Wednesday, August 16, 2017

County Fair and Decking

Hello my friends!  Thanks for all the nice comments about our new house paint!  You're very kind.  We took a break from home improvement yesterday and took the boys to the Clackamas County Fair in Canby.  We have always been at Waldo Lake during this fair so have missed it.  Here are the boys making friends with a llama.  :-)

I snapped a closeup of a mottled cutie pie.

It's a small fair but had a bit of everything.  The boys had a ball on the rides and games.

Our two little sheep.  :-)

There were a lot of llamas!

The boys flying through the air.

Ready for a big ride!


Boys love bumper cars!

We had shaved ice and iced coffee and I saw a cowgirl roping comedian.. ha!  After the fair we took the boys to Kristi's sister's house to stay for a few days and she has a pool!  They jumped right in when we got there.

On Monday our project helper Lee arrived to start the decking replacement project.  Travis and Kristi are helping too.  Kristi is removing all the screws from the old decking and Caleb even was helping with that.  They got 6 new boards down!

There's nothing better than strong new boards.  These are kiln dried Port Orford Cedar which are supposed to be very good.

The boys are having fun on their trampoline.  Here's Hayden getting "airtime" doing a flip.

Caleb doing his flip.

With the painting and decking, the weeds have gone unchecked, Kristi is laughing at how tall this milkweed got!

Lee's Golden Lab puppy, Marley.. fell asleep on my foot while I was sitting outside watching the deck work going on.  :-)

Well, I'm off to the pool.. have a good one!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Nothing like a sleepy pup. So precious!
    Kristi is losing weight. No wonder with all the projects she does.
    Give me a small fair any day of the year.
    Don't forget OFFF is September 23rd & 24th. If you like yarn & animals it's a must do.

  2. Your adorable grandsons look like they had a fabulous time. Isn't it wonderful that you are with them to see them grow up? My little grandchildren are just a 10 minute ride down the road and I'm so thankful that I'm near to them. The photos of the county fair brought back great memories of when I use to go. Enjoy your day! Pat xx

  3. Looks like you are all enjoying simple pleasures and lots of summertime activities (along with a little diy). :)

  4. Looks like you are all enjoying simple pleasures and lots of summertime activities (along with a little diy). :)

  5. Fun fun fun photos. I'm seeing lots of KRISTI in the boys. all of the sudden I see it.
    The mid flip photo is wonderful Teresa. I can't wait for our fair in a few weeks

  6. I think county fairs are so much fun and it looks like your grandboys agree! How I would love to be there next month during the Flock and Fiber Festival. Someday! Your house and deck are looking so pretty and you must be feeling very blessed to have Travis and Kristi there to help with all of the work. I hope you're enjoying this great weather we're having in comparison to the heat of last week. It looks like Marley is content with all of the things happening around him. :-)

  7. You probably didn't get upstairs to Hobby Hall and see if I won any blue ribbons! I forgot to remind you when you texted me. I'm trying to go Saturday between shifts - I also promised to help out at Junk Refunk - a street fair here in Canby. They are going on at the same moment on Saturday. Happy the boys enjoyed their rides. I hope they went over to Pioneer Village and panned for gold (only $5). And why aren't you at Waldo Lake this week anyway? (scared of the crazy eclipse peoples?)

  8. Fairs are fun. I class the the flock and fiber festival my fair. I'm going this year for sure. It would be fun to have Betsy there too!

  9. I have never been to a country fair, can you believe it? It sure looks like fun. My mum has a pool and whenever we visit, the kids dive right in. Wishing you and yours a good weekend. xx

  10. Loved the pictures of the boys having fun at the fair. Now I can't get that stupid llama song out of my head. You know the one ... something something something, llama llama duck !!!

  11. We went to as many local fairs as we could when we lived in VA and some were even smaller than this one. Now that fall will be coming very soon, there will be various similar events here in New England that we will look forward to attending.

  12. Love all the llama pictures. the first one with the boys is such a great photo! Looks like everyone had loads of fun!

  13. Great all looks like a lot of fun! The llamas are such funny creatures, I loved seeing your photos of them. And what a good time your boys are enjoying! Have a great weekend Teresa! xox

  14. Most of my great nieces and nephews enjoyed riding some of the rides at the local county fair here in Nebraska last week. I'm glad your grand boys had fun on the rides at Canby and got to go swimming, too. I enjoyed pink lemonade shaved ice the day I went to the local fair here, and Carolyn and my niece and I attended a melodrama where we were encouraged to "boo" the villains and throw popcorn at them! Fun! Yay for the deck decking progress :) xx

  15. Looks like lots of fun Teresa. Anne x

  16. Teresa - you and I appear to be on the same schedule with fairs! Love it! I am just a little bit jealous that you had kids with you - it adds some extra shine to the whole event! Have a great week.


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