Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Sisters Christmas Luncheon

Greetings!  Won't you join us for a nice holiday luncheon?  Make yourself comfortable beside the fire.  Lunch will be ready soon.  :-)  House tidied, fire lit, ham in the oven.  Gifts made and wrapped.  

My job was to lay a fresh (new) tablecloth and set the table with my Christmas plates, imagine my surprise and pleasure when I awoke and Kristi had done this for me!  What a dear DIL I have!

I got these dishes at a "one stop shopping center", Fred Meyer, ages ago.  They are not a fancy brand but I am still in love with them.  I love the tartan plaid and the neat designs.  I got matching napkins for the tablecloth, 100% cotton, my favorite.

Entwined cornucopias will with fruits and greens.

Mandolin and ?

A rocking horse and wrapped gifts.  

Lunch is served!  Baked ham, broccoli salad, made by Shirley and a gluten free cheese biscuit made by sister Denise.  This is a low carb meal, not bad, eh?

Kristi made iced tea, too.. and even made sure to have fresh sliced lemon for us.  Sweet.

Candles alight brought cheer on a rainy grey day.

After a nice lunch we retired to the living room and the fire.  

Stories were told, Shirley told us about her trip to visit family in Mexico, one dinner had some 60 of them there!  She loved meeting those she had never met.  I told of how we ended up with Dayle's mother's china cabinet, which is a treasure to us.

We then opened gifts, sister Roberta gave me this fun pair of Santa and Snowman, completely clad in knitted clothing!

I made a "private beach in a jar" for each of them, with sand and shells and pieces of driftwood that I picked up on walks on the beach.  I added agates that we have collected and in each one I put a polished agate that was found and polished by our mother and beloved stepfather, Danny.  :-)

Denise gave us each these adorable white feathered trees covered with sparkles!  It looks perfect with my Dept. 56 North Pole Village houses!

My Santa and Snowman had a surprise - when you lifted them up from the top, their legs got longer!  LOL!

Shirley gave us a nice big bar of bath soap and a bookmark!  We sure did enjoy our afternoon, I'm so glad I have my 2 sisters who live close enough for us to get together often and Shirley, my best friend from 7th grade which we've adopted as our 4th sister.  :-)  The girls also brought a gift for Kristi and the boys.  They were still here with the boys arrived home from school so it was fun to see their delight with a box of legos, a candy cane full of peppermint Hershey's kisses and a mug which you could put different decorations in it.  When older sister Roberta arrived she was greeted by all the dogs and she said.. "How many dogs do you have now?".. I said.. 10.  LOL  It was a glorious, noisy and happy time.

This is a photo from a few days ago as I was wrapping gifts for the boys.  :-)

I'm heading off to swim soon.  Tomorrow I will be taking Dayle to the hospital in the morning for surgery at 1 pm.  I will let you know how it goes in my next blog post.  Needless to say, we're both a bit stressed out about it.  Wish him luck!
((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Dayle will be in my prayers. A lovely lunch together creating treasured memories.

  2. Glad you had a lovely festive lunch. Hope all goes well tomorrow. B xx

  3. Your tablecloth and dishes are so lovely. And so wonderful to share such a great time with your sisters. Will be thinking of you tomorrow - the waiting is so hard but I know you will keep busy crocheting some lovely creation!

  4. What a lovely lunch,love the Table.Your home is soooo snuggly I wouldn't want to leave.Thinking of you and

  5. Your Christmas lunch looked great fun. Wishing Dayle all the very best for tomorrow x

  6. What a fun time with the girls. Your lunch looks delicious. Broccoli salad is one of my absolute favorite salads of all time. I miss seeing your house all dolled up for Christmas. I remember sitting in your living room in front of the fire, and having such a wonderful time with you girls. I’ll be praying for Dayle tomorrow. Please let us know how he’s doing.
    Blessings, Betsy

  7. Your luncheon looked perfect, Teresa! Thanks for posting! Carolyn and I have been driving everyday 45 minutes each way for her to get chemo treatments. Two more days to go then three weeks off. She has been tired but is healing. Know we will be praying for Dayle to have successful surgery tomorrow, and that you and yours will have peace and strength during this time. I am sending you all love with hugs. xxxxxxx

  8. Everything looks so festive - wonderful! Thinking of you and Dayle today xx

  9. I love the book mark and I love a holiday soap! Your DIL is a doll. Praying for Dayle. My growns flew in last night. I'm a happy momma today

  10. I pray for your dear husband.
    I hope he gets better after the intervention.

  11. All the best to Dayle and so hope all ok. Lovely post here Teresa and a Merry XMas to you all xoxo

  12. Sounds so wonderful Teresa. The table looked lovely. Gifts were great. I hope that all has gone well with Dayle's surgery. You ate in my thoughts. X Anne x

  13. I'll be right over to join in the fun. It looks like a wonderful time. Kristi is wonderful. So glad your gathering was wonderful.


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