Monday, November 20, 2017

Hibiscus Bloom and Lazy Weekend

I was so happy on Saturday as my beloved Hibiscus gave me a bloom after I'd repotted it and severely pruned it.  I admit, I left one stem uncut and this is the one which flowered.  I used my iPhone on all the photos in this post.  I'm very pleased with the results from my iPhone 7 plus.  Look at this amazing bloom!  See the fuzzy end of the stamen?  A truer red cannot be found.

I sidled behind the dining table to get up close and personal with this flower for it's photo shoot.  :-)  It's aiming it's face at the sunshine and light through the window.

A side view to show the long and amazing stamen of the flower.

As you can see I pruned it a lot.  

It's exciting to see the new growth coming below all the cuts.

We had a nice easygoing weekend.  I had subscribed to Victoria magazine after not getting it for years and I was pleased to see how many interesting articles and photos in this issue.  Here is a wool, yarn and woven goods mill in New England.

The cover is beautiful with a lovely bouquet in a hollowed out pumpkin.

They also visited a farm store in Washington State that looked amazing.

The autumnal photos were stunning.

Another article with a beautiful barn, horses and an outdoor table all set for a dinner.  I couldn't help but think the barn would have been much prettier in "barn" red with white trim.  :-)

Another of the magazines I subscribe to.. the cover thrilled all of us being VW bus lovers.  My son even enjoyed reading through this issue having just visited Hawaii for 10 days.  I'm still at the beginning of reading this.. I'm looking forward to more photos of a Christmas in Hawaii.

When clearing the TV cabinet for the changing of the old TV to the new one.. I put my collection of crocheted rocks I did on the dining table.  I noticed that the boys had stacked them up.. so I decided to see if I could get the smallest one to stay long enough for a photo.. lol.  Success!

I finished the body of the baby blanket this weekend and now will do a border edging in blue as the baby is to be a boy.  I'll get some photos when that is done.  I am off to swim soon.. the morning began grey and rainy and now it's kind of sunny.. I hope it stays that way for my swim!!  Have a great week.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Your gorgeous Hybiscus bloom gives me hope for my red Begonias that I re-potted Saturday and brought inside for the winter. I enjoy Victoria Magazine, too, although I have not bought it for a few years. Looking forward to swimming! xx

  2. So happy to hear your hybiscus survived the pruning. Lovely photos from your new phone, too. I remember Victoria magazine. It was my daughter's favorite magazine when she was a teenager. I hope you and your dear family have a blessed Thanksgiving holiday. Pat xx

  3. We too have hibiscus flowers blooming in the conservatory. You have to enjoy them quickly as they only last a couple of days. Those magazine reads look just right for this time of year. Enjoy your swim and stay warm. B x

  4. Love seeing your Hibiscus. Everything is brown here, lol!

  5. It is hot here and going to be for at least a week, will send some warm your way.
    Love your crocheted rocks ♥ Lovely hybiscus xoxo

  6. Does your hibiscus need to be root bound to bloom? Didn't you change up the size of the pot? (I need a new houseplant).

  7. The hibiscus is just gorgeous. Every time I prune a plant it dies. It’s obvious to me your thumb is much greener than mine! Ha! I have that same coastal living magazine and have been enjoying reading the articles about Hawaii. We spent two Christmases on Maui, and I must say there is nothing like Christmas at the beach. Our day stayed rainy and gray all day long. I’m ready for spring!
    Blessings always, Betsy

  8. lovely hibiscus. I have picked up the bliss victoria magazine once when it had the edition about England. Not bought it in awhile. Isn't it fun to find something you put away and then forgot about it til you found it again?! Happy week!

  9. Beautiful hibiscus and your photos are so bright and clear! Victoria magazine looks very inspiring...I used to be a magazine addict but don't buy so many now! Hope you have a happy week dear Teresa. xox

  10. It sounds like you had a restful weekend Teresa, definitely needed before all the Holiday hoopla stats. Love that brilliant hibiscus.

  11. The magazine pics are so pretty! I'd like to see the pumpkin shop, it's probably not the time now post-Halloween.

  12. If anyone is interested you can find the free pattern for "Little Urchin Crochet Covered Sea Stones" here
    Teresa, Do you remember the Mary Engelbreit magazine? I had every issue of her magazine. They were loaded with all sorts of great crafting projects, artists, etc. Sort of a cross between Country Living mag., Molly Makes mag., and the early issues of Martha Stewart Living.


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