Friday, November 17, 2017

Colorful Leaves, More Parade and TV

Our trees are holding on to their leaves for a long time this Autumn, this is a Sweet Gum I think.. in the parking lot of the pool/gym where I swim.  Isn't it a beauty?

I'm amazed at the colors this year.

I got a comment on my parade post from a photographer, named Lloyd Smith, he gave me a link to his photos from the parade.  I grabbed a few to show you but want to give Lloyd Smith the photo credit for them.  This first one is the Sons of the American Revolution who marched ahead of our car.

Here we are, Dayle driving, me as passenger and our two grandsons in the back seat tossing candy to the kids along the parade route.

Here is Caleb.. he wasn't in the other photos we got.  :-)

Kristi loves her VW bus.. so when she saw this pillow she snapped it up.  Isn't it cute?

Dayle and Travis went shopping at Costco yesterday afternoon.. and look what they brought home.  A new 75 inch TV.  Really?  It barely fits across the corner!  I'm having to get used to the life size people on there.  LOL!  Does your husband ever bring home something like this?  

I'm heading off to swim soon and Dayle is dropping me off at the pool and then running some errands, then he'll pick me up and we're heading to my younger sister's house in Hillsdale, OR.  My brother and his wife are passing through town and wanted to get together with his 3 sisters, so Denise is making dinner for us all.  :-)  I've been on low carb for 2 and a half weeks now and have lost 3 or 4 lbs.  Gadzooks.. at this rate I will take forever to trim down.  Wish me more luck.  Do you have any fun weekend plans?  We don't, just relaxing with the family.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Lovely photos and yay for your low carb success! See you at the pool :) xx

  2. Those trees are amazing! Our leaves have been gone for a couple weeks now, ever since we got that big snow. It’s been sunny this morning, but the clouds are starting to roll in now. I think it will be rain for the next several days. How nice of Lloyd to send you those photos. They’re great! I love Kristi‘s pillow. I like decorations like that. I’ve noticed in the stores the little red pick ups with the Christmas tree in the back are on almost everything for Christmas this year.
    That is a seriously huge TV! Dennis bought us a 55 inch TV a couple of years ago and it’s more than big enough. What is it with guys and big TVs? Ha ha! Have fun tonight with your family. Tell Dayle hello for Dennis and I.
    Blessings, Betsy

  3. Oh my goodness....that tree is just amazing! So colorful. I have that size TV over the mantel and it does take some getting use to at first. LOL

  4. Wow, that must almost feel like being in a movie theatre! Love the tree photo. Is that the one that drops the little pointy brown balls?

  5. Teresa, pat your self on the back for doing so well. Each pound lost and kept off is a healthier you! I admire you for starting a new eating plan. I love all the parade pictures. That huge screen TV is really something! WOW

  6. We are getting together with our kids for early thanksgiving this weekend. Hopefully the weather will be nice as we may be outdoors for awhile. Have a good time with family and good job on losing a few pounds. Ya gotta start somewhere! Now that's a huge tv. 42" is good for us! zxx

  7. The trees look beautiful and fun photos of the parade too.A 75" TV...gosh..we would not be able to fit that on the shelf here!! Well done with the diet, ever pound shed is a pound less so stick with it! Have a lovely weekend hugs xxx

  8. I have missed so much being off the blogging grid for two weeks. With work, our trip and a sick little one I could not get on the computer. I love Dayle's hat, the parade,the boys and of course all of your crocheting. The blanket looks wonderful. I am going to have to look up those cookies. My oldest and I can't eat sugar so I am always looking for something that is sweet and good to eat. Now I am also trying to be gluten free for my headaches so that presents a while other problem. I wish you the best of luck. Enjoy those beautiful leaves, the trees are gorgeous.
    Thank Dayle for his serve.

    Hugs to you,

  9. Every pound lost is a pound less, you are doing great, one pound at the time. I always tell myself that it is best to loose the pounds as slowly as they have crept on. The leaves on this tree are beautiful, such a vibrant red, it makes me happy to just see it on my laptop screen. Not many leaves left here unfortunately, unless you count the decomposing ones on the ground. Our TV could be your TV's tiny baby :-) but I like it small. Have a lovely Sunday xx

  10. Hi Teresa. Sorry I've missed a couple of your posts,I think. Glimpsed your beautiful granddaughters as I was looking through. The colours of the tree are so stunning. Love the cushion! That T.V. is a monster!!!! Can you cope with certain people 'appearing' in your living room on there! :-) DH and I are just back from a brilliant weekend in Yorkshire with our eldest son, his family and his in laws! All great fun! Hugs Anne x

  11. Great pictures of those beautiful autumn colours and the parade too. Well done on losing some pounds...losing any counts as success! Good luck and keep going. That is one big tv!! xox

  12. I love Caleb's Canadian hat! Gotta love the Fall season and those leaves! Great success on your low carb meal plan. You will find that you will emerge from a "carb fog" and feel satisfied more. You will feel better and won't be disappointed.


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