Monday, October 30, 2017

Leaf Color and Chickens

Hello there!  How is your Autumn going?  We are having one of the most colorful Autumn seasons for many years.  To be honest I've been stunned by the beautiful colors of the leaves this year.  So.. I've been snapping some photos to share with you.  This tree was in the LA Fitness parking lot!  A maple.

There are these trees in their lot too and they're rather uncommon in Oregon.. do you know what it is?

The leaves are long and thin.

I went swimming on Friday and it was a gorgeous day - sunny and brisk and breezy.  When I pulled into our circular driveway I opened the sun roof of my car and snapped some photos up through the weeping Birch with yellow leaves and the red of the Pin Oak tree.  The Walnut tree leaves are still green and half yellow.

Little round yellow birch leaves and some of the red Pin Oak leaves.

The Pin Oak is gloriously red with some green and the winds are blowing them off slowly.. sitting on the deck they float down around you.

A close up of the leaves.. they are very mottled when the sun is shining through them.

Kristi is a very good chicken keeper.  She cleaned the chicken coop yesterday and spread fresh grass hay in their run/yard.  I thought it would be a good day to take some photos of the girls.  She opens the gate each day a ways and stands there while they nibble on the green grass.

I love the feathers on the Silver Laced Wyandotte.

There are two Silver Laced Wyandottes, a Buff Orpington, 2 Ameracaunas, a Banty, a Welsummer and a Red Sexlink.  Do you see the photo bomber?  Meeka, our son Shawn's German Shepherd.

The weather was fine enough for the boys to be enjoying their trampoline.

The inside of the coop with fresh pine shavings.

Yesterday was another glorious day, we sat out on the deck and enjoyed the warm sun and the red leaves twirling their way down from the tree in the breeze.

I must say I'm not looking forward to the trees being naked.

The boys got the railings back up and we plan to paint them white at some point.  They also got the lamp post back up, but one bolt broke so they have to get some new lag bolts to get it secured to the new deck.  I'm thinking we should paint the deck step backs red.  We still have to add the new step boards.  All in good time.  :-)

I've been having fun with the life-size skeleton Dayle brought home for me.  I've been posing his arms and after I took this photo I posed his legs like he is dancing.. lol!


The boys carved some pumpkins for Halloween.

My Japanese Maple is turning a brilliant red.

Aren't these leaves breathtakingly red?

And lo and behold there was a 4th of July rose in bloom!

And a last Double Delight rose was in bloom and now it's in a vase on the table beside my easy chair.  :-)

The Vine Maple in our woods.

A Chrysanthemum from last year is in bloom.  :-)

I finished a hat for my nephew who is currently battling a dread disease and is losing his hair.  I will send this to him tomorrow.  I used the Premiere Puzzle yarn, colorway is Cryptic.

I'm off soon to have lunch with my sisters and Shirley - to celebrate my sister Denise's Halloween birthday!!  I hope you have a fabulous day tomorrow if you celebrate.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 

  *H*A*P*P*Y* *H*A*L*L*O*W*E*E*N*!*


  1. Oh those Fall leaves are so beautiful! And the chickens are so cute! Great pics Teresa.

  2. Thanks for sharing all the gorgeous photos of the leaves and hens, bouncing boys, and the handsome hat for your nephew who I pray is healing. Happy Birthday, Denise! I hope you girls have a good luncheon celebration. It is great the railing is back up! You posing the skeleton prompted a chuckle from me...with the wind we are having I can imagine the wind rattling the skeleton's bones :) xx

  3. What a wonderful array of colour, the changing season with its glorious leaves are a real delight. Beautiful photos. Your nephew will be in my prayers. Take care.

  4. Thanks for sharing so many gorgeous photos, Teresa! You made a handsome hat for your nephew, and I am praying he is healing. Happy Birthday, Denise, and I hope you girls have a great lunch together :) The weather is so fabulous! Is the wind we are having rattling the skeleton's bones? xx

  5. Such gorgeous autumnal colours Teresa...and I love your skeleton..what fun. I'm so sorry to hear about your poor nephew, that's very sad. Enjoy the new week and your sister's birthday. Happy Halloween! xx

  6. Your leaves are so pretty...ours are on this side of Washington too but the wind is blowing from the north today and most of them are falling quickly. Dennis raked yesterday and then I just went outside and raked just a little and filled the bin again. I had to stop because my back said, "no more!" Ha!

    Kristi is a fine chicken keeper. That chicken coop looks clean as a whistle. The girls look pretty happy too. Love the photo bomber "helping" keep watch. :-)
    I hope you had a great lunch and I'll talk to you soon. By the way, Grant loved his hat yesterday. He said someone stole his gray hat last year at school and he didn't have another hat for this winter yet. It fit him perfectly but I didn't get a picture. He'll be needing it. The forecast is for measurable snow on Friday. Eek!

  7. Beautiful photo's.Love your Country.I have a craft friend in Canada,we email and have sent each other presents from time to time.I had a pendant made for her in the shape of a Maple Leaf,she loved it.What Stunning colours the leaves are.Love that Skeleton so funny.Do hope your Nephews health improves,I'm sure he will love the hat,great colours.Huggles from

  8. Happy Halloween to you, too! I love that rose of yours. The leaves here are especially colorful also; do you know what makes a good year?

  9. I think your tree might be an Ash. I got two for my living fence and they are beautifully red now - the thin leaves.
    Beautiful fall colors. I believe it's because of our almost frost two weeks ago and then some perfect follow up weather. The rain this weekend will make short work of the color canvas.
    Prayers for your nephew.

  10. I too love the autumn colours on the trees. It’s just such a beautiful season.

  11. A prayer for your nephew.
    I love the red on the house. Your fall photos are just lovely Teresa.

  12. What more could I want gorgeous autumn colour and chickens. Two of my favourite things. B x

  13. The leaves do look especially beautiful this year. I wonder if all the sunshine is what's making them appear so stunning. One of my Portland friends recently returned from a trip to New England and said she had to come home to see some real color. So, we are lucky! Thanks for sharing all your lovely photos. Best wishes for your nephew. I'm sure the hat you made him will give comfort. Happy Halloween to you!

  14. The colours are beautiful in your part of the world! Love your family of chickens, so much variety. I would love to have chickens. Sending my best wishes to your nephew x

  15. The colours in your post are wonderful and can imagine wool in all the colours. Love those chickens and great to have nice weather. Pretty neat here while we are away with our van xooxo

  16. Such beautiful fall colours here....really gorgeous shades. Sending healing wishes to your poor nephew...the hat you made him will be a comfort to him I’m sure. Happy Birthday to your sister...hope you had a lovely lunch. Xox

  17. So much beauty in your world right now. A sister with a Halloween birthday, how fun! I'm sorry your nephew is having health issues. The hat is so lovely. Sarah

  18. Hi.Forgot to say,I love the chickens.I have fresh eggs from my friends chickens and they live in sheer luxury.My craft friend lives in Simcoe Ontario.xx

  19. Autumn is looking so beautiful where you live. OF course here I am just happy it is in the mid 80's. Happy Birthday to Denise, she must be wonderful because she shares her birthday with my son. The deck looks fantastic!


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