Friday, November 10, 2017

Blanket, ByeBye Carbs and Veteran's Day

With 7 hats made for my family, I'm back to crocheting on my shell pattern blanket for my son's friend's baby boy expected right before Christmas.  After I'm done with this I will need to decide on what project to do next.  Hmmm... I actually need a knitted hat in red to match my holiday red shawl.  I did make one but I'm not too happy with it.  We'll see what my muse will come up with.  :-)

I love how this pattern makes cute little shells and it's easy to do.

We're watching TV and I'm crocheting by the fire.. it's cold and rainy outside.

I've begun a low carbohydrate regimen.  My younger sister Denise has lost 34 lbs. on it and is encouraging me.  I've been on it for a week and I have not lost much weight.. but I'm going to keep going and hope for the best.  The first week was the hardest.. I love bread, pasta and sweets and giving them all up made me depressed and to be honest.. ready to scream, growl, cry or commit some other mayhem.. :-)  But I'm still "in it".  Yesterday for lunch I had some bacon and a big chunk of raw cauliflower.  Argh!  But I've also come up with some more palatable dishes, such as cutting up a chicken breast, sauteeing it in some butter and adding chopped broccoli, or other veg and when it's done sprinkling it with a bit of grated cheese.  Wish me luck!!

Here is a quick lunch, cube up a boneless, skinless chicken breast or thigh (this was a thigh), begin to saute it in a pat of butter, while it's beginning to cook, slice up any vegetable you have, throw it in the pan, sprinkle it with a little salt, pepper and garlic salt/powder and any other herb or seasoning you like, when the chicken is done and the veg is done, grate a bit of cheddar cheese over it.  Voila!  Lunch or dinner.

My sister recommended these to have for breakfast, 1/2 of one, so I ordered these from Amazon and they were just delivered.

My grandsons really enjoy my new moon light.. Hayden brought it in for me to get a photo of him holding it up, isn't this cute?

Today is the observed Veteran's Day celebrated here in the USA.  Tomorrow is the actual day and Dayle and I are going to decorate my red Ford Flex and drive it in the Hollywood District parade.  I'll post some photos on Monday.  It falls on a Saturday this year so we're taking our grandsons with us. We are very patriotic, Dayle served in the US Army flying a helicopter during Vietnam where he was shot, the 50 caliber bullet shattered his femur and he spent months in the hospital in traction while his leg healed.  We're so lucky he survived and kept his leg.  My Dad served in the US Marines and was in World War II in Iwo Jima.  I'm a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution, so military duty runs deep on both sides of our family.  So, thank you to all who served to keep our country safe and free.  Do you have family who served your country?  Do share.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. I am very patriotic too and love our country, the USA. My dad served in WWII. Tell Dayle I honor him for his service. Oh, and I like all the colors on the blanket you are making.

  2. Thanks for sharing the list! It is helping me make better choices in what I eat...not perfect, but better :) The baby blanket is so lovely to wrap a newborn in. Do you know a good slouchy hat pattern. I have been looking for one and was thinking of using some red yarn I have. I am grateful to Dayle and the men and women of my family and others who serve in the military, and am glad you are going to honor them in the parade. See you at the pool! xx

  3. It looks deliciously cosy with you. Good luck with the carb reduction. I find the first couple of weeks the hardest with a diet, once I get into the habit of it, it's not as bad. Make sure you have a few treats as well, that will help. I stopped eating sugar and snacks back in March, and I do feel better for it. It was difficult to start with, but now I'm used to it and I don't think about it (much!) at the moment. I always love to hear about your military connections. My boys will walk in a Remembrance Day parade on Sunday, it's always very moving. CJ xx

  4. I did a low carb (very low carb) diet this spring and it helped me a lot. It is rather restrictive, but once you get over the hump, it makes you feel great. Good luck and stick with it!

  5. I loved seeing your shell blanket; reminds of a garden with rows of little flowers. It's cooler here but no rain as of yet. We could use some to green things up a bit. How nice to ride in the veterans parade. Thank you Teresa and Dayle and your family for your dedicated service to our country. Enjoy your special day. Pat xxx

  6. Remembrance day for us here in Oz "Less we forget" ♥♥
    Hey put on your fb but go you trying low been doing since early last year and still stick with it, lost 10kg each and want to shed some more. Cauliflower is great with cheese/cream all cooked of course and Cabbage fried up with whatever yum....and we were big pie/potatoe cakes/bread/pasta/rice eaters. no more xoxoxo

  7. Love the blanket...the colors are fantastic. Your diet sounds interesting. I’ve been on WW since the beginning of the year. Was doing well until summer and then stalled out. I have to get serious again. I wish you all the willpower in the world. And if you find it, send some back to me. Ha!
    A huge thank you to Dayle. As you know, mine is a big military family too. Dennis, two brothers and my Dad all served in the military. I’m am so grateful for all of the Veteran’s out there and their service to our country.
    Have fun tomorrow.

  8. Keep warm Teresa, that's a lovely shawl you made. Good luck with the diet.It's Daisy's birthday today so our celebrations will be for her's then remembrance day here tomorrow.Take care xxx

  9. Hi,Not a fan of your diet sorry lol,wishing you Good Luck with it tho.Your blanket it just Beautiful and all that work,hope they appreciate what's gone into it.I love making blankets for anyone and of cours the animals.I love that Moon light so pretty.It is my husbands Birthday today 11th.both my brothers served in the Army,sadly my dear beloved youngest brother who was more like my twin was murdered in 2009.We always Honour the Day.Your husband,what a brave man.Huggles xxxx

  10. Good luck with the low carbohydrate diet. I find carbohydrates the most difficult to cut out but I am trying to restrict myself to as little as I can bear. I have been hungry for the past two weeks and I hope to soon get used to eating less! Your blanket is beautiful, I bet it is really cosy xx

  11. It seams a very good choice low carbohydrate diet.
    Keep your focus Dear Teresa ; every step is important as you know yet.
    And I'm with you too, to honor this important 11 November (in France).
    As usual thank you for your beautiful photos, works and achievements.
    why not make some scarves by example... ?
    Best regards xx

  12. Best wishes on your new eating regime...I know that battle well. Eating healthy foods is always a good move. Your baby blanket is just beautiful! We have a lot of Vets on both sides of my family tree. My maternal great-grandfather left an interesting little autobiography, including experiences in the Civil War. My mom and aunt were DAR members, too. I'm so grateful to our veterans who have served and fought for our freedoms.

  13. nice blanket and I'm sure the parents of the baby will like it too. I'm hoping to knit more next year. I went through photos and souvenirs I've been given from my grandpa who was in WWI yesterday. Amazing what I found! He was in France for 9 months. Wow! Thank you Dayle for your service to our country and that he's still around! Hope you get your new diet figured out. I watch what I eat, cut back on food and it helps. It's hard for me to have hardly any carbs. Makes me tired and snarky! Have a good week! ;-} xx

  14. The blanket is so pretty. Good luck with the carb reduction Teresa, it's so hard isn't it :-( My grandfather took part in WW1 and WW2. My husbands half brother was in Coastal Command and flew Lancaster Bombers. Anne x

  15. Love the pretty blanket...such soft colours and a lovely stitch. I hope your new healthy meal making gets easier...good for you, it will definitely be worthwhile! xox


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