Wednesday, December 27, 2017

A White Christmas

Hello! How was your Christmas?  We had a very good one, and it even snowed here so it was a rare White Christmas!  On Christmas eve I lit my 2 carousels and the Bayberry candle and we enjoyed watching them glow and twirl.

Kristi made a pineapple upside down cake from scratch for our Christmas dinner dessert, you should have smelled the house with the bayberry spicy smell and that of the cake baking.  

It was the best pineapple upside down cake I'd ever had, with the cinnamon glaze.

I was saying that my feet were cold and Kristi disappeared and came back with part of my Christmas gift, these furry lined socks!  :-)

Kristi has a tradition of getting her family matching jammies that they open on Christmas eve.. this is their photo I took of them.  :-)

Santa had visited and I snapped this photo of his handiwork.  :-)

Dayle and I were awakened on Christmas morning by a knock on our door from an excited grandson.. "It's Christmas, wake up!".  We all took a seat in the living room by the tree and Kristi played Santa Clause and doled out gifts.  The 3 dogs were in the middle of it all and it was quite hilarious.  Kristi made my coffee and served Dayle and I a fresh baked cinnamon roll.  What a girl!

This was what it looked like outside while we were cozy inside.

With Dayle side-lined from the kitchen due to his back surgery, Kristi happily took on the job of planning and making Christmas dinner.  She made a prime rib roast, mashed potatoes, broccoli and cauliflower casserole, rolls.. and I made the gravy.

We all said what we were grateful for and again, it was for our family, our home and the good dinner.

Kristi and the boys.. and the snow outside.

The boys were surprised by their iPads and just love them.

My daughter Amy sent me some essential oils and a really neat diffuser and 4 pairs of gorgeous and soft socks!

I filled the diffuser and tried out the "Sweet Orange" oil and it sure did make the house smell nice, and more fun, there is a light inside that changes colors, and see the steam coming out of the top?  Fun!

Kristi surprised me with this gorgeous Swarovski ornament, there is a crystal candle inside.. and you know how I love candles!  LOL!

Kristi filled my stocking, too.. with some magazines, lotion and fragrance of roses, a really cozy wrap and the socks.

And Dayle spoiled me with an iPhone X!  What is neat about it is the screen fills the side and the camera is the best ever (I took all the photos in the post with it) and you can only open the phone with face recognition!

Both sides of the phone are glass, so I have it in a nice protective clear case.  :-)

Our son Shawn traded in his car for this red truck on Christmas eve, his present to himself!  He sure is happy with it.  

So, we had a good Christmas!  I hope you had a good one, too!  What was the best part?  Here's hoping for a wonderful new year for all of us.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. It sounds and looks as though you had an absolutely wonderful Christmas Teresa. I am so happy for you. Kristi is sure the best! May I borrow her? She does such thoughtful things for all of you and found the perfect gift for you. I didn’t even know there was an iPhone X! I love the jammies too. I use a lot of essential oil‘s. One of the girls from church sells them and I’ve bought many of oils from her as well as a diffuser very similar to yours. In fact, I’m diffusing lavender right now! I hope you continue to have a lovely week and stay warm my friend.
    Blessings, Betsy

  2. Hi Teresa. What a super time you had. We went to eldest son and family on 23rd - had wonderful time. Did lots of lovely things, Christmas day was very special and my D.I.L. and son had gone to such a lot of trouble - a fabulous lunch. Her sister and family, and her parents there as well, so 12 in total. Best part was being g with my family. Came back on 26th and went to youngest son's. Spoiled again by D.I.L. son and family. Hugs Anne x

  3. I love to read your posts. Lovely family and that Swarowski ornament with candle inside is absolutely beautiful. Happy New Year to all of you. It was -17 degrees here in Nebraska this morning!!

  4. We had fun with our family on Christmas eve day. Ate lunch and exchanged gifts. Chilly here but no snow. Nice gifts especially that glass ornament! I've not got but one essential oil but not sure how to use it. Weary from work and one day left til end of year! Yippee! Happy 2018!

  5. Glad all went well. Looks like Santa was very kind to you all. That pineapple cake looks delicious. B x

  6. What a joy to visit, you are certainly blessed. It was wonderful to see them all in matching PJs, a tradition that my daughter and her little family do too.

  7. What a super Christmas you obviously enjoyed Teresa..even snow! I'm pleased to see that Dayle made it home xxx

  8. WOW.Looks like you all had a Magical Christmas.

  9. Kristi is amazing ! SO thoughtful. Well the best part of our Christmas was having al and zach be home for 6 days with us. WE dined, we wined (and beered, ) and cheered and had a gay old time!
    Highlights included: snowoutside! opening gifts and a cousin party with friends up here to visit the kids!

  10. So lovely joining you all here and a merry xmas again back to you all xoxo

  11. I love your dining table with the carousels and the candles. All your decor looks so beautiful and cozy. The matching Pj's are so cute love it!

  12. Merry Christmas dear Teresa.. wishing you and your lovely family a wonderful 2018 full of all good things ❤️🎄❤️ xx

  13. IT sounds like the most perfect Christmas, frim the pj's, socks, snow, gifts all the way down to the yummy food. Everyone looks so happy. Glad you have little ones around to help brighten the day.

  14. Looks like you all had a lovely Christmas. I really like the carousels.

  15. Just catching up with your posts! I love this account of your celebration...with snow!!! Now I am all keen to find a diffuser and try out a X :) Thanks for sharing. xx


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