave to go with red after having such a calm, light color! I love the red though! Looks like it just belongs on your home.

  17. Pretty bracelet, I much prefer them to wearing necklaces where I feel as if I'm being strangled after a time!


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