Monday, August 28, 2017

DYI on the Deck

Hello there!  Was your weekend a good one?  We did pretty much zip.  :-)  Resting is good.. isn't it?  Today Kristi is working on getting some prep work done so the decking project can continue.  

This part is almost done.  Then it will get a light stain and a finish over that.  The railings will go back up and will be painted white.

Our super duper DIL tearing up the little deck area off the office/craft studio and the French doors there.

All the tools needed for the deck project and Kristi at work.

Caleb is learning new skills, he helps unscrew the old deck boards and here he is removing the post trim so the decking can be installed.

He is also learning to use power tools.  This was the first day of school for Hayden and Caleb begins tomorrow.  They both got a nice tidy haircut in preparation.

My poor hibiscus is out on the deck and I'm going to repot it and prune it pretty severely.  I hope it does okay!

We're having a hot weather week.  It's been a struggle to keep the potted plants hydrated with our long spell of dry and hot weather we've been having.

But both of the big hanging baskets are looking lovely!

We did have one fish disappear, it was Travis' goldfish with the fantail and big belly.  :-(  But the rest of the koi are doing well and the first one we bought has gotten quite large!  The ones Kristi got are acclimating nicely.

Saturday was National Dog Day and people were sharing their dog photos on Facebook and TV.. I snapped this one of my best dog ever.. Buddy.. the Cairn Terrier.  This is where I put him the day I brought him home when he was not much larger than skein of yarn.  Maybe smaller!  And this is his "safe place".  On my left thigh.  :-)  Did you celebrate?  What kind of dog do you have and what is it's name?

We watched the Game of Thrones season 7 finale last night.  Oh my!  What a show!  Do you watch it?

I won't spoil it for you.. but.. yay!  We have to wait a year for the final season.  GADS!

If you're offended by my political commentary, please do not read further.  Thank you.

The person who lives in the White House issued a pardon on Friday for Joe Arpaio from Phoenix, Arizona USA.  In an effort to find out why so many people were upset about this I did some investigation.  What I learned from this very good article from "Current Affairs" has frankly left me quite shaken.  Click HERE to read this article.  What worries me is that 45 feels that the crimes this man committed are okay and gives those that want to behave this way a green light.  This is unacceptable.

The state of Texas is in a frightening state due to Hurricane Harvey.  So much of the area is flooded deeply and so far 5 people have  been found dead and many more are missing.  Please keep those in danger in your thoughts and prayers.  Dayle and I donated to the Red Cross Click on the name at left to go to the donation page.

((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. What a great job your dear DIL and grandsons are doing, looks amazing. Your hanging baskets are also a delight stunning arrangement. My heart goes out to everyone affected by Hurricane Harvey. We have been languishing on our backsides resting after all our travels. Our dog is a standard poodle and his name is Mickey, although the children call him Mou Mou which is does come to.

  2. Your porch is looking fantastic and what wonderful helpers you have. Your two hanging baskets put my one flower pot to shame although to be honest, I really have ignored it too much! I am watching the storm- my aunt, uncle and two cousins live near Houston and I fear for them.

  3. I'm gonna write a blog post!
    I have this week off doing some medical stuff which I want to stay close to home for. My plan during these hot days is to sew in the morning before the house gets sweaty and do my etsy biz in the afternoon. With all the watering, gardening, cleaning going on around those two big items. So glad the kids are learning building lingo.

  4. Kristi is amazing. School starting...bwahhhh . I never like that. ITs too early I say! I have been drenching my hanging flowers and they are STILL dry often. A friend brought me 3 new plants for our yard. I cant wait to plant them. They are all prarie flowers so need no real fussing . I am disgusted that the man in office tried to upstage the hurricane victims

  5. Once again once again I just have to say that Kristi is amazing. Sorry about the missing fish. Do you think it was a hawk or a coyote? My flowers at the lake will probably be dead when I go back. I had planned to be there all week but it's just too hot! I would rather be home when it's this hot. Stay cool my friend.

  6. Kristi is a real work horse! I can't believe ALL that she does. And, I can't believe the boys are back at school. Summer is waning quickly - feels more like Fall recently here in Eastern PA. Gosh, your hanging baskets are mammoth size! And gorgeous! What beautiful colors spilling out all over. I can't even talk about 45.....

  7. Your DIL is such a treasure and a hard worker Teresa, she turns her hand to everything with such skill. I hope the boys enjoy their new school year ahead. The children here all return to school next week. Keep cool...our hot spell has come to an end very abruptly! xxx

  8. I enjoy viewing the hard work of your family as you continue on your beautiful house maintenance projects! Well done Kristi and all! Our flowers are showing stress from all the heat here. It is encouraging to see your flowers flourishing :) I am so glad for all who are coming together to help meet the massive needs from Hurricane Harvey! xx

  9. Your DIL is a force to be reckoned with! Your hanging baskets are looking so good. Mine are started to fade.

  10. Hi Teresa, the farm is really looking spick and span with all the work. I love the new colour. The Game of Thrones series seemed so short! A whole year until the next bah!

  11. Your house and garden is looking amazing Teresa. I can never get over how gorgeous your big hanging pots of flowers look - just WOW !!


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