Monday, August 14, 2017

Dreams Can Come True

Our house needed painting for a few years now.  I used to read a blog by a woman in Norway and her farmhouse was painted red with white trim and I fell in love with it.  I began my campaign with my husband and family to paint our house red.  I took 3 years to wear my husband down.  :-)  I am so happy with this color!  Now we have all the painting debris and painted greenery to clean up.  What do you think?

Here is the old color.  I thought I'd show you some "Before & After" photos. I did love the old light aqua color but I so loved our red barn with white trim that I thought our house and outbuildings would look nice to match it.

Here is the end of the house where our kitchen, dining room and family room are.

Nice fresh paint!

I snapped this before picture after the primer was going on the back of the house.

After - but with a lot of clean up to do! :-)

This is before of the paint and the dining room windows.

New paint and new windows!

Garage with primer.

New paint.

Garden shed before.

After.  The white clematis died that was climbing it so we're going to plant the trumpet vine my sister gave me in that spot.  The pots will be moved to another location.  I used to have cute little curtains in the shed windows and once we clear out what is stored in there now I want to place some lacy curtains back in the windows.

This is the end of the house where our master bedroom is and 
 the craft studio/office. 

Our painter, Lee, took most of the after photos - this is the front porch.  Kristi is going to paint the old oak porch swing white, won't that look nice?  I didn't know the trim piece was broken, but now we will fix it.

This is the upstairs with the two bedrooms and bathroom where our son and his family live.

New windows.. open.  And photo bomber.

Windows..closed.. another photo bomber.  :-)

Windows and back door.. I need to re-hang my magnolia wreath!

New living room windows.  I love the breezes we can let in now!

Our pullets that we raised from baby chicks.. in the clawfoot bathtub.. are starting to lay eggs!  One of my Ameracauna hens laid her first little aqua egg.  :-)

A masterpiece of eggery!

I finished the blanket for my grandson Gabriel.  I did not put an edging around it as I think it's fine for a boy as is.  :-)

This blanket is so soft and cuddly.  I used my own "Shells on the Half Shell" pattern (pattern is here) using Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable yarn and an H size hook.

OK, I have to pack my swim bag and head to the pool.  What are you up to today?  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. The red paint looks wonderful! I love it. We had an old white farmhouse in upstate New York for a few years, and I always wanted to paint it and the barn red. I'm so glad that you are happy with it! The windows look lovely, too.

  2. Your home is absolutely gorgeous. Finding the right red color can be difficult and your shade of red is perfect! I love the new window design, too. Very nice! Pat xx

  3. It has all been well worth the effort The house looks lovely especially with those new windows. Bet you are all so pleased with it. Enjoy. B x

  4. LOVE, the photo boomer with the pointed ears. Buddy is a sweetheart!
    Have you had any double yolks yet? That one egg sure looks big enough to have a dbl yolk.
    All the red buildings sure look nice. And don't you just love the nice breeze we're having now. Wish these cooler days would last.

  5. Your home look exquisite! I love the color red and it is my favorite! In answer to your blog question - my son and husband are going to Colorado to Elk hunt. Well, my son has an Elk tag and my husband is tagging along! lol My daughter and I are headed to London and Paris next spring.

  6. I love the red color that you've painted your home and the afghan you made your grandson. We are exploring the Oregon coast this week staying at Winchester Bay for 4 days on the way home to California .

  7. Fabulous! Your farm house was meant to be red! It is perfection!!!!
    I got my chicks only a few days after you. I should be getting eggs any day now too!
    xo Kris

  8. I'm glad you got to replace windows too. You new/old red farmhouse will be toasty warm this winter

  9. Your house looks awesome! So worth the effort.

  10. I like your new house paint job and shed and garage as well. Now it all matches and clean up will be over soon. Thanks for the tour of your home place! Nice baby afghan. I like the colors too! Maybe I'll get to see it this year. :-} Just a work day for me, last Bible study this evening. Will miss the interaction with the women I got to know...well I do see them at church but it's a bit different. Talked about cupcakes with a friend who makes them....for our celebration in's coming soon! Hope you had a fun swim! Happy week!

