Monday, October 16, 2017

Good Grandpa and Balloons

It's funny how our Pin Oak tree leaves turn red in patches.  Here is one of the first bunches showing color.

It got down to 38 deg F the other night so I thought I'd procrastinated long enough re-potting my red Hibiscus.. so we accomplished that on Saturday.  Then I had to grit my teeth and prune my old tree.  It was scraggly to the max.  It killed me to cut off branches with buds ready to open on the ends.  Then I watered it in and this pot should give it room to grow for many years.  It weighs a TON.  The boys had to use a hand-truck to wheel it in and then muscled it onto it's ceramic drip platter which was placed on a rolling plant stand.  It's now back in it's sunny window.. and I'll be keeping an eye on it hoping it will grow and flourish.

My dear husband is a Class A grandfather.  The best.  He took our two grandsons to an event at the local Fire Department for a hotdog and a ride on the fire truck.  They had a great time.

Hayden got to ride in the front seat, Caleb in the back.

And off they go.

They drove through Corbett to the church on Mershon, turned around and went back.

Last week he took to "Wonderland", a video and game arcade.  Gosh, they are getting big, aren't they?

They tried out air hockey.

My sister Denise and her husband and two of her kids went to the balloon festival in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  These images are taken by her daughter Whitney, using her iPhone!

This image was taken from the air as they all went on a balloon ride!  Exciting!

They got up before dawn to watch the balloons fill with hot air.

My sister Denise got this photo of Mt. Hood as they flew home, using her iPhone.  :-)

We are making lists and checking off things as we pack for our departure tomorrow for 10 days at the beach in our travel trailer.  My next post will be some photos from there.  The weather forecast is not good.. but we'll soon find out!  At any rate, we have fun no matter what.  :-)

((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Fantastic balloon photos, I bet the balloon ride was amazing. And what a fabulous picture of Mt Hood. Well done Dayle, a top grandpa indeed, the boys look as if they're having a brilliant time - some good memories made then I think. I hope you have a lovely time at the beach, and I shall look forward to seeing your photos. CJ xx

  2. Good weather or bad you will have an amazing time just watching the clouds and the waves. I agree Dayle is fantastic but so are you. The balloon festival looks wonderful. I was in one years ago in Michigan and it was incredible. Hugs to you Teresa.

  3. I bet your grandsons had a wonderful time with those fire engines. Love the ballooon photos, that balloon ride must have been so exciting. Have a great holiday, look forward to seeing the photos. ;). B x

  4. Always exciting to go visit the fire station! Fab photos of the balloons and Mt Hood.
    I think you and Dayle are fantastic parents and grandparents!
    Have a great time, hope weather is good in the end. We are being battered by strong winds at moment! Hugs Anne x

  5. Firetrucks and boys just go together. Good job on pruning! I want to see your camping photos no matter. I do want to go to a balloon festival just to watch. I loved your photos

  6. Good for you and Dayle in repotting your plant, and helping the grands make more good
    memories :) Thanks for sharing the fantastic balloon and Mt. Hood photos, too...beautiful! Wishing you a wonderful trip, rain or shine, and looking forward to your report :) [I almost have the brim of the hat done!] xx

  7. Ah, I we have friends that go to the balloon festival there every year. Their photos, just like yours, are amazing. What fun for the boys. Dayle is a wonderful Grandpa. Have fun at the beach, I know you will. :-)

  8. Awesome Teresa and those boys sure would of had fun. Wow to all those balloons ♥ Me still working on brim of hat but getting there lol enjoy your trip xoxo

  9. The hot air balloon photos are amazing! And Mount Hood is gorgeous! Enjoy your beach holiday.

  10. Visting the fire station is always good fun (even for mums). Did they get to try the fire hose, with the pressurised water? The balloon photos are great. Not sure if would enjoy being in one, I think I might be scared. Have a wonderful holiday, hope the weather is good for you xx

  11. You are both wonderful Grandparents and have so much fun with them in different ways. The balloon festival looked amazing, what a great sight and amazing photography. Hope you have a great break away. Thankfully we are safe and well the storm didn't hit as badly as predicted here, but my heart goes out to all those affected in other areas.

  12. Compliments to the ballloon festival photographer!

  13. I'm sure your hibiscus will thrive Teresa. Yes the boys are really growing up aren't they and you are both fab grandparents. Enjoy your trip...looking forward to seeing the photos xx

  14. Those boys are growing so fast!! The balloon pictures and the shot of Mt. Hood are wonderful. We were away for a week and came back to find our apple tree blooming! Yikes!! Hope your beach vacation is wonderful.

  15. My husband is a former firefighter and he knows how excited kids of all ages get when they visit a fire house for a visit...and to get to ride in an engine was a big thrill for your grandsons. I've been to a balloon festival in NJ years ago, but never taken a ride in one. That was an amazing shot of Mt Hood too.

  16. Lots of lovely pictures here Teresa, Your grandsons are growing fast and you are both wonderful grandparents to them...they will always have these memories to treasure. Wishing you a happy will be fun whatever the weather as you say! Xox

  17. I know you both are wonderful grandparents! The boys look like they are having so much fun!


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