Monday, November 13, 2017

Veteran's Day Parade 2017

We had a big day on Saturday!  Up early and off we headed to the Hollywood District in Portland, Oregon to be a part of the Veteran's Day Parade!  This was the first year that our grandsons joined us.  I asked a bystander take a photo of us, later several more joined us but missed being in the "group photo".  :-)

My sister Roberta's husband Teddy is a member of the Sons of the American Revolution (SAR), here he is with the boys and Dayle.

The boys with the SAR group.  Our two grandsons are eligible to join this group. 

Dayle decorated our Ford Flex for the parade.  :-)

The parade begins.. I took this photo from the car of the SAR who were marching ahead of us and was charmed by the way my flag inside reflected in the glass.  

At the beginning of the parade I saw these two set up to enjoy watching everyone going by, each holding a chunky little pug.. aren't they cute?

Each year we are given a participation ribbon.. we then tie it to our full-sized American flag we have in the living room.  :-)

We took a bunch of candy to toss out to the kids along the way, taffy and such, I'll never forget how much fun our boys had tossing candy and waving our little flags.  When we got home and were checking our email and facebook Dayle found that KGW News had recorded the entire parade!!  I have the link posted on my Facebook page but cannot find a way to put the link here.  So, I did some "Screen shots" when we were in the video.  It was so fun to see our group go by!

Portland Chapter members follow our car and behind them is a Speed's Tow truck with my sister Roberta and two other DAR ladies on the back.

There I am in the front passenger seat and Hayden behind me waving our flags.  Last year I drove and this year Dayle drove.  It's so neat how people thank Dayle for his service.  I had a magnetic sign made for his side of the car.

There was even a band of bagpipers in the parade which I just loved!

Here is the magnetic sign I designed and had made for Dayle.

My dad Wallace Winston Shaklee was young and gentle farm boy who served as a Marine in World War II - he went in on the first wave at Iwo Jima with about 240 of his company, only 17 walked out unwounded and alive.  What he saw there in the trenches for weeks traumatized him.  Had he not returned, I would not be here.  

Dayle served in the Army as a Chief Warrant Officer, a helicopter pilot, in Vietnam.  He was shot in the femur while flying a combat mission near Khe Sanh when he was just 20 years old.  It was amazing that he was able to set his helicopter down with only one useable leg.  His bravery saved himself and two crew members.

So please give a thought and a smile to your family veterans and those who served.  We owe them for our freedom and safety to live the life we enjoy.  OK, I'm off to the DAR meeting.. then swimming.. !  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Special memories for you and all the family. Love the costumes. The parade looks great. B x

  2. Thanks for glimpses of the parade, which is such a good reminder to thank those who served and are serving for the cause of peace. I am grateful for each one! xx

  3. Great parade. Great magnetic sign! you are so creative Teresa. Love the photos. Love the colorized one so much. I have a colorized photo of my mom that is so sweet.

  4. It all looks wonderful Teresa. It is good to remember all those who fought/ worked for our freedom. Anne x

  5. Looks like a wonderful parade and so important to remember those who served!

  6. Your little grandsons looks like they really enjoy their time being part of this special parade. Your family has a very rich and long history with the military. Thank you Teresa for sharing these special stores. Pat

  7. Everyone looks as thought they're having a great time. I thank Dayle again for his service. I posted a thank you to the Veteran's in my immediate family on fb and was amazed at the response I received. I'm glad so many are appreciative of the sacrifices made to provide the freedoms we enjoy. Thank you for the great photos. I'm glad th e boys had a good time too.

  8. What a great day you all had,the parade looked super! xxx

  9. Nice day for a parade. Thanks for sharing clips from tv. I went thru items I have from grandpa who was WWI Army and served in France. My cousin gave them to me a week ago. So interesting to see photos and items he'd saved. He died a year before I was born. Glad your grandsons enjoyed the parade. What a good thing for them to do! Patriotism starts young. Happy week! *-} xx

  10. Great pictures of the parade and your family Teresa. We always remember those who served and sacrificed too. Dayle is a hero. Have a happy week xox

  11. Ross Hollywood Chapel Veterans Day Parade 43rd Annual 11-11-2017


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