  11. Teresa, I love the color of your house now! Of course, I loved it before and it was so welcoming each time I visited. But now, it looks just like a farm should. Did you get a new back door too? It matches the new windows perfectly. Both of your photo bombers are cuties. :-). Congratulations on the eggs. I need to find a new fresh egg supplier. The lady I was buying from has moved away. I hope your swim went well. I'll bet your missing Gracie's companionship. She'll probably be home about the time I'm headed back to Nebraska for Piper's birthday!
    Blessings always,

  12. I love it! That had to be a big job but well worth the effort. Everything looks amazing.

  13. The house looks really great Teresa...what a lot of painting! I love your new windows too. Your grandson will adore his blanket, there is a lot of love you put into i. Hope you enjoyed your swim xx

  14. Your house looks so pretty! It was lovely before, but is even nicer now! Love your blanket too!

  15. I really love your house Teresa! It looks fantastic with its new red paint and the white trim......I love this style of house, it looks so pretty and the new windows really complete the look. Also love your new pretty and cosy....a treasure for your grandson to keep. Xox

  16. Gorgeous color! I too am a huge fan of red and your red is one of my favorites.

  17. Love, love your new color combination! Beautiful.

  18. I love the new red paint - it looks very smart. Hurrah for your chicks starting to lay eggs as well.

  19. transformation! WOW . I LOVE The red and I am usually such a blue fan. Enjoy the swim!

  20. It looks fantastic. I love how crisp the white color looks against the boldness of the red!

  21. It is amazing how much difference a change of colour can make. Your house and outbuildings look so different with the dark red! I love both old and new colours. Our house is pebble dash, which is a rough cast, not painted. It is very ugly compared to your gorgeous house! The effort that has gone into freshening your house up is admirable, well done all! x

  22. I think your house looks perfectly charming! The white trim and new windows are frosting on the cake. Beautiful afghan! Thank you for sharing the pattern.

  23. Many of your beautiful dreams are coming true, and I am enjoying being a witness to them, Teresa! Your vision of the color scheme for the farm is perfect to me, and a testimony to your artistic ability, as well as the hard work of those who are bringing it all together. Gabriel's blanket has a wonderful Native American feel to it for me. I really enjoy the result of your skill and hard work and vision in making it and I am imagining Gabriel treasuring it. The farm chickens here in NE are producing colorful yummy eggs like your chickens' eggs. The yolks are such an amazing rich color, too, aren't they. Some of the chickens here range a little more freely than my nephew wants. His kids made a garden of Impatience flowers for him for Father's Day, and the chickens seem to think it is place for them to feast. Your photo bombers are lovely...including the reflection of you, my good friend! Having fun but missing you xx

  24. Yay .. an aqua egg. Are they all laying now? Teresa, your house looks absolutely amazing. Its like homes you see in those glossy home beautiful magazines. Such a lot of work by the looks of it, but so worth it. I think lace curtains on your little shed will look cute. Thanks for sharing your photos of your beautiful home. The Unforgettable blankie is gorgeous - how many balls did you need? xox

  25. Hey Teresa,
    I LOVE it!!
    I have visited Norway a few times (a close friend comes from there), and I love the colours of their houses very much. Your house is really lovely.
    Leanne xx

  26. Adorable blanket!! Love those combinations of colours!
    I am so very glad you persisted in your idea of painting your house red and that your husband gave in in the end! It looks enchanting....I literally drool with envy that you live in such a beautiful house and surroundings.

    keep well

    Amanda x

  27. So pleased you got your red and white Teresa. It looks super. The blanket is fab. Great collecting your own eggs. Anne x

  28. Hi Teresa, I am a newcomer to your blog and WOW on the house color. It really is great and the red with white trim really is a wonderful combination, While I'm sure you really enjoyed your previous house color, you selected a great color to repaint, including the barn and garden shed. After we bought our VA house, we couldn't wait to redo the black and white previous colors.


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