Monday, October 2, 2017

Log Cabin Birthdays and Hayden's Hat

We had 3 birthdays to celebrate so I made reservations for 6 of us at Stone Cliff Inn - I've been wanting to go there.  It's set high above the Clackamas River in the countryside up a steep winding road.  Such a neat building!

Wouldn't it be fun to live in a house like that?

And this is the view!

Here is my sister Denise and my best friend from 7th grade (and all through life) Shirley.

This is the card I painted for Shirley and I gave her a sterling silver Aztec calendar pendant - she's taking a trip to Mexico to visit her extended family and I thought she'd enjoy wearing this while on her trip.

To learn about the Aztec calendar, click here.

Sister Roberta, also celebrating her birthday, was wearing a beaded bag necklace I made for her years ago.  I made it using the peyote stitch method.

I called her "Bird" and I gave her this art glass bird which is also a "spooner", you can have it on your table and have your spoons stacked in it.

After a delicious lunch the server gave a warm brownie sundae to each of the birthday celebrants.  

Here is my brother Robert and his wife D'Ann - Robert and Roberta are twins!  

A well-stocked bar at the restaurant.

The interior was really beautiful with all the logs and wood varnished planks.

I bet this is a nice place on the deck overlooking the river on a warm sunny day.

The skies let loose on Saturday and I tried to capture how much rain was coming down.  The skeleton Dayle got for me got a good bath.

Hayden picked out some yarn that was on sale on the Premier Yarn website - 2 skeins for $10.  It's slightly bulky weight, but not TOO thick, it's their Puzzle yarn, colorway is called "Sudoku".  I was amazed at how BIG the skein is.. twice as big as a normal skein.  I used my standard beanie pattern then added a ribbed bottom to be turned up.

And here is Hayden, with his cozy warm new hat.

I'm very pleased with this yarn, it's soft and warm and I love the variations in it, it truly looks like hand-spun wool to me and I'm a spinner!  

And now guess who wants one like his brother?  You guessed it, so I'm making one for Caleb with one red stripe in it so they can tell them apart.  When I ordered the one skein I had to pick out a 2nd one to get the sale.. :-)

The yarn.. see how hand-spun it looks?

More info in case you're interested.

I awoke this morning and read my Facebook feed and found out about the horrific shooting of 58 people and 500 wounded.  My heart hurts for the families and friends of the victims.. and also for the world.  :-(

I'm off to swim away my worries.  ((hugs)), Teresa 


  1. The birthday celebrations and gifts look so lovely! I am glad you were able to enjoy such a beautiful place with family and friends, Teresa :) The hat you made for Hayden looks perfect and I am not surprised now Caleb wants one! Going to go check the news before coming to swim :( xxxxx

  2. The hat is lovely. I always find when I make something for one member of the family I end up making more. The restaurant looks great, glad you enjoyed your celebrations. B x

  3. Glad you are able to enjoy time with your family. Family is everything! The hat looks so good and I know the boys appreciate them!

  4. We heard the news this morning and oh so sad, poor innocent victims...... Those hats look lovely Teresa and lets just think of good crochet/knit happiness xo

  5. I've been to that Stone Cliff Inn - it's been years. Awesome view of the river. Supposed to be decent weather most of the week. Keep on swimming.

  6. Stone Cliff Inn is quite beautiful inside & out, but I the acoustics are awful when it's full. I think it's the lack of walls & the high ceiling. They do have very good food and that brownie looks delicious.

  7. What a fun birthday celebration for your friend and family. Nice place to be. I love the yarn you used for your grandsons' hats. Cozy warm time. It's chilly here this evening. I'm sad about Las Vegas too. Also read that two Navy pilots died late last week in a crash in TN. My heart aches for all the disaster and death happening! Hugs!

  8. You are so multi talented with your lovely painting, beading and crochet. Looks like you had a wonderful celebration. Enjoy your day. Pat

  9. What a beautiful place to celebrate the birthdays, such a beautiful setting. I was so impressed with the yarn you used for the hat. It looked perfect on Hayden so it doesn't surprise me that Caleb would want one too. The news of yet another shooting saddens my heart, I despair with this World is coming to.

  10. What a fun place for a birthday celebration! Love that Aztec necklace.

    Cute hat you made - I haven't heard of that yarn before, but it looks nice and warm for a winter hat.

  11. The interior of the lodge is so bright! I often think wood homes are dark, but clearly I was wrong. Love the hats for the boys. Love your thoughtful gifts to friends and I'm off to find a spoon bird

  12. Sounds like a wonderful time for all. Love the cabin! The gifts are lovely and thoughtful & the hats.....!!

  13. Looks like a Lincoln Log cabin. :) Lovely birthday celebrations. The necklaces are really pretty. Great job on the hats, too. Absolutely horrific how one evil mind can conjure up such calculated death and destruction. For what? I will never, ever understand.

  14. That yarn place is fairly close to me....I'll have to go check that out...I love their cotton dish cloth yarn. Love that Aztec calender pendant!


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