Friday, October 13, 2017

Jenna's Hat

I finished my granddaughter Jenna's hat.  She wanted black and grey with a purple stripe.. voila!  I look forward to seeing both girls model these for me.  My goal is to get them in the mail today.  Ohio gets cold in the winter.  

It's funny how the gray color photographs different in the same light, isn't it?

A Vine Maple in our woods is turning colors.

I'm kind of amazed at the brilliant grape purple color of the old hydrangea blooms.  It's actually a prettier color in it's final days than when it first bloomed.  

Our massive Pin Oak is starting to turn red.. do you see the tinges of it?  I will keep photographing it until it turns red, unless the East Wind blows the leaves off  before that, which can happen.

Our little flock of hens are laying well now.. unfortunately they will begin laying less until they stop for the winter.  Then the long wait until Spring when they will begin again.

I'll be back to crocheting on the baby blanket I'm making for my son's friend's baby who is expected near Christmas.  We have an unplanned weekend.. those are always nice for relaxing and catching up from a busy week.  Do you have fun plans or will you be in "take it easy" mode, too?  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. An unplanned weekend is a very fine thing. Every second of my weekend is accounted for up until Sunday afternoon. That will no doubt be a dog walk somewhere wild and open. I love the hat, they will no doubt be very well received. Your garden is looking beautiful in its autumn finery, especially that hydrangea. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. CJ xx

  2. I look forward to seeing the girls modeling their pretty hats, too, Teresa :) Your Hydrangea's are lovely. I was noting that ours are turning pretty colors, too, and am thinking of cutting a few blooms to dry inside. This weekend I plan to crochet cowls with some ladies at church and otherwise be cozy at home. Happy weekend to you and yours! xx

  3. You are such a great Grandmother, both girls are going to love their hats. I wish we had hydrangeas and lilacs, I would be so happy to have them growing in my yard. Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. I love those hats and the grey and purple looks good,it will be lovely and warm.Loving your photo's.we have Hydranga here in Cornwall they grow very easily in this part of England.Happy Weekend.xx

  5. Darling hat! Love the colors. Enjoy your leisurely weekend. I have an urge to do paper crafts and will probably play around with some new holiday-themed die cutters (warning: HSN Craft event is kind of dangerous). Will get started on making some Christmas cards to make up for $$$ spent on supplies. :-)

  6. Jenna's hat is lovely. I really like those colors... but you knew that already didn't you? It's pouring down rain today but we're still planning one last camping trip to a state park just outside of town tomorrow, Sunday and Monday. Happy Fall!

  7. The hats you make are nice and I really like the colors. I was going through things today and I couldn't believe all the yarn I have. I need to knit. I have some red heart yarn I bought on a super clearance sale a few years ago. And all 3 are purple orchid. So pretty and I stashed it away. One of these days it's gonna be an afghan! Happy Weekend!

  8. Hi Teresa. Love the hat, I'm sure Jenna will as well. That hydrangea is a stunning shade. I absolutely love Autumn and the fabulous colours.
    Pretty eggs and so wonderful to have so fresh.
    This weekend we are visiting our son and family. Hugs Anne x

  9. I just saw on my weather app that it got down to 34' last night. Should make those leaves turn red faster!!!
    ( my houseplants are still outside)
    Gorgeous hat. Are they coming out to see you soon?

  10. Ohhh hats eggs and day of the dead pumpkins. THIS POST Has it all!
    We are Cub watching baseball all weekend. We are on severe weather watch, but it will just be thunderstorms. We are having McDonalds pals up for dinner tomorrow. Im purchasing our bbq at a local stand for tomorrow. Should be FUN! oh and IM sock knitting!

  11. Hope you enjoy your unplanned weekend. Mine is a bit like that too. More lovely hats, they will certainly keep warm this winter. We too often miss the autumn colour because the wind rips the leaves off too soon. The perils of island life :) B x

  12. Another lovely hat ☺ Yesterday Saturday we had my sons 33rd his wife 30 and got to see most of my little grandies xo

  13. A lovely hat, Teresa, and in some of my favorite colors especially purple.


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